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This week it was announced that the town of Stillwater is getting the HBO treatment. According to Deadline, True Blood producer Howie Deutch has landed a two-year development deal with the premium cable channel to develop potential dramas and comedies. One of the upcoming projects is titled Stillwater, and will follow a New York cop as he relocates to Bachmann country after his life spirals out of control in the Big Apple. Colin Farrell is also attached to the project as executive producer.

In light of this news, we thought it would be fun to consider other landmarks, businesses, and cities in Minnesota that would make for good television, be they a hilarious comedy a train wreck reality show, or a gritty drama.

Sam Howzit
The show: Prohibition
The Minnesota city or landmark: The caves, Black Forest Inn, plus major moonshine towns like Holdingford, MN.
The high-concept pitch: Imagine The Wire crossed with Boardwalk Empire

What it would be about:
The Prohibition-era was a time underground crime, scandal, larger-than-life personalities, and secret drinking establishments -- all things that make for compelling television. Setting a show about this time in the Twin Cities would give viewers a front-row view to all the calamity. There's the rise of gangsters, bathtub-booze distilleries, rum runners, and the police who sought to bust them (and the ones who looked the other way). There's also the temperance movement, with suffragettes and local activist and U.S. Representative Andrew Volstead leading the way (the Volstead Act outlined how Prohibition would be carried out). Throw in the rise of jazz, and maybe a few wild party cameos featuring Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and you have a show built in an fascinating, expansive world.

Kumar Jhuremala
The show: Casino
The Minnesota city or landmark: Mystic Lake Casino
The high concept pitch: Remember that Las Vegas casino show with Josh Duhamel? Imagine that, only funny.

What it would be about: Casinos are a business rife with potential drama, humor, and infinite story possibilities. The "very serious casino drama of excess" has been done to death, but we think setting a show in the not-so-Vegas-glam world of Minnesota could be comedy gold. This is where writers could revel in telling the stories of quirky vacationers from Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wisconsin. There's the big dreamers who hope to make some money playing black jack, the buses of old folks looking for a good time, the super-fans who are there to see some old band from the '80s, and more. The employees who run the place could also make good fodder, only we'd want them to look more like they came from Fargo, less like they're a short plane flight from Hollywood.

Maegan Tintari
The show: Real Housewives of Eden Prairie
The Minnesota city or landmark: Eden Prairie
The high-concept pitch: Imagine Bravo's Real Housewives series, but with Midwestern flair.

What it would be about: Who says all the drama should belong to the ladies on the coasts? Forget New York, Bevery Hills, and Hot-lanta, the real housewives of Eden Prairie are here and ready to party. Get an inside peek at the glitzier side of the suburbs, with mani-pedis at Aveda and watching the ladies redecorate their McMansions deep inside the gated community of Bearpath. But it's not all fun and games here. The women spend their time clocking hours at the office, managing their boutiques, volunteering for local organizations, and making public appearances around town for "good causes" -- like organizing a church fashion show for middle school girls. Let's not forget the shenanigans. You'll probably see some table flipping during a night out on the town at Manny's, a drunken bachelorette party stumbling into the Saloon for one of the show's resident single ladies, and a house-warming celebration from hell. Plus, if Eden Prairie gets a Real Housewives deal, you know the ladies of Edina will be dying for a spin-off. We'd love to see those women butt heads.

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