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Lora Marie Hlavsa
It's not just up to the coastal cities to decide what's hot and what's not across the country. The Twin Cities fashion scene has been coming into its own over the last few years, and 2013 was no exception. From high fashion to eco-chic, this year was filled with incredible looks and events. Here are just a few of our fav fashion highlights from 2013.

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Tony Nelson
New designers

Sometimes, the first fashion events of Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week are the most memorable. MNfashion's Emerging Designer Showcase annually features new talents who have smaller collections that highlight their burgeoning skills and expertise. Meanwhile, the U of M Junior and Senior Fashion Shows brought some of the freshest style spotted on the runway this year, from active wear to evening gowns. The designers spotlighted at both MNfashion and the U of M's shows aren't resting on their laurels just yet. These guys are hungry for sartorial splendor, and the results are spectacular.

Kokoon's 25th Anniversary Fashion Show

In 2013 Kokoon celebrated 25 years of fashion trends with a party reflecting back through the decades, featuring pieces such as cropped tops and flared pants from earlier eras and fitted knitwear and smart skirts from more recent looks. The self-proclaimed "boutique without borders" champions the idea that designers don't need just one retail spot to sell their clothes. Rather, they can take their "stores" right to their fans' homes, and even involve them in the selling process. As designer Laine Sou Weinberg took to the stage at the party to thank everyone for their support over the years, it was clear that Kokoon is more than just a fashion line to her family, it's a way of life.

Chris McDuffie Photography
Dress Rehearsal

This year, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts played host to a show that was half vintage, half brand-new fashion. Featuring tons of pieces from various collections, the first part of the program brought the past to life with beautiful clothing that included a gorgeous Bullock's Wilshire beaded dress and the experimental looks of Comme des Garcons. Emma Berg's newest collection followed the retro portion of the evening for its debut on the runway (the only time it's been shown as a whole). Mixing bold fabrics and strong silhouettes, Berg designs played with the idea of yin-yang.
Tony Nelson

Voltage returned this year with a vengeance. After taking a short hiatus, the raucous show that combines fashion and music at First Avenue came back stronger than ever. The lineup included a diverse mix of acts, including Sean Anonymous and the Chalice, and the models appeared to be having fun as they strutted and danced their way down the catwalk. The audience was getting down in the Mainroom as well while the bands played their way through the collections from the likes of Idle Child and Danielle Everine.
B Fresh Photography
Shout Out St. Kate's Fashion Show

Students from the fashion merchandising program at St. Kate's put their design talent to work trying to craft chic duds from stuff you'd normally see in the trash can. Using items as varied as chip bags and toothpaste tubes, these student designers made memorable, eco-chic pieces that shimmered and shined down the runway in the Mall of America's rotunda. Product placement, anyone?

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