MNfashion returns, revives Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week

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Sad news came this January when MNfashion announced that it it would no longer be organizing Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week or producing events like the Shows and Voltage. It turns out the the nonprofit organization only needed to take a few months off to regroup, as it just announced that it will be setting the dates for the festival once again this fall, with a plan for new parties and continued utilization of its online presence.

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Photoshopped Target model flaunts her long arms on Ellen

Ellen wonders whose arms naturally fall like that...
A couple weeks ago, Target came under fire for photoshopping the heck out of a swimsuit model on its website. From the scariest-looking thigh gap ever to the pointy remains of her thinned out torso in her armpit, Target botched the job and tried to forget about it by taking the suit off their site.

Since then, Target has been mum about the situation, but this week, the model in question appeared on Ellen.

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Jason Wu hoarder sues Target

Categories: Fashion, WTF
L-R: From Target's Kevin Wu lookbook, Kevin Wills
We all know that Black Friday can result in some intense shopping situations. Apparently, things can also get rough when you head to a store and attempt to purchase every single item of a highly coveted clothing collection for sale.

When Kevin Wills and his now ex-wife managed to grab and purchase almost every Jason Wu item in a Miami Target the day the designs were released, other shoppers hoping to check out the new duds apparently did not react well, resorting to name-calling and shopping-cart intimidation. Wills is now suing the chain for emotional distress, negligence, and false imprisonment.

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ARENA Bikini: Cherry Bomb blasts into Aria

Categories: Fashion

Diana Albrecht
ARENA Dances celebrated its seventh installment of ARENA Bikini on a chilly spring night with Cherry Bomb, a blast from the past that brought cigarette girls, fortune tellers, and carnival delights to Aria.

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Envision Spring 2014 announces date, location, designers

Twice a year Envision (formerly Envision Artopia) hosts a fab fashion party showcasing local designers and boutiques. This year, the event will feature a slightly new name, be hosted in a new venue, and some of the proceeds will even benefit a new organization. Here are the details:

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OPM Boutique is closing, Primp comes to Minneapolis

Fare thee well, OPM Boutique
There's good news and bad news for Twin Cities fashionistas today. OPM Boutique in St. Louis Park, which featured high-end emerging designers, announced that it will be hosting a final close-out sale before moving its business to online-only. Meanwhile, the affordable Primp continues to expand, and has set an opening date and location for its highly anticipated south Minneapolis shop.

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Heart-warming Red Dress Collection takes the runway at the Graves

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Tony Nelson
Davee Ek in Mary Pranica, Jamie Yuccas in Laura Fulk, and Kelsey Soby in Christopher Straub
The third-annual Minnesota Red Dress Collection returned to the Graves 601 Hotel's ballroom for the second year in a row. Hosted by the CW's Carly Aplin, the event aimed to raise awareness about heart disease in women -- the number one killer of women, according to the American Heart Association -- while showing off the talents of more than a dozen local designers on the runway.

The chilly Sunday evening didn't stop anyone from looking their most fab, and the ballroom was packed to the brim with fashionistas looking to make a difference in the lives of those with heart disease. All proceeds from the show and silent auction benefited the AHA's Go Red for Women program.

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Red Dress

Sven Raphael Schneider on Gentleman's Gazette

Categories: Fashion
All photos by Ward Rubrecht
Sven Raphael Schneider does not do things in half-measures.

"Early on I thought, 'Let's do this right,'" he says.

The "this" he's referring to is Gentleman's Gazette, Schneider's online magazine (and, as of late, online retail site) dedicated to classic men's style, with a focus on the aesthetic of the first part of the 20th century.

"A lot of people start on Wordpress or another free site, but I wanted this to be a serious thing, not just a blog," Schneider says.

In February 2010, Schneider bought his own domain, and drew on his existing knowledge to start penning blog posts. Pieces have included product reviews ("Albert Slipper by Del Toro in Velvet and Linen"), academic-yet-accessible explanations of men's fashion phenomena ("The Drape Cut Explained"), and discussion of classic masculine fashion in film ("Great Movies - The Damned").

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Elixery hosts Cosmetic Candy Store pop-up shop this week

Some unique hues from Elixery
Over the past couple years, Twin Cities makeup brand Elixery has worked with local celebs to create unique lipstick hues, including rap-poet Dessa and the Minnesota Rollergirls. They've also showed up a fashion parties, such as Voltage, with limited-edition products. But for the most part, fans of the cult-classic line do most of their shopping on the brand's website. That will change for a bit this week, as Elixery will be hosting A Cosmetic Candy Store all week in honor of Valentine's Day.

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Timothy G. Piotrowski takes on women's objectification through fashion

Categories: Art, Fashion
© 2011 Timothy G. Piotrowski
The Changing Erotic Zones, 1825 (Lisa Marie Hoffmann) (Detail) 
Opening this evening in the dining room of the Woman's Club of Minneapolis is a fascinating and rather unsettling look at women's fashion from 1800 to 1945. A collaboration between clothing historian Dr. Colleen Gau and photographer Timothy G. Piotrowski, a 2011 Minnesota State Arts Board recipient, the project illustrates the changes in what body parts women have accentuated during different time periods. The photographs, made to look like archival prints, have a detached, almost scientific quality to them while Gau's descriptions provide an analytical explanation of the way in which women have objectified themselves over the years through different styles of clothing. 

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