Fringe 2014: Are you ready for the Happy Vagina Puppet Show?

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Image courtesy Four Humors
Four Humors' Lolita was a big hit at the 2013 Minnesota Fringe Festival. The company will need some luck to repeat in 2014. They are number 52 on the waiting list.
In the midst of this winter straight out of Game of Thrones, it's good to think ahead a few months. In early August, theater fans will be lining up on the hot pavement outside of the Rarig or pressed together in a lobby waiting for the doors to open. It'll be hot and sticky and sweaty.

Sounds like heaven, doesn't it?

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One of the first key steps to the 2014 festival took place Monday night, as the annual Minnesota Fringe Festival lottery winnowed a record number of applicants down to the preliminary producers. 

In all, 476 groups vied for the 170 slots in the 21st annual event, which takes place July 31 to August 10. 

A look at the preliminary titles gives us a lot of the perennially popular TBA. As always, some do grab the eye right away. There is Waitrix: Dominatrix Waitress (from Black Market Doctor), The Misadventures of Jimmy the Color-Blind Snail (from the simply named Denson!), and From Here to Maternity (from the comic team of Shanan Custer and Joshua English Scrimshaw). 

If you are looking for an early mini-theme, multiple shows reference Scientology, Shakespeare's name is mentioned several times, and there's a bunch of shows ending with "The Musical."

Mind you, the 170 theaters that took the top ping-pong balls for this year won't necessarily be the ones onstage come the end of July. Groups always drop out along the way, allowing some to be included at the very last minute. Those on the long waiting list still have a chance. That's great news for the likes of Wolf's Mouth, with position number one. Slipshod Productions, sitting at the end of the waiting list at 299, is going to have to cross a lot of fingers.

You can follow the developments of the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival online.

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