Comedians and mini cars join forces in new Jokes2Go web series

Categories: Comedy

What happens when you take a handful of the Twin Cities' funniest comedians and combine them with one tiny car? You have Joke Joint Comedy Club's new web series, Jokes2Go.

To celebrate the kickoff of its "Best Comedian Ever!" contest, which begins tonight, Joke Joint has partnered with presenting sponsor car2go to create a series of videos featuring 13 of the 64 contest participants, driving around the Twin Cities in their very own car2go (not all at the same time, obviously).

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A rare look at Beatles in Minnesota at the W Hotel-Foshay

Categories: Art
Courtesy the Bob Bonis Archive
One fun fact about Minnesota is that we were the only stop on the Beatles' 1965 American tour that didn't sell out. Held at the Met Stadium, where the Mall of America exists today, the show was undersold in part due to fears concerning the hullabaloo the band could potentially inspire. For many years it was thought that no photographs existed of the concert (other than shots that were taken from very far away). However, newly discovered photographs by Bob Bonis, the group's American tour manager, will be shown at an exhibition in the lobby of the W Hotel with an opening event this Thursday. The exhibition arrives just in time for Sir Paul McCartney's show at Target Field on August 2. 

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Interview: Standup comedian J. Chris Newberg

Categories: Comedy
Comedian J. Chris Newberg is a man of many talents. "I started off doing music," he explains. "Then I went to standup. Actually, I went from music to sketch to standup." His musical interest stretches back quite far, though. "To birth," he says. "Music has been an interest forever. I played guitar in high school and was in a band."

His early influences were Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, and Cinderella. "But I got out of that, and got interested in singer-songwriter stuff like Elvis Costello," he explains. You can still hear how music influences him, though, as his act frequently includes songs, choruses, and even musical lines.

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Southern Theater launches ArtShare, a new model for artists and audiences

Photo by Bill Cameron
Black Label Movement 
The Southern Theater rolled out its new ArtShare program yesterday, offering a Netflix-like experience for audience members that will feature a lineup of local dance and theater companies. While single tickets for shows will continue to be available, the Southern is hoping to bring its patrons along on a more cooperative model, where a monthly membership affords them the opportunity to choose from a variety of rotating performances at a discounted rate. 

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Fargo renewed for a second season, don't cha know

Categories: Film and TV

Matthias Clamer/FX
Aw jeez, we're excited to return to Fargo next season.
FX finally announced Monday afternoon that the breakout show Fargo would return for a second season. Writer Noah Hawley's bold re-imagining of Joel and Ethan Coen's brilliant 1996 film struck a chord with both audiences and critics alike this year. The first season of Fargo garnered 18 Emmy nominations, the most for a single program in the network's history according to FX's CEO John Landgraf.

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Arj Barker: "Acme is one of the clubs I try and get back to every year when I'm in the States"

Categories: Comedy
Comedian Arj Barker is in that odd club of entertainers who are widely recognized in a country or countries, but not so much in their own. In his case, it's the Australians who have embraced him. "I think you get a little head start when you're from somewhere else, because you're instantly more exotic," he reasons. He wouldn't mind duplicating that success here, though. "It's a little sad that my own country doesn't embrace me, but no guilt trip," he laughs.

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Bain Boehlke to retire from the Jungle in 2015

Photo by Michal Daniel
Bain Boehlke in A Life in the Theater.
Jungle Theater founder and guiding spirit Bain Boehlke will step aside after more than two decades in charge in June 2015. Boehlke, the company's artistic director, made the announcement Monday evening to the Jungle Board.

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The 10 best hidden places around Minnesota for road-trippin'

Categories: Lists

There's plenty to keep folks occupied on any given weekend in and around the Twin Cities, but sometimes you just need to get outta town. For those days when wanderlust starts taking over and daydreams of fresh air, adventure, and great hiking trails need to become a reality, we've got you covered. Here are some of our favorite hidden gems for road-trippin' in the Land of 10,000 Lakes (and nearby).

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The Peacock Cabaret at Amsterdam: Win tickets!

Categories: Free Stuff
L-R: Jonny Porkpie and the ladies of the Peacock Cabaret
This Saturday, local burlesque troupe the Peacock Cabaret is coming to the Amsterdam in St. Paul for a night of bawdy performances described by event organizers as "Carol Burnett meets Lawrence the red-light district." The evening will be hosted by local luminary Gina Louise, with Ophelia Flame, Elektra Cute-Cuete, Musette the Mistress of Mischief, and Mona Montague. Also in town and visiting the stage will be New York City boylesque performer Jonny Porkpie.

City Pages has two pairs of tickets to give away for the event. Here's how to enter to win:

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Stars share their favorite MN hotspots and memories at the Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala

Categories: Parties
Photos by Alicia Mady
The St. Paul Rivercentre was filled with celebrities last night as they walked the red carpet prior to the Starkey Hearing Foundation's annual So the World May Hear gala. Whether celebs were Minnesota natives or just visiting for the weekend, they all had plenty of love for the land of 10,000 lakes.

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