10 best dressed at the Best of the Twin Cities 2014 party

Tony Nelson
At City Pages' Best of the Twin Cities Party, we celebrated local bests, including the best dressed. A secret fashion-spotter from Minneapolis retailer Len Druskin was onsite at the happening at Muse, handpicking the top 10 best dressed party goers. Here are the most fashionable folks from the celebration, listed with what they wore and what they think of their impeccable style.

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Tony Nelson
Evelyn Irvin (left) and Mark Irvin (right)
Evelyn Irvin
Age: 49
What are you wearing? Zara skirt and top with Louboutin shoes
Describe your style in one word: Chic

Mark Irvin
Age: 51
What are you wearing? Jos. A. Banks
Describe your style in one word: Hip

Tony Nelson
Lauren Godfrey (left) and David Hetland (right)
Lauren Godfrey
Age: 30
What are you wearing? A white dress
Describe your style in one word: Schizophrenic

David Hetland
Age: 28
What are you wearing? A Sears, Roebuck & Co. vintage brown suit,
a JC Penney tie, and Cole Haan shoes
Describe your style in one word: Roger Sterling

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Evelyn Irvin
Evelyn Irvin

Thank you City Pages!!! Haters always have something to say!! Congratulations to all the other winners!!❤️❤️

Alan Kumpula
Alan Kumpula

If this is the top 10, we now know why Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue didn't survive.

Heidi Jean Cameron
Heidi Jean Cameron

geez that's amazing. How does one score an invite to that rock-fest?

Jimmy Yang
Jimmy Yang

Is minneapolis trying to be like New York lol

Marlena Joy
Marlena Joy

I LOVE the top TEN best dressed! Congrats lovers! #BeautifulPeople

Caleb Peters
Caleb Peters

I've lost all meaning of the word "best" now.

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