Podcast: Why did so few people see Sin City 2?

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Very few people saw this movie.
Why did so few people see Sin City: A Dame to Kill For over the weekend? That and other topics are discussed in this week's edition of the Voice Film Club podcast with the Village Voice's Alan Scherstuhl and Stephanie Zacharek, joined as always by Amy Nicholson of the L.A. Weekly via the magic of the Internet.

The trio also discusses the latest YA adaptation If I Stay, the BDSM doc Kink, and they wrap with Alan and Amy split on relationship movie The One I Love, starring Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass.

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Ya, you betcha Fargo won some Emmys

Categories: Film and TV

Chris Large/FX
Martin Freeman as Lester Nygaard in Fargo
Last night at the 66th annual prime time Emmy Awards, this season's breakout Coen brothers-inspired hit, Fargo, took home some of the evening's top honors.

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Fargo renewed for a second season, don't cha know

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Standup Sarah Tiana is at Rick Bronson's House of Comedy this week

Categories: Comedy
It took a while for Sarah Tiana to settle on standup comedy as a career choice. "When I went to college I was going to go into journalism, because we had CNN in Atlanta," she explains. "So I went to the University of Georgia in Athens, and majored in journalism."

Working at the Six Flags Over Georgia amusement park back in Atlanta meant no social life in Athens, so she eventually transferred to Georgia State. She continued majoring in journalism, until she came to a realization. "I was like, 'Gosh this is so boring.' I didn't know you had to write the news. I thought someone wrote it for you and you just read it. I can read off the teleprompter. That sounded like a fun job."

Also this week:
Tim Slagle at Acme Comedy Co. (interview)

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Five weird celebrities from the Twin Cities

Categories: WTF
When it comes to homegrown celebrities, Minnesota isn't lacking in any department. There's Bob Dylan and Prince in the musical section, Kevin McHale and Joe Mauer in sports, and even Al Franken and Jesse Ventura in politics. But what people may not realize is that there's a whole other echelon of "celebrity," one that spawned from the Land of 10,000 Lakes like a lump of expired SPAM. These are the weird, fringe celebrities. The ones that we can claim, but aren't always sure if we should.  

Here are the five weird Minnesota celebrities who might not make it into the Minnesota Hall of Fame, but won't be forgotten anytime soon.

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Tim Slagle on finding his birth parents, DNA, and the key to staying young

Categories: Comedy
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all. At least, that's what Tim Slagle discovered a few years back. The Detroit native has deep roots in the Minneapolis comedy scene, which serendipitously led him back to his family tree.

"I was adopted," he explains from his home in Chicago. "It's a very interesting story. [Acme Comedy Co. owner] Louis Lee's wife -- no more -- had this hobby. She had a half-brother she knew about, but didn't know where he was, so she looked him up. It was such a positive experience that she decided it was going to be her mission in life to reunite families."

When she found out Slagle was adopted, she approached him with the idea of finding his birth parents, but he resisted at first. "She wouldn't leave me alone," he laughs. "She just kept at it, and finally I relented. I'm so glad I did. I really owe her. She found my birth mom in about two months."

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August Strindberg's old-school selfies at the American Swedish Institute

Categories: Art, Theater
Thumbnail image for wedding_strindberg.jpg
Strindberg and Harriet Bosse, sort of. 
You may think of the selfie as a relatively new invention to arise in the age of Facebook and Instagram, but it turns out the practice has been going on for quite some time, way before cell phones. In "The Image of Strindberg" at the American Swedish Institute, 32 framed photographs and modern prints of the playwright are on display. The exhibit, produced by Fotografiska, the Swedish Museum of Photography, gives a fascinating look at the infamous megalomaniac and his fixation with himself and his own image.
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Three free things to do this week

Categories: Free Stuff

L-R: Transmission, Textile Center artwork, Drew Ailes (photo by Adam DeGross)
This week in free stuff to do we have an art party celebrating 20 years, a dance night with music older than 20, and an epic, two-bar music fest set to save the world (or pay for a PA, something like that).

Come take a look at our list and plan your week.

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Best Of Dressing Room: August 18-22

Categories: Weekly Wrap-up
Folks in the Twin Cities are always up to something exciting. Here are some of Dressing Room's top stories from this week:

-- Our summer cycling series concludes with an epic trip to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Huzzah!

-- We've got a post listing all the free and cheap stuff to do at the Minnesota State Fair, including live music, food, and freebies.

-- HBO might be coming to Stillwater. We've come up with some ideas for other Minnesota businesses, landmarks, and cities that should be made into TV shows.

-- Wits announced its fall schedule this week. Get your tickets now before things sell out.

The Book of Mormon returns, as fun and offensive as ever

Categories: Theater

Photo by Joan Marcus
Denèe Benton and Cody Jamison Strand.
As I was killing time at home Thursday night before heading to the Orpheum for The Book of Mormon, I saw that New York Times theater critic Ben Brantley had posted a re-review of the longstanding hit Broadway musical.

In a nutshell: He still loved it. And after Thursday night, I can say that I still love it as well.

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"The Book of Mormon": Having fun and offending all

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Lyn-Lake's Tatters is closing

Categories: Closing, Fashion
Pics via Tatters' Facebook page
Sad news for lovers of vintage today: Marc Luers, owner of Tatters, announced via Minnesota Monthly that the clothing shop will be closing soon. The store has been open since 1980.

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Proper & Prim to open in Lyn-Lake area

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