Valentine's Day on Netflix: What to watch for the lovers and the haters

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Whether you want to spend the night with your sweetheart, your friends, or just by yourself, it's Friday night, and going out on a Friday night that just happens to be Valentine's Day means you're going to get swamped by plenty of PDA-prone couples, folks looking to forget their romantic woes at bars, and the usual weekend crowds on top of all that. Not into it? Stay in and avoid that nonsense. Netflix will be your date for the night.

We've collected 10 of our favorite things to watch when in the mood for a little romance... and for when you can't get away from that lovey-dovey stuff fast enough.

For the lovers...

10. Blue Valentine
For anyone that wants to shed a few tears
Sometimes even the cutest love stories don't have happy endings... even when they involve (hey, girl!) Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. Blue Valentine shows their romance both blossoming and wilting through poignant flashbacks and painful present-day moments. Oh, and Ryan Gosling singing with a ukelele -- that happens.

For the folks who believe in instant emotional connections
Russell goes out dancing one night and meets Glen. The two end up hooking up for the night, and form an unexpected bond. One of them is scheduled to leave the country shortly for school, so they spend their remaining time together talking and recording intimate conversations. Weekend shows that hookups can be heartfelt, too.

8. Harold and Maude
For the cult-movie fanatics
May-December romance never seemed so sweet. When 20-something Harold meets 79-year-old Maude at a stranger's funeral (because they both like going to funerals), they become fast friends and eventually something more as they teach each other about life.

7. Shakespeare in Love
For the wannabe lit-lovers and early Goop devotees
This is how we like to picture Shakespeare in his early days: literally as Joseph Fiennes. Okay, so it's not really Shakespeare or particularly accurate, but Tom Stoppard's script is funny and sweet, and who doesn't want to see the Bard agonizing about his own love life while coming up with Romeo and Ethel the Pirate's Daughter Juliet?

6. Chasing Amy
For those nostalgic for the '90s
It's funny, ironic, and biting to the core. Kevin Smith's exploration of relationships, gender roles, and sexuality -- mixed with some dorky, comic-book goodness -- is a '90s rom-com classic with a super-young Joey Lauren Adams, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, and (of course) Jay and Silent Bob. Unlike most forgettable rom-coms, this one sticks with you.

5. Lost in Translation
For all the platonic romantics out there
Being lost isn't a unique feeling, we've all been there. But when Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson are stuck in Japan with obligations they'd rather shirk, they become comrades exploring the city and themselves while escaping their responsibilities, one karaoke song at a time.

4. Zack & Miri Make a Porno
For anyone that wants a healthy mix of Kevin Smith humor, love, and Traci Lords
Let's be real. Making a porno isn't super romantic. However, Kevin Smith sure does make it sweet. When besties Zack and Miri run out of options to pay their bills, their next logical option is to... make a porno? Yes. The duo find a gaggle of oddballs to populate their Star Wars-themed romp before realizing that maybe there's a little bit of a spark between them, too.

3. Safety Not Guaranteed
For people who like vaguely sci-fi stuff
A super-secretive guy says he's looking for a companion to go with him in his time machine. A super-skeptical Aubrey Plaza, playing a magazine intern, goes to investigate this dude with a crew from work. There, she finds that maybe he's not totally full of it. Sometimes believing in the impossible can be easier than admitting your feelings.

2. Punch-Drunk Love
For the serious Adam Sandler aficionados
This ain't Happy Gilmore. (And that's a good thing.) Adam Sandler plays it serious in this delightfully weird Paul Thomas Anderson film which features phone sex, extortion, and lots and lots o' pudding.

1. Amelie
For the dreamers and the Francophiles
Charming, French, and just a little bit insane, Amelie is one of our absolute favorite films. Follow Amelie Poulain on a journey through her unique perspective of Paris and those around her as she goes in search of her destiny.

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