St. Anthony Main Theatre announces Philip Seymour Hoffman Week

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Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Master
When a great actor dies, sometimes the best way to reflect on the loss is by watching their greatest works. Fans of Philip Seymour Hoffman will be able to do that at St. Anthony Main Theatre, as it recently announced plans for a week-long event featuring some of his best flicks.

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The celebration kicks off Friday, February 14, and runs through February 20. The theater will host screenings of films including The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson's Scientology epic starring Hoffman as a charismatic cult leader (aren't they always?), and Capote, a telling of Truman Capote's experience writing In Cold Blood (Hoffman won an Oscar for the titular role).

During the weekend, the theater will be offering free admission to anyone who shows up dressed as any of Hoffman's notable roles. So if you have a pair of scrubs (Magnolia), a priest's habit (Doubt), a basketball jersey (Along Came Polly), or some too-tight '70s gear (Boogie Nights), put it on before heading out. There will also be surprise screenings for folks who attend, as well as a special scene-stealer competition at the 7 p.m. Saturday screening.

For a complete listing of showtimes (or, at least the ones that aren't top-secret surprises), visit St. Anthony Main Theatre's website.

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St. Anthony Main Theater

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Charlene Jaszewski
Charlene Jaszewski

So where are the other movies? Looks like only The Master and Capote.

Jeff Cagle
Jeff Cagle

I'd dress up as Dusty from Twister.

Tyler Chip Moody Suter
Tyler Chip Moody Suter

I never saw a flick that he was in, that I can recall, where I was not captivated by his performance. That sounds like hyperbole, but it is not.

BriAnna Lea
BriAnna Lea

I wish Almost Famous would have been on the list!


sure his 3 kids that he abandoned are as well. 

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