Twin Cities Horror Festival III Provides New Pack of Frights

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Photos by Dan Norman
Dance with the Devil.
The Third Twin Cities Horror Festival continues through Sunday at the Southern Theater. Over the first weekend, patrons were treated to nine distinct pieces of theater, while the lobby offered a mix of drinks, tarot readings, and the likes of 28 Days Later and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

Below are reviews for six of the shows at the festival. The other three will be published on Wednesday.

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Three Free Things to Do This Week

Categories: Free Stuff
This week in free stuff to do, we have a party for all types of geeks, a Halloween jam, and a great art show. Come take a look and plan your week.

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Best Of Dressing Room: October 20-24

Categories: Weekly Wrap-up
Folks in the Twin Cities are always up to something exciting. Here are some of Dressing Room's top stories from this week:

-- We highlighted some of the quirkier unexpected films screening at Twin Cities Film Festival this week and weekend.

-- Theater critic Ed Huyck has the low-down on what to check out at Twin Cities Horror Fest this week.

-- Weisman Art Museum's Wanderlust celebrates bikes, trains, and other transportation in one fun party.

Gamut Gallery's "C4W" Leads Kristoffer Knutson in New Directions

Categories: Art
Evan Ishmael: Blue 2
For their third annual juried exhibit, "C4W: 2014," Gamut Gallery has brought in curator Kristoffer Knutson, former owner of Robot Love and current partner of the soon-to-be relaunched website, which he runs with Emma Berg, for a show that includes 23 regional and international artists. Knutson says people who know his past art interests, which has tended toward a street art/graffiti style, may be surprised by a broader aesthetic on display at the "C4W" show. 

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Courtney McClean Gets Punny at Pundamonium

Categories: Comedy
The 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival is winding down, but it's going out in the most punny way possible. 

A unique new addition to this year's festival is Saturday night's Pundamonium, featuring some of the very best local comedians engaging in the ultimate battle of wordplay. 

The show itself is pretty self-explanatory: Each comedian will be given a random topic, then handed a microphone, and challenged to rattle off as many puns referring to that topic as possible. In addition to all of the punning happening that night at Comedy Corner Underground, comedy music group Courtney McClean and the Dirty Curls will perform a special headlining set. 

We caught up with Ms. McClean herself this past week to talk about puns, music, and her dual role as a performer and a producer of the festival.

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New Jerusalem Offers Muddy History Lesson

Categories: Theater

Photo by Sarah Whiting
Michael Hugh Torsch and Rachel Weber (front) and James Ramlet and George Muellner in New Jerusalem.
David Ives built his reputation on tight, short plays that weren't afraid to tackle deep and even obtuse subjects. Even more recent full-length pieces, like Venus in Fur, balanced the philosophy with an intense, narrative drive.

Ives's New Jerusalem is a sprawling, diffuse piece chock full of intriguing ideas that offer a window into the birth pains of modern intellectual thought that, even though the show has been around for a number of years, feels like it is an edit or two away from completion.

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Old-school Prince, Surly Darkness, Italian Fashion: Freeloader Friday

This week in Freeloader Friday we have a gallery show featuring party pics and '70s-tastic Prince, a handful of great Halloween-themed happenings, a huge fashion exhibit, a beer party, and more.

Come take a look at our list and plan your weekend.

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WAM's Wanderlust Hopes to Get You in the Mood for Travel

Categories: Art
O. Winston Link, courtesy Weisman Art Museum 
The Weisman Art Museum (WAM) takes on travel at an event this Friday. Wanderlust -- meaning a strong desire to travel, explore, and roam -- is a running theme for the three current exhibitions now on view: O. Winston Link's train photography, decorated bikes from Native children ("Anishinaabensag Biimskowebshkigewag [Native Kids Ride Bikes]), and "Lust for Leisure," a show exploring the birth of modernism in marketing from the 1930s that is focused particularly on marketing travel.

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Maz Jobrani: From Axis of Evil to Persian Pink Panther

Categories: Comedy
In the mid-2000s, Maz Jobrani was one-fourth of comedy's "Axis of Evil." If you aren't familiar, the Axis was a group of comedians from the Middle East who got together and toured the world, joking about what it was like to be Middle Eastern in America in a post-9/11 world. 

They were fearless, uncensored, and unforgiving. These days, however, Jobrani is a little more balanced. 

"When I did my first special, I didn't have any kids," he says over the phone while preparing for his trip to Minneapolis. "Then, on my second and third specials, I have a whole section where I talk about my kids. I like to call it the Cosby-fication of my standup."

This week, Jobrani will bring his Cosby-fied comedy to the Varsity. But just because he's a dad, doesn't mean he's gone soft.

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Park Square Opens Boss Stage with The House on Mango Street

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Photo courtesy Park Square Theatre
The House on Mango Street.
Last week, the finishing touches were being put on two premieres at Park Square Theatre: The House on Mango Street and the space it will occupy, the new Andy Boss Thrust Stage.

So while the tech crew focused lights and built the stage, the construction crew worked to wrap up the final touches in the theater, including the glass boards to the sides of the seating areas.

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