Park Square Theater Offers a Gripping Tale of Dementia with The Other Place

Categories: Theater

Petronella J. Ytsma
Juliana Smithton's life is unraveling. Her husband has filed for divorce. She hasn't seen her daughter in years after the youngster left home with Juliana's lab assistant. And she thinks she has brain cancer.

It's all a lie.

As Sharr White's dark and hypnotic play unfolds in a gripping production at Park Square Theatre, we learn that nearly everything in Juliana's life isn't as it appears. Dementia has scrambled her memories and perceptions.

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Best of the Twin Cities 2015: Arts and Entertainment Categories

Emily Utne
With a new year comes hundreds of ways to entertain yourself in the Twin Cities -- whether it's watching a play or catching a flick, trying your hand at an open mic or trying to find the best book to dive into. This year was no exception, and we picked the very best in arts and entertainment for the 2015 Best of the Twin Cities.

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Best of the Twin Cities 2015: Shopping and Services Categories

Emily Utne
The Best of the Twin Cities 2015 issue has hit newsstands all over the metro, and now you'll have your updated go-to list for all those things you need and want. We present to you this year's best places to shop and get stuff done.

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Bridget Everett: "Minneapolis Is a Safe Place to Go Hog Wild."

Categories: Comedy
"I know that I can't motorboat people forever."

This statement is the embodiment of "Bridget Everett problems."

The 42-year-old alt-cabaret performer has been making waves over the past several years, but has hit her stride in the past 12 months thanks to her appearances on shows like Inside Amy Schumer, along with film roles, like one in the upcoming Trainwreck scheduled to be released this summer. 

Although she's making waves in the mainstream, Everett is still best known for her incredible voice, hilarious and fearless performances, and, well, tits. 

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Red Eye Gives Menace a Pleasing Face in will you still love me, tomorrow

Categories: Theater

Photo by Matt Benyo
Keven McLaughlin as M.
The latest Red Eye production, will you still love me, tomorrow, is not your everyday walk in the theatrical park. The play focuses not just on crime and murder, but what these acts to do the community as a whole.

The piece uses Fritz Lang's silent classic M as a foundation, but spins the story and experience out in unexpected ways. There is music, shadow puppets, and a frightening real-life radio call at the end. All of this works together to explore how we react to violence.

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5 Things St. Paul Does Better Than Minneapolis

Categories: Lists

St. Paul gets a lot of flack, and is often referred to as "boring" and "old-fashioned." Meanwhile, Minneapolis gets to be the cool kid, with entertainment options galore like First Avenue, the Walker Art Center, the new Vikings stadium, the Guthrie Theater, and the snappy North Loop.

However, St. Paul kicks Minneapolis's ass in more ways than skeptics may realize. So stand up tall, St. Paulites! Here are five things that your beloved St. Paul does better than Minneapolis.

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Jon Lovitz on SNL, Friends, and a Casting Call with Al Franken

Categories: Comedy

Image courtesy the standup
Many Saturday Night Live cast members have said that they always dreamed of being on the show someday. Not Jon Lovitz.

"It never crossed my mind, honestly," he says. This includes his time spent in the famous Groundlings in the early 1980s. "I never went to the Groundlings thinking, 'This will help get me on Saturday Night Live.'"

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Watch Playful Pups Woof for the Gold at the 2015 Dog Olympics [Video]

Categories: OMG Cute!!!, Video

Adorable Pups Woof for the Gold at the Dog Olympics from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Does your dog have what it takes to win gold? There were plenty of pups on paw hand to show off their supreme skills at the Dog Olympics over the weekend in St. Paul.

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Yuppies Conquered Westeros at Dunn Bros' Game of Thrones Party

Jerard Fagerberg
Send a raven to your bros, GoT is back
Once a haven for malcontents and outcasts, the coffee shop is now a mainstay for beanie-sporting normals and nomadic nine-to-five'ers looking to leech wi-fi. No more is the coffee shop a rendezvous point for anarchists beyond the wall. Now, ranks of yoga moms join together for chai lattes while coordinating efforts on an Etsy shop.

Game of Thrones, by contrast, has always been for the supremely dorky. When the first book was first published in 1996, the sexed-up story of revolving monarchies became a darling of the nerd community. However, since the premiere of the 2011 HBO series, Game of Thrones has transmuted into a mainstream sensation.

This is why a Minneapolis coffee shop was the perfect place to celebrate the upcoming fifth season of Game of Thrones.

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Catching Up with Jeff Kamin, Host of Books & Bars and Must Talk TV

Categories: Books, Interview, TV

Photo courtesy of Books & Bars

Since 2004, Books & Bars participants have made their way through more than 150 books. Much has changed over those 11 years, including event locations and the attendees. Through it all, one thing has remained constant: host Jeff Kamin.

Books & Bars was originally sponsored by the now-defunct Bound To Be Read, and was hosted monthly at Bryant-Lake Bowl. Nowadays, it takes place in three different cities each month (that's three meetings covering one book), hitting St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Excelsior at a variety of locations. "It's a different group and a different discussion at each place, even though it's the same book," Kamin notes.

The idea of the club is to get people to discuss their passions, which often vary widely from one crowd to another. "Reading is such a solitary thing. [It's] this thing you do alone for hours," he says. At events, he hopes readers will "come away with a different perspective."

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