HAUS Salon to expand Minneapolis hair-styling empire

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Courtesy of Haus Salon
Kingfield's hottest hair salon, HAUS Salon, is about to get a little bigger -- 4,300 square feet, to be exact.

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HAUS Salon announced yesterday that in addition to their Nicollet Avenue location, they will offer services at a new salon on the opposite end of Minneapolis in the heart of the North Loop, next to the ever-popular Borough. Construction at the new 730 Washington Avenue salon will begin next week, headed up by the designer of HAUS's current location, Jonathan Gomez Whitney.

The three-time Best of the Twin Cities award-winning salon brings Minneapolis's styling game through the roof, going above and beyond into haute territory. The new salon will be an extension of their original location, offering all the same services available in Kingfield like cuts, colors, and extensions along with waxing. The North Loop spot will also include massage, facial, and nail services.

The turnaround time on the project will be fairly quick, as owners and founders Charlie Brackney and Jessica Reipke hope to open up their NoLo spot by this autumn. Besides physically expanding their hair-styling empire -- which also includes Blowdry! Blowdry Bar in Uptown -- Brackney and Reipke are looking for stylists to join the HAUS family.

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HAUS Salon
HAUS Salon

Thank you City Pages! See you soon in the North Loop! xoxo


Thank you for not calling HAUS "Hipster Hair" like the Mpls St Paul mag style blog did. Honestly........ 


Commenting from your FB, that says where you work, genius. I live right by your coffee shop, I'll take my "shitty hair" across the street to starbucks next time. 

tcraine moderator communitymanager

@thoughts Ha! Just calling 'em like I see 'em. I've watched the stylists do great work on middle-aged ladies, teenage boys, and everyone (and every style) in between. :)

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