Where to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

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Jayme Halbritter
Today the bars, streets, and people of St. Paul and Minneapolis will be awash in a sea of green clothing, tchotchkes, and beer.

Not sure where you want to party? We've got some fun ideas regardless of which city you're planning to celebrate in.

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Merry Christmas, Pyromaniacs: The Yule Log Fire Returns for the Holidays

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yulelog fire.jpg
For whatever reason, a burning pile of wood is enthralling and comforting for many. Unfortunately, not everyone has a fireplace. Enter the annual airing of the burning yule log, a beloved tradition that serves the needs of all, be it the necessity of a centering calm amid sensory overload, a desire for background ambiance, or a simple stupor brought on through an eggnog buzz.

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When Holiday Movies Hit the Stage: A Twin Cities Christmas Theater Primer

Categories: Holidays, Theater
When you can stream a classic like  How the Grinch Stole Christmas from home for less than the price of a ticket, why go out to the theater this December? Well, there are many reasons. A trip to the theater can be a holiday tradition. Live actors and musicians add exhilaration that pixels on a TV can't provide. And when the house lights dim and the orchestra swells, you can be transported to new and magical worlds. Your couch at home with cookie crumbs and cat hair? Not so transportive.

While many holiday theatrical productions in the Twin Cities have movie equivalents, how do you decide which ones you should you watch next to a fireplace, and which ones you should open your wallet for? We're here to tell you.

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Last Minute Ways to Work Off That Turkey This Thanksgiving

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Greg Casperson
Not this kind of turkey run.
Stuffing ingredients? Check. Sweet potatoes in the pantry? Check. Turkey brining? Check. Table settings dug out from the back of the closet? Check. Clean(ish) house? Check. Work out? Whoops.

When you've got a million things on your to-do list for this Thanksgiving, getting a little physical activity in can get pushed to the back burner. When you finally remember that you missed the Turkey Trot registration or you "forgot" to sign up, it can be too late to participate.

This year, we've gathered some Twin Cities walks and runs you can still register for on Thanksgiving while giving back to the community.

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Shop Local This Season at These Special Events

Categories: Holidays
The gift-giving season can suck for those who hate malls and find shopping online a little dodgy. Fortunately, there are other options. This season, there will be a handful of special shopping events at pop-up shops, galleries, and local markets around town. At these happenings, you'll find unique and unexpected items to wrap and put under the tree.

So screw getting up early on Friday -- or leaving Thanksgiving festivities at 9 p.m. -- to shop. Mark your calendars for these great events, and be sure to check back here, as we'll be updating this list as more happenings are announced.

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Four unusual Easter events for kids this weekend

Categories: Holidays
Photo by WillowGardeners via Flickr
One of the benefits of having children is getting to experience holidays like a kid again. Okay, so maybe things have changed a little bit, and instead of hunting for eggs on Easter Sunday, you're trapped inside the stuffy bunny costume while kids pinch and prod at you, but at least you're involved. Right?
To spice things up a bit, Dressing Room has compiled a list of some of the strangest, biggest, and most creative Easter egg hunts Minnesota has to offer. Let's just hope the squirrels don't decide to take off with the eggs this year.
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Merry Catmas: Lil Bub sits in front of fireplace, yule log returns to TV

Categories: Cats, Holidays, WTF
Forget Christmas specials and movies. The yearly airing of the yule-log fire is a special tradition for folks without fireplaces (or too lazy to use it), pyromaniacs, and those who need something pleasant in the background while making cookies. It will triumphantly return again tonight to bring you some holiday cheer (or something to stare at during awkward family moments).

Meanwhile, for those who prefer a purring cat in front of their fire-themed videos, Lil Bub's owner has uploaded an hour-long YouTube clip featuring the little kitty in front of a roaring fireplace. As usual, he seems pretty happy about it.

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The greatest (and final) Holidazzle drinking game ever

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Patrick Kelley Worldwide Photography
Well shit. We heard the news a couple of months ago, but now it's starting to feel real. This
season is the Holidazzle's final march down Nicollet Mall.

For 22 years, families from all over the Twin Cities have emerged from their suburban cocoons and made the trek downtown, braving cold, crowds, and crazy traffic in order to catch a glimpse of a giant lit-up snowman doing doughnuts in the street. There are only eight Holidazzles this holiday season (Friday and Saturday from November 29 through December 21), which means there's only one way to celebrate the end of a time-honored holiday tradition: booze.

Before you cram your body into the yuletide masses this weekend, pop over to Brit's and get one of their spiked hot drinks (or grab your flask; it is the holidays, after all), and take one final trip through the brightly lit, boozy world with our Holidazzle drinking game.

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Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and beyond: Shop local this season at these special events

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L-F: Liz Silvestre and SOOlocal, Grand Meander, and Craft-o-Rama
Let's be real: Holiday shopping really blows. Malls aren't much fun this time of year, online shopping can be unpredictable, and often the deals just aren't that good. Fortunately, there are quite a few really great local shopping events throughout the holiday season. The following is a list of pop-up boutiques, holiday gallery shows, and other special events where you can knock off a few items from your shopping list.

Do you have a local event to add to the list? Drop us a heads up at events@citypages.com, and we'll add you to the post.

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5 reasons to be stoked about March

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st. patricks day.jpg
Flickr: greenmelinda
YOU GUYS. The best month of the whole year is here.

While this is usually the time of year when people start getting excited about the impending warm weather, vacations, and trashy hook-ups on Big Island, the reality is that March is the coolest month of the entire year.

What's that? You're that Debbie Downer who disagrees and hates March (and probably America)? Well then you should stop reading and get back to blaming your parents for everything. As for everyone else, here are the top five reasons why March is better than those other 11 garbage months on the calendar:

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