Gamut Gallery's "C4W" Leads Kristoffer Knutson in New Directions

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Evan Ishmael: Blue 2
For their third annual juried exhibit, "C4W: 2014," Gamut Gallery has brought in curator Kristoffer Knutson, former owner of Robot Love and current partner of the soon-to-be relaunched website, which he runs with Emma Berg, for a show that includes 23 regional and international artists. Knutson says people who know his past art interests, which has tended toward a street art/graffiti style, may be surprised by a broader aesthetic on display at the "C4W" show. 

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WAM's Wanderlust Hopes to Get You in the Mood for Travel

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O. Winston Link, courtesy Weisman Art Museum 
The Weisman Art Museum (WAM) takes on travel at an event this Friday. Wanderlust -- meaning a strong desire to travel, explore, and roam -- is a running theme for the three current exhibitions now on view: O. Winston Link's train photography, decorated bikes from Native children ("Anishinaabensag Biimskowebshkigewag [Native Kids Ride Bikes]), and "Lust for Leisure," a show exploring the birth of modernism in marketing from the 1930s that is focused particularly on marketing travel.

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The Jennifer Easton Community Spirit Awards Honors Native Artists This Weekend

Photo courtesy First Peoples Fund
Jody Naranjo Folwell-Turip
The Twin Cities award season continues this weekend at the Cowles Center with the Jennifer Easton Community Spirit Awards, featuring a diverse range of American Indian artists practicing poetry, traditional dancing, music, hip hop, and more. Held at the Cowles Center for the second time, the celebration, presented by the First Peoples Fund has been going strong for 15 years, honoring Native artists, leaders, and teachers who work in their communities to preserve tradition. 

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Kate Iverson Takes the Spotlight at SooLOCAL

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Kate Iverson writes about art, promotes and supports talent, and thinks up creative ways for artists and business owners to collaborate. She's a whiz at branding, and she works to help artists and designers get paid for what they do. Now it's her turn to step into the limelight as an artist. This weekend SooLOCAL will host a solo exhibition, titled "The Black Moon: New Works by Kate Iverson," where the public will have a chance to see Iverson's own talents as an artist. 

The show is a result of a week-long residency at the Tofte Lake Center's Emerging Artist Program, funded by the Jerome Foundation. After taking photographs around the Boundary Waters, Iverson manipulated the shots into high-contrast black-and-white images, in some cases also stenciling and hand-painting over the altered works.

We chatted over email with Iverson about the exhibition, and what it's like to show the world her first love. 

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Shoebox Gallery Hosts Final Show

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Photo by Sean Smuda
BodyCartography Project, Shoebox Biennial Performance 2003
As Robert's Shoes is closing, so must the Shoebox Gallery, Minneapolis's longest running storefront exhibition space, located in a window of the store. Artist Sean Smuda, who curates the gallery and runs his studio in the same building complex, has invited over 25 artists to show work for the final exhibition, which opens this Friday. The reception will also include performances by BodyCartography Project, Jaime Carrera, and Hijack (with Smuda) in the artist's studio.

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Julie Buffalohead's Contemporary Allegories

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Julie Buffalohead, Deer Woman 
Julie Buffalohead's work swells with symbolism. Filled with animals and archetypes, her pieces explore political and personal topics through allegory. In a new show at Bockley Gallery, titled "Uncommon Stories," the visual artist's acrylic works on handmade paper -- in some cases using numerous sheets for one piece -- establish Buffalohead as a contemporary Aesop, drawing on Native oral tradition and mythology to comment on modern-day issues such as gun control and sports team names. 

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Explore Beauty in Abandoned Storefronts with the Made Here Walking Tour [Video]

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If you've spent time in downtown Minneapolis over the past few months, you may have noticed previously vacant storefronts with photos, paintings, puppets, or projections. These works of art are part of the Made Here initiative, which is headed up by Hennepin Theatre Trust, the Walker Art Center, the city of Minneapolis, and ArtPlace in partnership with the Downtown Cultural District, a City Council-sponsored initiative.

The initiative was formed "to make a more artful and pleasant pedestrian experience from the Walker to the river along First Avenue, Hennepin, and Nicollet Avenue," says Joan Vorderbruggen the Cultural District arts coordinator at Hennepin Theatre Trust.

We joined Vorderbruggen on a walking tour during the last weeks of Made Here's summer exhibit to find out more about the pocket galleries and installations we've been seeing all over the downtown area.

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"In Search Of..." Opens at Public Functionary

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Edie Overturf 
Tonight, Public Functionary opens its fall exhibition showcasing two northeast Minneapolis artists, printmaker Edie Overturf and illustrator/painter Derek Van Gieson, who have collaborated on a body of work that explores origin myths through an imagined narrative of the world's history. 

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Art Shanty Project to Expand, on Hiatus for 2015

Categories: Art, Winter
Anthony Kwan
No shanty tomfoolery in 2015
Each year, the Art Shanty Project take over a lake during the coldest month of winter. Once on the ice, the creative community of artists, scientists, musicians, and others come together to offer a variety of happenings inside these little homes, including dance parties, item swaps, nature experiments, theater, live music jams, letter writing, and art-bike riding.

Sadly, the month-long art party will be on hiatus this coming winter. Thankfully, if things go as planned, it won't be going away forever. 

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The Walker Art Center Celebrates 75 Years

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For its 75th anniversary, the Walker Art Center is taking a look back, starting at its beginnings as the private collection of a millionaire lumber baron and traveling through decades of pushing boundaries. The upcoming "greatest hits" show, "Art at the Center: 75 Years of Walker Collections," opens with an expansive installation by Richard Haas. The piece, titled Walker Galleries Circa '27, has a 28-foot transparent scrim of the museum's original facade. Behind the fabric is a painting of the building's old grand staircase, with T.B. Walker standing at the bottom. There's a majestic quality to the work, which was created in 1978-'79. It's also a tip of the hat to the museum's namesake, a man who had the novel idea of sharing his prized art collection with the hoi polloi of Minneapolis.

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