St. Patrick's Day: Free and cheap stuff to do this Monday

Jayme Halbritter
Saint Patrick's Day will be here this Monday, creating the perfect opportunity for you to start your week out with a hangover. While you probably won't be scoring any free beer tonight, there's still plenty of free things to do where admission is free, and if you're really cheap you can always pack a flask.

Come take a look and plan your holiday celebration.

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Zombie Pub Crawl 2013: The Best Looks

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Photo by Tony Nelson
Last Saturday, the undead were out en masse at the Zombie Pub Crawl, a bar crawl running from downtown Minneapolis to the West Bank. While it's pretty easy to create a solid costume (just pour fake blood on some old clothes and you're set), we really appreciate people who put a little more effort when creating their look for the evening.

Come take a look at some of the best zombies from Saturday night's apocalypse.

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Three reasons the PedalPub is actually awesome

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Thumbnail image for PedalPub.jpg

Over the past few days, we (the office-dwelling internet-surfers) have been following the spectacular train wreck that was the PedalPub crash. In its beer-soaked wake, PedalPub haters have piled on, using this opportunity to condemn both the company and those who choose to pedal.

Like a modern-day version of the cinematic masterpiece Wild Hogs (the 2007 classic starring Martin Lawrence and his hilarious biker bros who combat a gang of bikers who are terrorizing a local town), the PedalPub has been painted to look like Ray Liotta (the leader of the gang), with the various corners of the Twin Cities playing the part of the terrorized townspeople. 

In case you couldn't follow all of those family-friendly comparisons, I'm saying that PedalPub gets a bad rap. And it's kind of bullshit.

A quick perusal of the comments section on any story about PedalPub will be packed full of tales that begin with "One time I saw..." or "PedalPub sucks because..." or "Martin Lawrence got robbed of an Oscar for his performance in..."*, but the reality is that there isn't a lot of well-balanced debate. I think it's time to change that.

(*Spoiler: That one was me. And it was Wild Hogs.)

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Tipsy Pixels brings beer, Mario Kart 64 together

Tipsy Pixels MarioKart 64 1.jpg
Competitors get serious about MarioKart 64. All photos provided by Tipsy Pixels.
My time at Tipsy Pixels crashed and burned on the very first lap of Kalimari Desert, when Princess Peach -- my MarioKart 64 character -- hit a bouncing, roadway-strewn gold bomb and fell out of first.

For nearly an hour, I'd sat amidst an impressively large crowd at Triple Rock Social Club, nursing a Tallgrass 8-Bit through 11 lead-up races. When my turn finally arrived, the three Pixelers beside me hurriedly chose their red-shell-wielding avatars before I could inch my joystick to Yoshi, my standard.
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Bill Murray Dance Party goes mobile, even without Bill Murray

bike 1.jpg
Kendra Sundvall
Bill Murray's appearance may have been a hoax, but any excuse for a party
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Let's get this out of the way: Bill Murray, object of our love, star of 60-some Hollywood movies and TV series, did not show at Tuesday night's Bill Murray Mobile Dance Party.

Or, if he did, he did not make it known. Who knows, he might've bicycled beside us in disguise, Venkman himself incognito on a bright blue Schwinn Traveler III with handlebar streamers and a hamburger bell. Maybe he had Wayfarers on, despite the late-summer-evening dark. Maybe he smoked a thin cigarette and spouted witty remarks to the cyclists around him. But he was quiet about it. He did not fly into Gold Medal Park on angelic wings amidst a burst of heavenly light, like many hoped and--after a few shots of whiskey--sadly imagined. Bummer, dude. We still love you, Bill Murray. And the party went on anyway.

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Marlon James hopes for blood and guts at the Literary Death Match

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Marlon James headshot.jpg
This week, nomadic reading series Literary Death Match is returning to the Twin Cities to bring some spunk to the local lit scene. The event pits writer against writer in a battle for literary bragging rights.

In each corner of the metaphorical ring is a formidable literary talent raring to go. Pete Hautman won the National Book Award and the Los Angeles Times Book Award for his works Godless and The Big Crunch. Stephanie Wilbur Ash, of MPR's Electric Arc Radio fame, has written for many national publications and companies. Juliet Patterson, author of The Truant Lover and the forthcoming Threnody, has won numerous prizes and fellowships for her work. Accomplished photographer Jeffrey Skemp released his debut poetry and music album, Spent, last year.

Deciding the readers' fates, judges include celebrated author and professor Marlon James, Lutefisk Sushi podcast host and prolific cartoonist Danno Konowski, as well as sci-fi writer, professor, and former journalist Dennis Cass.

Critically-acclaimed novelist James will lend his sharp wit to the evening's festivities as a
judge. We chatted with the Jamaican author of The Book of Night Women and Jim Crow's
about his upcoming gig at this week's Literary Death Match.

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Literary Death Match's Todd Zuniga discusses Mark Mallman, 'Paper Darts,' and his beauty routine

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Literary Death Match Todd.jpg
Todd Zuniga
Since 2006, Todd Zuniga has been holding Literary Death Matches across the world. The event promotes local talent by giving them an opportunity to perform in a rollicking night of trouble-making. This Thursday, Zuniga will hold his sixth Twin Cities Death Match at the Nomad World Pub.

During the evening, four writers -- Martin Kihn, Tristan Jimerson, Sarah Stonich, and Kao Kalia Yang -- will read from new work. They will be judged by Emily Goldberg, Ian Rans, and Alexis McKinnis.

City Pages caught up with Zuniga last week as he was finishing a Death Match in Los Angeles that included Mark Mallman in its audience (the musician participated in LDM's fourth Twin Cities event last June). Zuniga will be holding more Death Matches over the next month in the U.S. and Europe.

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Zombie Pub Crawl: The best looks

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B FRESH Photography
The crowds were out in record numbers for this year's Zombie Pub Crawl, a barhopping extravaganza including the West Bank in Minneapolis and Lowertown St. Paul officially, but also popping up at First Avenue and even some spots around Uptown. And while it's easy to create a solid undead costume (step 1: pour fake blood on old clothes, step 2: walk to crawl), we really appreciate the folks who took their looks to the next level, either going for the grossest, funniest, or darkest theme.

Come take a look at some of the best zombies from Saturday night's apocalypse.

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Soap Factory exhibits political, provocative works [NSFW]

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Guo Gai
Works by Guo Gai
The Soap Factory's current show, "Three Artists: Guo Gai, Meng Tang, Slinko," is a provocative and lively exhibition that is both thought provoking and engaging. Political, humorous, and at times titillating, the works challenge the viewer to think about roles that culture, society, and government play in our everyday lives.   More »

Snap a pic of L.A. Nik, enter to win $1,000

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LA Nik.jpeg
Be on the lookout for this man
If you're familiar with the downtown Minneapolis bar scene, then you'll probably recognize L.A. Nik. He's easy to spot, as he often wears all black, including his nail polish, and looks like a rock star (because he is--he worked as a drummer in various L.A. rock bands in the '80s). His favorite haunts include the Loring Kitchen and Bar (he lives upstairs), Hell's Kitchen, Prohibition, and the Kitty Cat Klub.

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