Photoshopped Target model flaunts her long arms on Ellen

Ellen wonders whose arms naturally fall like that...
A couple weeks ago, Target came under fire for photoshopping the heck out of a swimsuit model on its website. From the scariest-looking thigh gap ever to the pointy remains of her thinned out torso in her armpit, Target botched the job and tried to forget about it by taking the suit off their site.

Since then, Target has been mum about the situation, but this week, the model in question appeared on Ellen.

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Like just about everyone on the internet, Ellen poked fun at the egregious photoshop fail, wondering how someone could have such lengthy limbs and an area between her legs that looked more robot than human. The host then said the model was there to set the record straight.

But when model Tanya Marie Keller walked out from backstage, there something very off about her.

Oh, that's right, she had freakishly long arms.

My, what long arms you have!
Wearing what were obviously fake limb extensions, Keller greeted the talk show host with a sight-gag hug that could've wrapped Ellen twice over. While the entire segment was built mostly around everyone wondering if those fake arms would fall out of Keller's super chic, long-sleeved dress -- it made for some pretty funny television.

Watch the entire clip:

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Katie Hougas
Katie Hougas

Linda Bernin- eating disorders are just as real as cancer. How much would you respect someone who said "she looks like she has cancer"?

Jessica Nelson
Jessica Nelson

She's not anorexic. She's a young, skinny girl. They do exist.

Bertha McDoogle
Bertha McDoogle

That was awesome! The look on Ellen's face is priceless!

Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson

Wow. Target fucked up a photoshop. Big deal. Yawn. Next subject.

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