August Strindberg's old-school selfies at the American Swedish Institute

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Strindberg and Harriet Bosse, sort of. 
You may think of the selfie as a relatively new invention to arise in the age of Facebook and Instagram, but it turns out the practice has been going on for quite some time, way before cell phones. In "The Image of Strindberg" at the American Swedish Institute, 32 framed photographs and modern prints of the playwright are on display. The exhibit, produced by Fotografiska, the Swedish Museum of Photography, gives a fascinating look at the infamous megalomaniac and his fixation with himself and his own image.
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"On Fertile Ground" puts spotlight on Native artists from the Midwest

Categories: Art
Julie Buffalohead: They Paint Horses, Don't They?
All My Relations Gallery sets out to showcase the wealth of talent coming from American Indian artists living in Minnesota and our neighboring states with a new exhibition called "On Fertile Ground: Native Artists in the Upper Midwest." Intended to take place annually over three years, each exhibition will highlight 15 different artists who live in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. This year's show makes a strong case for how many excellent Native artists are working in this area in a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, bead work, textiles, and jewelry.

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Gamut Gallery's CoLab Art Night offers an "art nightclub experience"

Categories: Art
Photo courtesy of Jade Patrick
There are plenty of events around town where you can socialize while looking at cool art, but Gamut Gallery takes the idea one step further. CoLab Art Nights offers a party-like atmosphere where guests aren't just looking at art -- they are making it themselves. Whether you're a practicing artist, just starting out, or want to try something creative in a social atmosphere, the gallery's monthly evening may be for you.

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The Floating Library sets sail on Cedar Lake

Image courtesy the Floating Library
Nothing says summer like hanging out with a good book by the water, but what to do if you don't have reading material handy? That's no problem, because you can just paddle out to the Floating Library on Cedar Lake, which offers bookshelves full of artists' books, zines, chapbooks, and other book-like objects for your perusal.

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Garrett Perry's distorted whimsy

Categories: Art
Garrett Perry, All I Wanna Do is be Friends with You (You Knock Me Out)
There's some kind of magical place artist Garrett Perry must know about. It's a place with rainbows and animal people, dancing musicians and floating heads. If you go there, you might get lost in all the shifting dimensions and dripping colors, and you also might grow an extra head or two or five. But you'll also go on wonderful adventures on boats, through mirrors, and fantastic parties. 

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Andrea Carlson's Ink Babel opens at Bockley

Categories: Art
Andrea Carlson: Ink Babel, 2014 (Detail) 
Storytelling, cinema, and giant pigs are part of a new work by artist Andrea Carlson, on view at Bockley Gallery beginning this weekend. Shown in exhibition with several smaller, related pieces, the giant 60-panel Ink Babel features cascading fantastical images laid out like filmstrips on top of one another.

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"Tracks in the Snow" highlights Muslim experience in Minnesota

Categories: Art
Photo courtesy Islamic Resource Group
Razina Motala
A traveling exhibit about the Muslim experience in Minnesota opens today at the Walker Art Center for a week-long run in the museum's Medtronic Gallery. Called "Tracks in the Snow: The Minnesota Muslim Experience since 1880," the exhibit features the stories of 25 Muslim individuals living in Minnesota, and is put together by the Islamic Resource Group (IRG). 

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"Radical Presence" opens at the Walker Art Center

Categories: Art
Wayne Hodge "Negerkuss" in performance, photo by Kathrin Heller)
"Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art," an exhibit that looks at the role of African American performance artists in contemporary art, opens at the Walker Art Center tonight. Minneapolis is the third and final stop for the show, which was hosted by the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston in 2012 and then was co-presented in New York City by the Studio Museum in Harlem and New York University's Grey Art Gallery. Packed with archival photographs, video, and objects used in performance, the exhibition will also feature a number of events throughout the course of its run, starting tonight and this Saturday. 

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A rare look at Beatles in Minnesota at the W Hotel-Foshay

Categories: Art
Courtesy the Bob Bonis Archive
One fun fact about Minnesota is that we were the only stop on the Beatles' 1965 American tour that didn't sell out. Held at the Met Stadium, where the Mall of America exists today, the show was undersold in part due to fears concerning the hullabaloo the band could potentially inspire. For many years it was thought that no photographs existed of the concert (other than shots that were taken from very far away). However, newly discovered photographs by Bob Bonis, the group's American tour manager, will be shown at an exhibition in the lobby of the W Hotel with an opening event this Thursday. The exhibition arrives just in time for Sir Paul McCartney's show at Target Field on August 2. 

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Bryant Locher's "Folded Space" at Gallery 13

Categories: Art
Bryant Locher 
For "Folded Space," at Gallery 13, artist Bryant Locher draws from a rather bizarre moment in history when art and military strategy joined forces. Beginning in World War I and continuing through World War II, British and American ships would sometimes be painted with optical-illusion designs aimed at confusing the enemy. In theory, the enemies targeting these ships (of various kinds and shapes) would be unable to determine how far away they were or which piece of the ship they were looking at. The concept, called "dazzle camaflouge," didn't work very well, but the technique lived on in the art world, inspiring artists such as Pablo Picasso.

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