Envision Spring 2014 announces date, location, designers

Twice a year Envision (formerly Envision Artopia) hosts a fab fashion party showcasing local designers and boutiques. This year, the event will feature a slightly new name, be hosted in a new venue, and some of the proceeds will even benefit a new organization. Here are the details:

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Aaron Hamm has Minnesota's Most Awkward Family

Categories: Fashion Police
Thumbnail image for Aaron Hamm's brother.jpg
The Hamm boys will let you know when they're ready to say cheese.
After a St. Paul-native won a national Awkward Family Vacation Photo contest, we put out the call to you, our readers, asking for your own unintentionally horrifying family portraits. We put them head-to-head in a truly epic slideshow, asking viewers to vote for their favorite mortifying family.

The competition was fierce, but it's all over now. We have found and crowned Minnesota's Most Awkward Family.

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Meet Minnesota's most awkward families [SLIDESHOW]

Categories: Fashion Police
derek larson.jpg
The winning shot of the Larson family.
This week, the Larson family did Minnesota proud by bringing the Most Awkward Family Vacation Photo title to St. Paul. The winning entry beat out thousands of others and earned Derek Larson and his family a two-week vacation to Hawaii thanks to the website Awkward Family Photos.

That got us to thinking -- the Larsons may be the most awkward, but surely they are not the ONLY awkward game in town. We asked readers to submit their own family photos to compete to be Minnesota's Most Awkward Family.

Now it's up to you to choose a winner. The entries will blow your mind.

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"Wigger Wednesday": Black student sues school district alleging racism

offspring pretty fly thumb.jpg
Wigger Wednesday invites students to dress up like gangsta rappers.
A local high school is being sued by a black student over a longstanding student tradition known as "Wigger Wednesday."

Quera Pruitt, a former Red Wing High School student, says seeing her white classmates don do-rags and saggy jeans while throwing gang signs on "Wigger Wednesday" is a form of racial discrimination.

"To her, and frankly to me, 'Wigger Day' is the same thing as 'Nigger Day,'" says her attorney, Joshua Williams.

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TLC's 'What Not to Wear' coming to Minneapolis

Categories: Fashion Police

Maybe you know someone who has an unfortunate love affair with Crocs or who has a closet filled with teddy-bear applique sweatshirts. Maybe this is where you finally try to nudge that person in the right direction--all while embarrassing him or her at the same time!--by nominating them to get help in front of a national audience via TLC's popular reality show, What Not To Wear

The show, which has become TLC's cornerstone program over the last seven seasons, is coming to Minneapolis and wants first dibs on our fashion victims.
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Adam Turman's "Save Second Base" t-shirts: Sexist slogan or harmless fun?

Categories: Fashion Police
Second Base Men.jpg
Do you want your boyfriend wearing this T-shirt?
Popular Minneapolis poster designer Adam Turman's "Save Second Base" T-shirts are supposed to be all about fighting breast cancer. But this week, they sparked a Twitter war over whether they demean the very people the t-shirt purports to help.

The T-shirts feature a busty lady in a baseball jersey and the slogan, "Don't Let Breast Cancer Steal Second Base," an obvious allusion to the schoolyard euphemism for copping a feel.

Kate-Madonna Hindes, who is currently suffering from cancer herself, saw the image on Turman's site this week and took to Twitter to voice her displeasure.

I'm absolutely fuming over how sexually demeaning this shirt is: http://bit.ly/DisgustingAdamless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

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Abercrombie & Fitch closing 110 stores by 2012

Is it any wonder?

Abercrombie & Fitch has gotten away with charging teens and style-fearing Americans ridiculous amounts of money to assimilate with the "lumberjack chic" look, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that they've fallen on times so hard that they're closing 110 stores. Have the male model armies thrown down their $80 mock-flannels and finally had enough?


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Duckface: A Minnesota epidemic?

Categories: Fashion Police
Miley: Duckface queen

OK, we got the message some 439,923 photos ago: You're coy, you're cute and you want us to make out with you. Of course we're referring to the worldwide  epidemic referred to across the interwebs as "duckface," wherein the subject of photograph puckers his or her lips beyond decency in a bizarre social media mating ritual that can't possibly be effective but continues relentlessly. One popular blog is dedicated to duckface ridicule and most recently posted "Minnesota Duckfaces."  Great. There goes our rep.
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Summer Fashion Don'ts for Lads and Ladies

Big Man Big Stomach - Scenes from Morro Bay CA beach 21 June 2008 by mikebaird.jpg
mikebaird via Flickr.com

Summer's here again, that wonderful time of the year when people who have no freakin' clue  don their most poorly-considered clothes. Even the marked increase in skin-to-clothing ratio isn't enough to save most folks from falling into fashion quagmires galore. It's not like we want Armani and Prada, people. Just try to steer clear of these ridiculous warm-weather faux pas, will you?

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Tubeflops: A serious 'oh hell no' moment in fashion

Categories: Fashion Police
People rarely wear flip flops appropriately. For some reason it's difficult for many to understand why the last thing we want to gaze upon while downing our delicious flight of miniburgers at TGIFridays are your stanky feet. There are really only three places for this flimsy footwear option: The beach, around your home, and the showers at the gym.

Now that it's warmer outside, we're going to start seeing an abundance of new spring and summer looks, and this, dearest Twin Cities, better not be one of them.  "Tubeflops" are the first and hopefully last invention of its kind, merging both flipflops and tube socks in a regrettable move that was an 'a-ha' moment for Sanuk and a "WTF" moment for the rest of us. It seems like one of those horrific inventions that rides soley upon a cutesy name, and if you don't yet agree, check out the video below.
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