Dim Media Collaborates with Angel Hawari at ditch. Gallery

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Sacred Seer (detail)
Multimedia arts group Dim Media opens a new show this Thursday called "Desiderium Vulgaris," which translates from Latin to mean "circumstances of the human condition." The exhibition, presented by ditch. Gallery, highlights the group's focus on collaborative processes, with a particular theme of graffiti and urban art. 

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Five Examples of Great Dissident Cinema from Around the World Streaming Online

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It's probably a good idea to not put too much stock in the Oscars, but it was great to see the Academy give its prize for best documentary to Laura Poitras's Citizenfour. The film, which chronicles the Edward Snowden leaks with the nerve-wracking suspense of a classic spy thriller, is a worthy entry in the heroic tradition of dissident cinema from around the globe.

To dig deeper into this subject, here are five examples, both fiction and documentary, of superior dissident films.

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We Can't Stop Looking at These Incredible Views from the Old Pillsbury A-Mill

Scott Heins
It's a familiar story: urbanization endangering historic places. This might entail development companies pouncing on prime real estate and gutting the old buildings, or razing them to the ground to make room for high-rises. The fate of the Pillsbury A-Mill is in the former category, as it's poised to become an ultra-chic riverfront property right on St. Anthony Main.

In 2011, the Pillsbury A-Mill ranked on the National Register of Historic Places as one of the most endangered historic buildings in the country. Once the world's largest flour mill, the A-Mill is undergoing a transformation into more than 200 affordable artists' lofts.

Late last year, New York-based photographer Scott Heins went to the mill and documented incredible sights within, including skeletal scaffolding, colorful graffiti, and a gorgeous nighttime look at the Minneapolis skyline. We got Heins's insights about how he found this urban diamond in the rough, what it really looks like inside, and what he thinks about the rapid urbanization of the Twin Cities.

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Awesome Graffiti and Views from the Old Pillsbury A-Mill

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Northern Spark 2015 Announces Date, Commissioned Projects

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Kory Lidstrom
Northern Spark 2014, MINN LAB, POSTography
For the past five years, Northern Spark has taken over the Twin Cities to create an evening of pop-up installations, activities, performances, and more. Past happenings have included letter messengers on bikes, short-film screenings on the sides of buildings, yarn bombing by HOTTEA, and giant swing sets.

Last year's event managed to carry on as best as possible despite torrential downpours most of the night. We're hoping for clear skies and nice temps at this year's event. The organization recently announced the festival date and some planned projects for 2015's all-night art party.

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MIA Gets Literary for Third Thursday

Categories: Art
Image courtesy MIA
This April, Minneapolis be inundated with hot-shot writers from all over the country for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) conference. In the meantime, we can ease the anticipation by attending Third Thursday: Art + Lit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

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Juxtaposition Arts Features Work by Young Artists Delving into Contemporary Art

Categories: Art
Maisy Anderson-Murre
Four young apprentices who are part of the Juxtaposition Arts (JXTA) Contemporary Art Studio, a youth-oriented organization based in north Minneapolis, currently have their work on view in the space's first exhibition of 2015. This Thursday, JXTA is hosting a closing reception for the artists.

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Kate Casanova on Ephemerality, Mushrooms, and Occasionally Eating Her Art

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Kate Casanova
In her first Twin Cities solo show, "Aftereffects: A Natural History," Kolman & Pryor gallery artist Kate Casanova reveals new pieces inspired by the idea of ephemerality and transience. With moments embracing experimentation, her latest body of work is a cohesive sum that operates as collections in conversation with each other.

From earlier works like the Mushroom Chair series -- where Casanova used thrifted, old living-room chairs as the surface for a fruiting mushroom plot -- to her current exhibit, Casanova's ideas continue to be a connective thread for Kolman & Pryor Gallery's unofficial yet underlining artistic motif: art taking inspiration from the natural world.

An interest in binaries -- human/nature, mind/body, self/other, organic/technological -- is the driving force in Casanova's work. She investigates the natural world through a small, specific scale, and attempts to break things down and define what is is to be human.

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Silverwood Park's Latest Gallery Show Finds Order in Nature

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Asako Nakauchi detail
Two artists are in search of a poetic order at the upcoming show at Silverwood Gallery. While working in very different mediums, artists Keren Kroul and Asako Nakauchi both have a sense of sequencing and a science-y aesthetic. Their dual show, "Lyrical Structures," opens today.

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Brendan Lauer Is Making 50 Videos Over 50 Weeks

Categories: Art, WTF

Week 42, Locus of Control
Since May 2014, Brendan Lauer has been making a new video every single week. No matter what is going on, he diligently posts one every Friday. Some are under a minute long. Others can be up to six minutes. Regardless of length, so far he's stuck to his goal of producing a new video every week for 50 weeks.

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Minnesota Exposure Offers Local Photographers Gallery Time, Prizes

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Nicole Engstrom
What started as a conversation among local photographers has gained momentum to become Minnesota Exposure, a project that offers area shutterbugs the opportunity to compete, win prizes, and display their work.

So what is Minnesota Exposure?

"It's a celebration of artists for artists," says Tomas Alvarez, one of the founders. "Our mission is to create opportunities for photographers."

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