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It's no secret that the Twin Cities has a thriving theater scene. Major venues and organizations like the Guthrie, Hennepin Theater Trust, and the Cowles Center for the Performing Arts bring shows in from around the world; each summer we host the huge, cities-wide Fringe Fest; and it's hard to walk two blocks without passing a theater venue. The folks at PolicyMic took notice of these things when creating its list of top theater cities around the world, ranking Minneapolis in their top 17 theater hot spots. The list did not include London or New York City.

Before you get excited at the prospect of beating out New York City, know that we technically didn't. To make the list, titled "17 Amazing Theater Cities That Aren't London or New York," more interesting, PolicyMic took a look at theater cities outside of the mega-hubs we all know and love. The blurb for Minneapolis explains why we're top contenders:

Minneapolis has more theater seats per capita than any other city in the United States after New York City. The Hennepin Theatre Trust and the Guthrie Theater are mainstays of the scene, but the Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts, the Brave New Workshop for improv and the New Century Theatre are leading the new guard in productions ranging from touring Broadway shows like Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and countless swarms of smaller grassroots performances.

The tight-knit community of performers also lends itself to exciting genre cross-pollination -- dance and art installation, for example. And the presence of the Playwrights' Center helps ensure there's never a shortage of writers and new material.

Athens, Greece, and Edinburgh, Scotland, topped the list at numbers one and two, respectively, though the list was in no particular order. Other U.S. cities that made the grade include Houston, Chicago, Shepherdstown, and Charleston.

You can read the complete article on the top 17 cities here.



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Sherri Delahunt
Sherri Delahunt

On my way to the Guthrie today to see Crimes of the Heart. I've had season tickets since 1972, a gift to myself for my college graduation. LOVE the Guthrie! PS The new building is wonderful and a piece of art in Mpls.

Autumn L'heureux
Autumn L'heureux

I sure enjoyed being a theatre tech in the community theatre shows I was involved with..I'd put us in the top 5 to for theatre cities..lots of great opportunities in the community and professional levels...

Kevin Jay
Kevin Jay

thank partly the twins stadium tax and the cigarette tax for this hoi polloi.

Andrea Staley
Andrea Staley

If I read the article correctly it said the cities were listed 'in no particular order', but we're awesome no matter what number a journalist places us.

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