ARENA Bikini: Cherry Bomb blasts into Aria

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Diana Albrecht
ARENA Dances celebrated its seventh installment of ARENA Bikini on a chilly spring night with Cherry Bomb, a blast from the past that brought cigarette girls, fortune tellers, and carnival delights to Aria.

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The CW's Carly Aplin got the crowd going and introduced ARENA Dances' Matthew Janczewski, the company's founder and artistic director for the last 20 years. This year's fashion and dance event benefited the company's newest work, the Main Street Project, which combines community outreach with an exploration of the changing face of small-town America through contemporary dance.

Local luminaries were tapped to judge the night's fashion on the catwalk, including personal trainer Kirk Dewindt of The Bachelor fame, makeup artist Chris Baglien, and self-proclaimed "Mayor of Minneapolis After Dark," L.A. Nik. The runway show was divided into three parts, showcasing the night's swimwear designers.

Diana Albrecht
Goody Two-shoes by Amyanne Fashions
Amyanne Fashions' collection used plenty of lemon-yellow fabric, retro cuts, and high-waisted bottoms. The line proved to be sweet and wearable, with plenty of oversized bows and twist-top style bandeaus to minimize tan lines. The models each brought out beach balls that they spiked into the audience -- a fun nod to summer and the collection's theme.

Diana Albrecht
Biker Boyz + Roller Girlz by TIM+THOM
Tim and Thom Navarro's segment started with a bang, as Rollergirls darted out of the audience and right onto the runway, showcasing their skills on skates. The models wove in between the Rollergirls as they made their way onto the runway in ultra-stylized suits with plenty of cut-out side panels, denim, and cover-ups. This collection looked as though it might be more at home on the runway than in the sand, but no doubt the right kind of diva could rock these looks on the beach -- especially the jean bikini.

Diana Albrecht
Bel-Air Beauties by Perfect Fit Gear
Perfect Fit Gear closed the show with plenty of sparkles, Lucite heels... and dogs? The models, clad in gold, silver, and white shimmering suits, came out to first showcase their garments before reappearing with a bunch of Afghan hounds. The epitome of stereotypical Bel-Air chic, these suits were skimpy, shiny, and totally ready for a pool party. The collection proved to be the most contemporary-looking, even with its retro styling.

Diana Albrecht

After much deliberation (and the insistence that the dogs had nothing to do with the decision), Perfect Fit Gear walked away with this year's bragging rights before the audience was treated to another sneak peek of ARENA Dances' Main Street Project.

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