Merry Catmas: Lil Bub sits in front of fireplace, yule log returns to TV

Categories: Cats, Holidays, WTF
Forget Christmas specials and movies. The yearly airing of the yule-log fire is a special tradition for folks without fireplaces (or too lazy to use it), pyromaniacs, and those who need something pleasant in the background while making cookies. It will triumphantly return again tonight to bring you some holiday cheer (or something to stare at during awkward family moments).

Meanwhile, for those who prefer a purring cat in front of their fire-themed videos, Lil Bub's owner has uploaded an hour-long YouTube clip featuring the little kitty in front of a roaring fireplace. As usual, he seems pretty happy about it.

The mighty yule-log fire starts up tonight at 6 p.m. on KSTC-DT1 IND (a.k.a. channel 5.2, for those of us without cable). The log will continue to burn through Christmas, but will cease airing at the stroke of midnight, when a regularly scheduled episode of Bridezillas resumes.

You can watch the Lil Bub version of the yule-log video below.

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