Liz Deschenes: "The Material of Photography Is Really Rich. It's Ever-Changing."

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Photo by Gene Pittman, courtesy Walker Art Center
Installation view, Liz Deschenes: Gallery 7
While entering the Walker Art Center's Medtronic Gallery, you may notice something that usually isn't there: natural light. For Liz Deschenes's new exhibition, the coverings on the east-facing windows have been removed, allowing light from the outside to work its magic on a series of photograms that will change over the course of the year-long show.

"The space is a perfect viewfinder," says Eric Crosby, associate curator at the Walker. 

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Adam Turman Is MN State Fair's 2015 Commemorative Artist

Adam Turman in his studio
Over the years, Minnesota State Fair commemorative art has included works that were wholesome... and often a little weird. The art for the 2015 season will probably be a little hip, as it was announced today that print, illustration, and mural artist Adam Turman will be creating the official art pieces for next summer.

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A Homecoming for Artist Eric Inkala at Public Functionary

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Eric Inkala's work in studio
This Saturday, Brooklyn-based mural artist and painter (and former Twin Cities resident) Eric Inkala returns to Minneapolis for the opening of a new solo exhibition, "Eric Inkala: Chaos Complex," at Public Functionary. The show will feature 12 to 14 original paintings and a large-scale mural.
Inkala's work has roots in graffiti, but in recent years his graphic style has been further simplified, distilled down to its essential elements of pastel colors and flat, two-dimensional shapes. The upcoming exhibition at Public Functionary marks the debut of a new series of paintings that Inkala, a self-taught artist, has assembled over a two-month period in consultation with the show's curator, Tricia Khutoretsky.

"This is my first exhibit in Minneapolis in five years," says Inkala. "So it's going to be interesting to see people's response to where my work has gone since relocating to Brooklyn. "

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MIA's Third Thursday Offers Free Admission to "Italian Style"

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Thumbnail image for 2014_ItalianStyle_010.jpg
Photo by G.M. Fadigati © Giorgini Archive, Florence
Sfilata (fashion show) in Sala Bianca, 1955 
You may want to dress up for this one. Tomorrow, as part of its monthly Third Thursday series, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is offering free admission to its fabulous exhibit featuring Italian fashion design since the mid-20th century. So put on your party shoes for a whirlwind tour exploring the luxury, gaudiness, and flamboyance of Italian fashion. 

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House of Balls Is Moving to the Old Medusa Space

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A visit to House of Balls is like traveling to another dimension. An electrician by trade, Allen Christian is a self-taught artist. His metal work and found-object sculptures often take on characteristics of living creatures, stemming from the artist's belief in animism. Falling into the uncanny valley spectrum, they can be frightful or genuinely inspiring.

After 20 years in the Colonial Warehouse building, Christian's House of Balls finds its new home in the former DIY music space Medusa, right off the LRT stop on the West Bank. Christian and his wife, writer Mary Jane LaVigne, have been hard at work getting the space, which was pretty rundown, into shape. The new and improved House of Balls opens in about a month. In the meantime, they're hosting a sale at their old space in the Warehouse District this weekend.

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Allen Christian invites visitors into his House of Balls

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SooVAC's "Untitled 11" Highlights a Variety of Perspectives

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L-R: Karen Kroulk, Ana Taylor, Jamie Winter Dawson
Opening this Saturday, "Untitled 11" is an annual group exhibition that showcases a wide array of artistic voices. This year's collection is curated by jurors Tom Rassieur and Caroline Kent. Now in its 11 year, SooVAC's series represent broader conversations that is starting to unfold through the work of Minneapolis-based artists.

"It will be interesting to see what the works looks like when installed together, and to look for ways in which the works speak to each other," says Kent.

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Burn Something Zine Celebrates Its First Issue

Tonight at the Exchange in south Minneapolis, artist and critic Adrienne Doyle is throwing a party to celebrate the first issue of Burn Something Zine, and to raise money for the next edition. With poetry, visual art, and more, the zine boasts a queer-inclusive alternative space highlighting talented women of color.

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From the Skunk House to National Renown: Soap Factory Celebrates 25 Years

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Photo by Xavier Tavera
Jaime Carrera
This Saturday, the Soap Factory will celebrate 25 years of supporting innovative and emerging artists with a big party. The no-holds-barred affair is a chance to celebrate how far the Soap Factory has come since its early days as a small alternative gallery for emerging artists known as No Name Gallery.

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Jim Denomie De-Colonizes Tonto and the Lone Ranger

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Jim Denomie: Vatican Cafe
So Tonto and the Lone Ranger show up at a truck stop called the Vatican Café. Jesus is there, and so is Elvis, of course. There's a priest with his pants down, and a few others. They're all lined up along the table like it's the Last Supper. Through the window, you see tanks and war and genocide. Meanwhile Elvis is taking a selfie, the Lone Ranger is working on a Rubik's Cube, the priest has an inappropriately placed banana, and Jesus is about to pray over the humble fish before him. Oh, and there's the punch line: Tonto, grinning, looks over to his right and asks, "What's good here?" 

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Eight Día de los Muertos Events Happening This week

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Photo courtesy Tammy Ortegon
Edoardo Alejandro Ortegon paints faces at a past event
Not to be confused with Halloween, Dia de los Muertos is the other holiday that will be celebrated this weekend. The event, which has roots in Indigenous Latin American traditions that were co-opted by the Catholic Church during the colonization of the Spanish empire, has grown in popularity here in the Twin Cities, perhaps due to our rising Latino population. 

There have been some growing pains, however, with the increasing mainstreaming of Dia de los Muertos, such as calls of appropriation when those without Latino heritage put on the Calaveras face paint. For example, this last week Gallery 122 at Hang It was the subject of an open letter for an exhibit, "Afterlife Merriment," that celebrated the holiday but didn't feature any Latino artists or input from the Latino community.

Still, we wanted to give a heads up of some cool things that are going on this next week, all of which we believe have some connection to the Latino community and/or feature artists of color. 

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