Welcome to Night Vale Returns, Adds More Shows

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When it comes to podcasts, some folks like crime serials, others like comedic banter, and others like a healthy dose of weird. Welcome to Night Vale satisfies those who like their community radio shows served with a heavy dose of quirk.

The show, created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, takes on the format of a community radio program where a host, voiced by Cecil Gershwin Palmer, reports on the strange goings on in the eponymous town, checking in with its residents and chatting with a slew of guest voices. Since its debut in 2012, over 60 episodes have been recorded, and the show has gone on to attract a healthy fan base of listeners.

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Wits Announces Spring Season

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Wits is returning this spring for another series of evenings that engages actors, comedians, musicians, and authors in skits, interviews, and performances that feel like a mashup of SNL, Comedy Bang Bang, and A Prairie Home Companion.

This upcoming season kicks off on February 27 with Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet. This spring will also feature an installment at the Guthrie, and a performance in April at Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Festival in Nashville. The complete lineup is after the jump.

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Chris Kluwe to Host Show on Pivot TV

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Tony Nelson
Former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is not shy about sharing his opinions on hot topics, or even starting his own. Pivot TV is looking to capitalize on this, as it announced recently on a press tour that it will be creating a show for Kluwe to host.

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America's Next Top Model Hosts Casting Call in St. Paul Today

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What are you doing tonight? If your plans involved taking selfies, posing in front of a mirror, or walking fiercely, then we have a better suggestion for how you should spend your Tuesday night.

America's Next Top Model -- a show that has churned out reality show stars, internet memes, and, on occasion, working models -- is hosting a casting call tonight in St. Paul.

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Adam Turman Is MN State Fair's 2015 Commemorative Artist

Adam Turman in his studio
Over the years, Minnesota State Fair commemorative art has included works that were wholesome... and often a little weird. The art for the 2015 season will probably be a little hip, as it was announced today that print, illustration, and mural artist Adam Turman will be creating the official art pieces for next summer.

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I AM MPLS! and I AM ST. PAUL! Dates Announced

For the past four years, I AM MPLS! has showcased local fashion designers and boutiques with a runway show where the models are local celebs and do-gooders. Today, event organizers have announced the dates and lineup for the annual bash. They're also announced a sister party celebrating all that is glam and good in St. Paul.

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City Pages Seeks Writers for Dressing Room Arts and Entertainment Blog

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Pictured: Some examples of people, places, things, and happenings recently covered on Dressing Room
Do you have strong opinions about the local arts scene and where it's headed? Are you a fashionista who loves to spot trends and can tell the difference between a piece by Emma Berg versus Samantha Rei? Are you dying to talk about books in a way that's fun to read and not stuffy? Do your roommates hardly recognize you because you spend more time out on the town than on the couch?

City Pages is currently looking for talented people to write for the Dressing Room, our arts and entertainment blog. We're interested in sharp thinkers who can interview designers on upcoming events, attend and recap recent happenings quickly, interview big and/or up-and-coming Minnesota personalities, showcase emerging local scenes, come up with new ways to explore the Twin Cities culture, and even cover the occasional breaking news.

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MNfashion Officially Calls It Quits

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It's been a rocky year for volunteer-run nonprofit MNfashion. Last January, the organization stated that it would no longer be hosting its signature local fashion party, the Shows, and that the future of Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week was up in the air. Then in April it was announced that MNfashion would move from curating events to having an online promotional presence. Well, that didn't work out either, as this weekend MNfashion announced that it is closing shop completely.

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Bull Run Coffee to Host a Vintage Pop-Up Shop This Weekend

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Normally, Bull Run Coffee specializes in cold-press brews and other caffeinated treats. This weekend and next, however, the recently expanded Carag-neighborhood haunt will be offering a bit more for patrons as it hosts a vintage pop-up shop.

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St. Paul hosts second Open Streets event this September

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Minneapolis has hosted quite a few Open Streets events this summer. Now it's St. Paul's turn. This afternoon, the city announced that it will be closing University Avenue off to motorized vehicles and celebrating its second-annual event this September.

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