SOLO Puts Dancers in the Driver's Seat

Categories: Dance
Photo by Tim Rummelhoff
This weekend, Northrop Auditorium will host the seventh McKnight SOLO. The biannual event showcases the work of six dancers -- Kari Mosel, Tamara Ober, Gregory Waletski, Taryn Griggs, Ashwini Ramaswamy, and Stephen Schroeder -- who have all received McKnight Dancer Fellowships over a two-year period. The evening gives the local talents a chance to shine after developing a piece with a choreographer of their choosing. 

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Ananya Chatterjea on Imagined Futures Emerging from Despair

Categories: Dance
Photo by V. Paul Virtucio
After spending four years investigating violence against women through the lens of mud, gold, oil, and water, choreographer Ananya Chatterjea of Ananya Dance Theatre now points her focus toward revering the extraordinary work women do throughout the world to sustain their communities. Titled "Neel: Blutopias of Radical Dreaming," Chatterjea's new piece draws on Duke Ellington's concept of a an imagined future that's not frilly but soaked in the blues of past disappointments. 

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Keersmaker's "Rosas danst Rosas" Inspires Beyonce... and Possibly You

Categories: Dance
It's no secret that pop culture borrows from the modern art world all time. For example, Beyonce's video for "Countdown" may look familiar to fans of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's performances and dance. In celebration of Keersmaeker's upcoming show at the Walker, and of creative types drawing inspiration from other creative types, the artist, the museum, and the Northrop are inviting folks to create their own video for the chance to win fun prizes.

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Somali pop-up gallery holds performance event this weekend

Categories: Art, Dance
Photo by Robert Stacke 
If you haven't yet had a chance to check out the Somali Artifact and Cultural Museum's pop-up gallery downtown, this weekend is your chance. The space, co-curated by the Museum and Made Here, opened earlier this summer along with other storefront artist displays. However, since the previous launch occurred during Ramadan, the event this weekend will be an opportunity for a bigger celebration for the gallery. 

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Pleasure Rebel aims to subvert at Bryant-Lake Bowl

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Moheb Soliman
Pleasure Rebel, a subversive performance series at Bryant-Lake Bowl, is expanding in scope by bringing in an out-of-town artist. Qilo Matzen, a Bay Area dancer and improviser, will be joining two up-and-coming local artists, Moheb Soliman and Pramila Vasudevan, for what promises to be an intriguing evening of new work.

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Rhythmically Speaking returns for its sixth year of rhythm-based dance

Categories: Dance
Photo by Calabay Productions
Rhythmically Speaking, an evening showcase of choreographers working with jazz and rhythm forms of dance, is back for its sixth year this weekend. Performing at the Southern Theater, the showcase features a diverse mix of artists who all find inspiration from the way music and beats can move bodies in a space.
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Don't You Feel it Too? Dancing for Marriage Equality

Categories: Dance, LGBTQ
Photo by Zoe Prinds-Flash
Can you believe it's been a year since Minnesota passed Marriage Equality? How does it make you feel? Perhaps you feel like dancing? Well, you're in luck. To mark the occasion Don't You Feel it Too? (DYFIT), a group organized by artist Marcus Young and Grace Minnesota, will be dancing today in celebration in a public act where participants bring their own music to listen to on headphones. 

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Southern Theater launches ArtShare, a new model for artists and audiences

Photo by Bill Cameron
Black Label Movement 
The Southern Theater rolled out its new ArtShare program yesterday, offering a Netflix-like experience for audience members that will feature a lineup of local dance and theater companies. While single tickets for shows will continue to be available, the Southern is hoping to bring its patrons along on a more cooperative model, where a monthly membership affords them the opportunity to choose from a variety of rotating performances at a discounted rate. 

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Rosy Simas presents haunting work at the Red Eye

Categories: Dance

Hot off the heels of her gallery installation at All My Relations Gallery, which has been extended through July 13, Rosy Simas takes the full production of We Wait in Darkness to the Red Eye Theater this week. A meditation on her family history, in particular the story of her Seneca grandmother, Simas's introspective piece probes the shameful history of the U.S.'s treatment of her family's tribe, and the repercussions of that history on future generations. This is done through following the journeys of women both past and present striving to work through trauma.

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Rosy Simas digs into her roots for We Wait in Darkness

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Queertopia: Bring on the evolution

Categories: Dance, Theater
During an aside last night by Tiffany Roberts, host of this year's Queertopia at Intermedia Arts, she acknowledged a typo in the show's subtitle, "QUEEREVOLUTION." Apparently, there has been some confusion about whether that meant "queer revolution" or "queer evolution." While both meanings could definitely fit the mood of the show, which is co-presented with Bedlam Theatre, "evolution" seems a more appropriate signifier for this edition of the festival as performers probe, celebrate, and explore queer identity and community in a rollicking evening of entertainment.  

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