Dead Pigeons, the Sunny Era: Freeloader Friday

Christmas is over, and with it goes our cash. Fortunately, you can still get out of the house this weekend and have a good, cheap time before New Year's Eve eats up the rest of your funds. Come take a look at our list and plan your weekend.


The Beavers, Doug Otto & the Getaways, the Dead Pigeons
(331 Club: 331 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis, 612-331-1746)

10 p.m.

Matt Griswold, Johanna Mathews
(Amsterdam: 6 W. 6th St., St. Paul, 651-222-3990)

10 p.m.

Ivory Bridge
(Dulono's: 607 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, 612-827-1726)

8 p.m. Also Saturday.

Jimmi & the Band of Souls, Matt Yetter
(Harriet Brewing: 3036 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis, 651-225-2184)

7:30 p.m.

None More Black  
(Nomad World Pub: 501 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-338-6424)

With Lungs, Nightosaur. 7 p.m.

Lynn Brownell
(O'Gara's Bar & Grill: 164 Snelling Ave. N., St. Paul, 651-644-3333)

9 p.m.

Willie & the Specters
(Red Stag Supper Club: 509 1st Ave. NE, Minneapolis, 612-767-7766)

10:30 p.m.

Brian McNaughton
(Schooner Tavern: 2901 27th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-729-4365)

9 p.m.

Boyds & Girls
(Trotter's Cafe And Bakery: 232 N. Cleveland Ave., St. Paul, 651-645-8950)

6 p.m.

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