You could be the Walker's new "Internet Cat Video Festival Coordinator"

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10,000 people crammed into the Walker's backyard for the first #catvidfest.
Do you watch online cat videos all day? Do you want to get paid for it?

The Walker Art Center is hiring an "Internet Cat Video Festival Coordinator," or in other words, the internet's collective dream job.

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"We've been fielding requests to tour the Cat Vid Fest, and this position is providing administrative support for that," explains Rachel Joyce, assistant director of public relations at the Walker.

Yes, that's right: The Walker's Internet Cat Video Film Festival is growing.
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Animal Planet video still
Signs that the fest has made it: When it hit the State Fair last year, it got its own butter sculpture.
This is the festival that, in its first year, drew 10,000 people, international celebrity cats, and the New York Times to the Walker's backyard. It's made appearances at SXSW. It's gotten people dressed like cats to flock to the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand.

And now you could be a part of it. The Walker position is part-time and temporary (it goes until August 30), but the museum is offering $16 an hour. Responsibilities include:
  • Search for and identify content.
  • Provide general support for the festival curator.
  • Support the Cat Video Festival Curator in securing clearance and rights for usage from clip creators.
  • Attend all Cat Video Festival related Walker meetings.
  • Research and secure event amenities such as Port-a-Potties, bike racks, and tents.
As for qualifications, the Walker's calling for a candidate with experience programming live events, knowledge of Google Docs and social media, and a driver's license.

Not listed among the criteria is an obsessive love of cat videos. When we asked Joyce whether it's required, she replied, "It kind of makes life more enjoyable in general, don't you think?"

For non-applicants, another PSA: Year three of cat vids will take over the Walker's Open Field on Thursday, August 14. Start working on your whiskers.

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