Dressing Room's top 10 most-read posts of 2013

One of the many awesome movies filmed in Minnesota...
The year might be coming to an end in the chilliest way possible, but the Twin Cities art scene was anything but cold. On the eve on a new year, we rounded up some of the most popular stories of 2013. Bike care, the Twin Cities dating scene, and a certain comedian with a star on First Avenue made this year's list of most-read Dressing Room posts.

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Via's Vintage
10. Top 7 vintage stores in the Twin Cities
From upscale vintage to affordable retro, we took tour of the best places to get inspired by the past.

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The Bell Museum
9. Top 10 museums in the Twin Cities
Keep this list handy for fun throughout the year.

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8. Dave Chappelle's epic string of Twin Cities shows
After 2012's awesome hookah hangout, Dave Chappelle one-upped himself with a seemingly never-ending series of shows in the metro.

mighty ducks.JPG
7. 12 best movies filmed in Minnesota
A must-see for Minnesota film buffs.

Courtesy of the Soap Factory
6. Soap Factory's Haunted Basement 2013: There will be crud
The Soap Factory delivered their annual dose of scream-worthy frights in the Haunted Basement.

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