Bridesmaid Bar Crawl hits Minneapolis this weekend

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Bridesmaid dress yellow.jpg
Photo by jilly~bean
Always a bridesmaid and never a bride? Don't fret--there's finally an event for bridesmaids that doesn't involve dress fittings, shower planning, or finding the perfect "something borrowed" for your girlfriend-turned-bridezilla.

This Friday marks the first annual Bridesmaid Bar Crawl. Now is the time to dig out that bridesmaid dress that is too adorable to have only worn once, or give one last gasp to the abomination that at one point was actually considered fashionable.

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Teams race the Pedal Pub down Hennepin this weekend

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Pedal Pub web.jpg
While pro cyclists will be whipping through Uptown and downtown St. Paul this week at lightening-speed pace at the Nature Valley Grand Prix, northeast Minneapolis will host a slower, more buzzed race as the Pedal Pub turns into a sporting event this Sunday.

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Nomad World Pub combines date and game night with Romansketball

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Most couples share common interests and hobbies, but sports often lights up the incompatibility meter like a fire. For all of you basketball fanatics whose significant other couldn't care less about a guy who dribbles, we may have a solution for you: The Nomad World Pub has brilliantly combined date night with game night at Romansketball Wednesdays.

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You could be the next Air Sex world champion

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Air Sex, of course. Because why not?
Simulating sex acts in front of a large group of people is generally frowned upon. Do it on the bus, at your office holiday party, or at the PTO meeting and you're likely to get tut-tutted. Or arrested, as the case may be.

But, human beings being what we are, there are people out there who want a safe and welcoming outlet for their erotic mime performances, and there are people who like to watch. And that's why there is the Air Sex competition, coming this Saturday to the Nomad World Pub.More »


Air Sex

Instagram fan meet-up tonight

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Photo by yto
Fans of photography whose snapshot weapon of choice is the iPhone should take note: Tonight, First Avenue's Depot Taverb will be hosting a little get together celebrating the Instagram app.

Never heard of it? The free app follows photography's progression of taking exciting advances and using them to create retro images. Meaning, the Instagram recreates the look of a Polaroid on an iPhone. Think of it like visual meatloaf; it's the "comfort food" of photo world.

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Happy hour and diamonds at Aster Cafe's A Sip of Science

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Alina Sofia via
Sometimes the lack of intelligent happy-hour conversation can make things decidedly unhappy. Aster Cafe, however, changes up the after-work gossip scene on the second Wednesday of every month without sacrificing the salvation of libations.

A Sip of Science at Aster Cafe is "a happy hour forum that offers the opportunity to talk with researchers about their current work."More »

Today is Intergalactic Tutu Day. How will you be celebrating?

Tutu dog.jpg
Photo by Barbara L. Hanson
For some folks--many of them five-year-old girls and ballerinas--the tutu is a wardrobe necessity. For others, it hides in a closet each year until Halloween. Whatever your reason for owning one is be thankful that you do; some people on the internet have declared today to be Intergalactic Tutu Day. Put yours on and get ready to celebrate. Yes, there will be alcohol involved.

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Great moments of triumph and defeat on the Pyramid

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Tonight Clubhouse Jager stages the $50 Pyramid, a lower-stakes version of the old-school $10,000/$20,000/$25,000/$100,000/etc. Pyramid game show, with Ian Rans in the Dick Clark host role and a $50 bar tab as the top prize. Not only does this edition promise to feature notable Minnesota characters in the celebrity seat, it also promises a more irreverent batch of categories (one hinted at on the official twitter feed: "Dead Wrestlers") plus a more raucous, alcohol-fueled atmosphere than the original TV series.

We thought this would be a good time to go back and reevaluate that bygone artifact of the '70s and '80s, to try and find out just why it lingers in the public consciousness. Our theory is that it combined three of the most important elements of riveting television: celebrities, miscommunication, and yelling.

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Saved by the Bell's Principal Belding to party in downtown Minneapolis

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Forget Tiffany Amber Thiessen, Mario Lopez, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (and don't even give Dustin Diamond the side-eye), Dennis Haskins (aka Principal Belding) is the one you should really want to party with. Dreams will come true this Wednesday when the actor visits Minneapolis to host an '80s-themed party.

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LOL/OMG to host their fourth social media party

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iphone lolomg.jpg
Image by William Hook
If you're a regular commenter on a website, from Gawker to Livejournal to Secrets of the City, then you probably have some cyberspace friends. You know, those people that make you laugh when they comment, the ones who make the point you wanted to more succinctly, and whose personal stories make you wonder if they are actually in your head. This Thursday, instead of hosting an internet party, a.k.a. drinking beer on tinychat, why not head on over to the 501 and party it up in real life?

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