Stuffing the Top Drawer Benefit Burlesque Party: Win Tickets!

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Images courtesy event organizers
Over the years, Mounds Theatre has provided a variety of entertainment, including movie screenings, family events, and burlesque shows. Performer Ulla Umlaut recently took over the historic space, and is hoping to raise funds to improve its sound and lighting with a benefit show.

This Saturday, Stuffing the Top Drawer will open up the stage for naughty sets from Elektra Cute, Birds of Paradise, and Luna Rouge. There will also be beer, as Sidhe Brewing Company will be on hand to offer pints such as Barking Cat Golden Strong Ale and Greenman's Harvest Nut Brown Ale.

We have two pairs of tickets to the celebration. Here's how to enter to win:

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Twin Cities Horror Fest Announces 2015 Lineup

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Now in its fourth year, Twin Cities Horror Fest is a mulitday celebration of all things terrifying. For the event, theater troupes and other creative talents come together to present their idea of horror. The results include works that are tension-filled, gore-laden, psychological, intentionally hilarious, and action-packed.

This fall's happening is expanding to showcase 12 theater groups, up from last year's nine. Some folks will be returning -- such as Mike Fotis, Horrorshow Hot Dog, and Erin Sheppard -- while five other groups will be killing it onstage for the first time.

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MSP ComicCON: "It's One of the Great Comic Cons of the Nation" [Video]

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Nerdy Fun with Comic Artists at MSP Comic Con 2015 from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Video production by Todd Wardrope for City Pages.

Oftentimes you hear about the more performative aspects of comic conventions, namely cosplay. But what about the folks who are creating the actual comics?

We talked to a bunch of artists, puppet makers, and comic creators at MSP ComicCON to get the lowdown on what building a thriving comics scene in the Twin Cities means to them.

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Artists Compete for $5,000 at mnartists and Walker Art Center's ArtPrize Pitch Night

Categories: Art
Tonight, five artists will battle it out at the Walker Art Center for a coveted $5,000 grant at ArtPrize Pitch Night 2015, hosted by mnartists. After making their proposals to the audience and a panel of five experts, who are all invited to ask the artists question, the judges will choose a winning individual or team to send to ArtPrize, a 19-day extravaganza of art that takes place across three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Mary Mack Plays He Said, She Said

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Image courtesy of the standup
Last December City Pages spoke to comedian Tim Harmston, who was doing a week at the Acme Comedy Co. One of the subjects discussed was Harmston's wife and fellow comic, Mary Mack. Harmston told us how he was smitten the first time he saw Mack, and how they will bounce ideas off of each other when building their respective standup sets.

With Mary Mack coming to town to do a run of shows at Acme, we thought it would be a good opportunity to play "He Said, She Said," and see how accurate Harmston's assessment of their relationship was. Upon hearing this, Mack laughs. "Like the Newlywed Game?" she suggests.

Well, sort of.

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Good Job Horses: Well Met by Moonlight

Categories: Theater

Good Job Horses comes and goes like a dream, as the creators push a surrealistic situation to the breaking point -- much to the delight of the audience.

The latest creation from Jon Ferguson and Theatre Forever takes us to the old West, or maybe the new West, or maybe just a West we imagine.

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My Sister Fights Sex Trafficking with Fashion

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Photo by Nicole Feest 
A new Minnesota-based company is mixing fashion with social consciousness, creating a line of products that raises money for victims of sex trafficking. When you buy a T-shirt, tank, jewelry, or metallic tattoo from My Sister, you'll be helping nonprofits with their missions to stop human trafficking around the world. Through Thursday, May 21, a dollar-for-dollar match on each purchase will go toward MN Girls Are Not For Sale, an anti-trafficking program started in 2010 by the Women's Foundation.

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Experience the Frenzied Fun of Art-A-Whirl 2015 [Video]

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Scenes from Art-A-Whirl 2015 from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Art-A-Whirl celebrated its 20th year of championing local artists in northeast Minneapolis this year.

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Five Fantastic Winners of the Cannes Film Festival's Coveted Palme d'Or Streaming Online

Categories: Film and TV

The 2015 Cannes Film Festival is now underway, with some of the year's most anticipated films contending for the Palme d'Or (known at various points in the festival's history as the Grand Prix). Always a source of controversy, the Palme d'Or has nonetheless honored throughout its history some of the most important films in world cinema.

To get into the mood for this year's festival, let's take a look back at five great films that have won the coveted Palme d'Or, all of which are currently available to stream online.

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Comedians on Comedians: Isaac Witty on Drugs, Redemption, and Conan

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Image courtesy the standup
Last year, Isaac Witty's comedy career was in a state of crushing uncertainty, a far cry from his early days as a standup, which included numerous gigs with Mitch Hedberg and a late-night appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. There was also a four-year streak of cocaine-fueled debauchery that nearly tarnished his reputation forever.

"This was last March, and it was winter depression time," he says. "It was that winter that lasted forever, and it was one of those days where I stayed in my pajamas all day long and I ordered a pizza and ate the whole pizza and just laid in bed."

But moments before falling asleep he received an email from a Conan booker about performing on the show -- an opportunity Witty had thought was well out of the realm of possibility.

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