Juniper Ridge's Hall Newbegin Talks Wilderness Perfume and Lumbersexuals

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Big Sur is just one of the places where the folks at Juniper Ridge find scent-spiration.
Imagine the mountains around Big Sur jutting from the Pacific Ocean and meeting the land in a glorious nirvana of woodland green and cerulean blue. The image is nice (see above), but even viewing it from a car on the PCH doesn't give you the full experience. You've got to open the door and let the smell of salt and flora hit your nose.

What better way to bring the woods with you than to wear them on your body? We're not talking branches or wildflowers per se, but one man has figured out how to put the mountains in a bottle employing methods rarely used by modern perfumeries -- the ultimate in eau de lumbersexual.

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HAUS Salon to expand Minneapolis hair-styling empire

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Courtesy of Haus Salon
Kingfield's hottest hair salon, HAUS Salon, is about to get a little bigger -- 4,300 square feet, to be exact.

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Does the Nu Project empower women? Two professors weigh in

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cover image by Matt Blum
In this week's cover story, photographer Matt Blum explains how in the early days of his nude photography initiative, the Nu Project, something he hadn't anticipated started taking place.

As more women got involved, "Almost everybody who participated said it contributed to some part of their mentality about themselves shifting," Blum says.

Now, nearly 8,000 women from around the world have signed on to have Blum come to their home and photograph them. Both participants and viewers tend to reach for a particular word when describing why the Nu Project has moved them: empowering.

But the question of empowerment is a tricky one. When two University of Minnesota professors looked at Blum's photos, they were largely excited by the project -- but also cautious.

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Leviticus Tattoo offers $102 tattoos on Saturday

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From the hand-pricked tattoos of the '20s to learning tricks of the tat trade in Asia, Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins changed the way people ink themselves forever. While we've progressed from old-school pinups and swallows to more detailed work, there's still a certain charm to Sailor Jerry's iconic body art.

This Saturday, Leviticus Tattoo and Piercing will commemorate the legendary tattoo artist's 102nd birthday by offering $102 tattoos. The catch? They've got to be Sailor Jerry-style.

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Miss Minnesota Nitaya Panemalaythong gears up for the Miss USA pageant this Sunday

Photo courtesy of Patrick Prather.
Nitaya Panemalaythong modeling her gown.
Nitaya Panemalaythong already has the distinction of being the first Asian American to win the Miss Minnesota pageant, and this weekend she'll become the first Lao American to compete for the Miss USA crown.

Born in a refugee camp in Thailand, Panemalaythong emigrated to the states as an infant in 1986. Although she had never competed in a pageant before, Panemalaythong entered the Miss Minnesota pageant last November in the hope of securing scholarship money for college. Remarkably, the rookie won.

"It's definitely an honor," she says. "I never thought that I would be here. The Asian community has been great to me and very supportive, and so has my family.

City Pages spoke with Panemalaythong about her pre-show jitters, why her hair will be different from the other competitors', and her journey to compete for the Miss USA crown.

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Leviticus Tattoo offers $101 Sailor Jerry tattoos on Saturday

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A fresh new tat from Leviticus
If you've ever dreamed of getting the word "MOM" inside a heart on your shoulder or maybe a sweet '40s pinup girl on your ankle, this weekend might just be the time. 

In celebration of the 101st birthday of legendary tattooer Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins, Leviticus Tattoo is offering $101 tattoos that fall within the Sailor Jerry style of design, known for a thicker outline and unique vintage look. 

"I think it's going to be a pretty bitching little party," shop owner Kurt Melancon tells Dressing Room.

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Survey says Twin Cities are 5th most insecure in country

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Hot or not?
A new survey asking "How good looking do you think you are?" finds that Minnesotans living in the Twin Cities are the fifth-most "insecure" in the country.

That's because we don't consider ourselves perfect tens across the board.

No, really -- the survey asked respondents to guess what others would rate them "on a scale from 1-10 in looks." People in Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Phoenix tend to be more "vain," according to the survey, while people in Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Denver, and Minneapolis-St. Paul rate themselves humbly.

Other questions raised by the poll: Do people in your city have tattoos? Do they smell? And do you know anyone who's gotten butt implants?

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Patrick Lomantini to break a world record with 50 haircuts in 50 states in 50 days

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Patrick Lomantini.jpg
Patrick Lomantini, owner of Lomantini the Salon in Wichita, Kansas, has been fascinated by world records ever since he was a kid. Last year, he set one himself for cutting hair at his salon for 72 hours straight. The haircuts were free, and donations collected benefited the local humane society. "It was way more than I ever imagined it to be," Lomantini says. "It opened my eyes to what shelters and the humane society do for our communities."
When friends asked Lomantini how he was going to outdo himself this year, someone suggested that he attempt to do 50 haircuts in 50 states in 50 days.

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Minnesota Beard-Off champion Corrie Zoll defends title

This Friday the second annual Minnesota Beard-Off comes to the Turf Club. Here, the great beardsmen of Minnesota will gather to show off their tresses and compete in the championship. Contestants can enter categories such as full beard, partial beard, moustache, and freestyle. The last category can be interpreted as anything that doesn't fit into the other others, including beards made from bacon, which one woman did last year. Ultimately, a Minnesota Beardsman Champion is chosen from the lot.

City Pages took a moment to talk with Corrie Zoll, last year's winner of the Full Beard category, and winner of the Minnesota Beardsman title. Zoll is competing again this year, and he does not intend to go down without a fight. 

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Hair trends to try now

Hughes backstage at Betsey Johnson
Sure, we can look through fashion magazines to get a glimpse of the latest beauty trends, but why not go directly to the source? Having worked backstage at New York Fashion Week for years creating the hairstyles that inspire trends on main street America months later, Jen Hughes, master stylist at Juut Salon Spa in downtown Minneapolis, is a pro at making cool hair look easy. Always 10 steps ahead of what's next, Hughes gave us the inside scoop on styles to try today that will stay fresh well into spring 2011--when the rest of America catches up. More »