Cary Elwes on Surviving the Fire Swamp and Other Princess Bride Shenanigans

Miranda Penn Turin
Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles... The Princess Bride has it all. Actor Cary Elwes, better known to diehard Princess Bride fans as farmboy Westley-cum-Dread Pirate Roberts, has harnessed the magic of the movie in his new book, As You Wish.

Even though The Princess Bride has won over legions of fans since its initial release in 1987, Elwes wasn't quite sure what the reception to his behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film would be like. Turns out he had nothing to be worried about. Since its release in October, As You Wish has spent three months on the New York Times Bestsellers List.

This weekend, Elwes will continue his book tour, which will bring hundreds of Princess Bride fans to the Mall of America where there will be both a signing and a screening of the movie.

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Alexs Pate on Blues Vision: African American Writing from Minnesota

Categories: Books
Alexs Pate, book crop
A groundbreaking new anthology of African American writers from Minnesota will launch today at the Minnesota History Center. Edited by Alexs Pate, with co-editors Pamela R. Fletcher and J. Otis Powell, Blues Vision: African American Writing from Minnesota showcases a range of black writers exploring forms of poetry, fiction, drama, and more.

We spoke to novelist and playwright Pate about the project.

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2014 Year in Review: Top Literary Moments

Categories: Books
[Editor's note: The year is coming to an end fast. To celebrate 2014, we'll be revisiting the memorable things that happened with a different topic each week. Stayed tuned for more.]

It's been another year of literary goodness in the Twin Cities. In a town known for its nonprofit publishers, indie bookstores, edgy publications, and welcoming community, coming up with a list of the best literary events isn't hard work (except for the fact that there are so many to choose from).

Let's take a look at some of the most-gabbed-about literary events of 2014. More »

7 Local Books for Everyone on Your Gift List

Categories: Books
Look smart, give a book this holiday season. We all have readers in our lives. The following is a list of seven local books (meaning, local publishers or local authors) published in 2014 for every type of book-lover on your list.

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Bil Dwyer on Adrian Peterson, TMZ Sightings, Scaring Small Children

Categories: Books
What has Bil Dwyer been up to since we last saw him in the Twin Cities? "I think Bil Dwyer is kind of moving into the acting portion of his career -- and not just the overacting part, either," he reports. "When I'm in Minneapolis, my episode of The Middle will be airing while I'm onstage at the Acme. I have a nice guest starring role. I do a heartfelt monologue. It's real sweet, and I'm real happy with it."

Dwyer has previously been on shows such as Parks & Recreation, Hot in Cleveland, and House of Lies. He has also been known to create his own guest starring opportunities.

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Garfield Creator Jim Davis Explains Why Cats Rule the Internet

Categories: Books

Courtesy of Katrina Wan

Garfield creator Jim Davis is well aware of the internet's cat obsession. In fact, he's got an upcoming strip about it. "But if I told you the joke, I'd have to kill you," he deadpans, before cracking his paternal composure with a chuckle. (He did tell me, and I've chosen life.)

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Burn Something Zine Celebrates Its First Issue

Categories: Art, Books
Tonight at the Exchange in south Minneapolis, artist and critic Adrienne Doyle is throwing a party to celebrate the first issue of Burn Something Zine, and to raise money for the next edition. With poetry, visual art, and more, the zine boasts a queer-inclusive alternative space highlighting talented women of color.

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Charlie Quimby on Fiction and Social Consciousness

Categories: Books
Photo by Susan Cushman
Charlie Quimby 
Charlie Quimby, author of Monument Road, will be discussing the relationship between fiction writing and social justice at a talk this Saturday at Homewood Studios. Moderated by educator and writer Julie Landsman, the evening will focus on Quimby's work, but will also open up into a broader discussion. Quimby, whose first novel took on the issue of suicide, is currently writing a novel on homelessness. He hopes that the discussion will inform his current project, which will most likely be published in about a year.

We chatted with Quimby about the talk, and about how he grapples with issues in his fiction. 

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The Floating Library sets sail on Cedar Lake

Categories: Art, Books
Image courtesy the Floating Library
Nothing says summer like hanging out with a good book by the water, but what to do if you don't have reading material handy? That's no problem, because you can just paddle out to the Floating Library on Cedar Lake, which offers bookshelves full of artists' books, zines, chapbooks, and other book-like objects for your perusal.

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Dead Media: Books, records, and posters the old-school way

Categories: Books
Paul Dickinson performing at Riot Act at Dead Media 
Do you ever feel nostalgic for the days when people read books that were printed on paper, or when you could hold an album cover in your hand instead of just viewing it on a screen? Do you like the tactile sensation of turning a page, or the thrill of dropping the needle on a spinning record? If so, you may be in luck. Dead Media, a new book/record/poster store located across the street from the Birchwood Café, seeks to fulfill all your antiquated entertainment needs. 

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