Shooting at Subzero: "It Is Literally a Different World Out There in the Winter"

Categories: Art
Photos by Alison Gimpel, Alison Gimpel Photography
Alison Gimpel, who has been taking outdoor photos in Duluth, Minnesota, for about eight years, is fascinated by the way cameras capture light. She especially loves the light this time of year, when the northern winters yield less direct sunlight and produce brilliant skies.

"Winter has to be my absolute favorite season for photography," says Gimpel. "Everything takes on a brand new life."

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Three Free Things to Do This Week

Categories: Free Stuff
This week in free things to do we have an outdoor carnival, a beer and bike party, and a tribute to David Bowie. Come take a look.

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Jackie Kashian on Early Podcasting, Online Dating, Geeking Out

Categories: Comedy
Michael Helms
With the runaway success of Serial, the spin-off of the popular radio show This American Life, some might get the impression that podcasting is this new thing that just started. However, those familiar with podcasts accurately point out that folks like Jesse Thorn, Marc Maron, and Jimmy Pardo have been doing popular podcasts for ages. Often forgotten in that list of pioneers is Jackie Kashian.

"I started four months after Pardo," notes Kashian. That was in 2006, a year after Keith and the Girl, but three years ahead of Maron.

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Best Of Dressing Room: January 16-20

Categories: Weekly Wrap-up
LR: Donnell Rawlings and Sha Cage images courtesy the artist, Josh Hartnett by Gage Skidmore via Flikr
Folks in the Twin Cities are always up to something exciting. Here are some of Dressing Room's top stories from this week:

-- Wits announced its spring season.

-- Got $2 million laying around? You can buy Josh Hartnett's sweet-ass house on Lake of the Isles.

-- We chatted with Sha Cage before her show at Intermedia Arts this weekend.

-- Donnell Rawlings of Chappelle's Show is in town this week.

Out There 2015: Cineastas: Girls (and Boys, and Women, and Men) on Film

Categories: Theater

Photo by Nora Lezano
A scene from Cineastas, part of the Walker's 2015 Out There series.
Near the middle of Cinestas, Mariano Pensotti's mosaic work about filmmakers working in Buenos Aires, Russian expat Dmitri explains Sergei Eisenstein's theory on editing. The idea is that the Soviet filmmaker would use two distinct images to create the third for his film.

Pensotti takes this idea to heart in this epic work, part of the 2015 Out There festival at the Walker Art Center. The stage is split into two halves. On the bottom, we watch a quartet of filmmakers struggle with creativity, direction, and life in general. On top, scenes from their movies-in-progress are shown.

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Want to Live in Josh Hartnett's House?

Categories: Hollywood

Gage Skidmore
Which Minnesota celeb is selling his house? This guy!
Do you wish you lived in a traditional Victorian house? Do you like ice skating? Do you have $2,395,000 burning a hole in your wallet? You're in luck. Josh Hartnett just put his house on the market.

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Lady Heat, Crashed Ice, Saint Paul Winter Carnival: Freeloader Friday

There's lots of free stuff to do this weekend, with festivals, sporting events, art shows, and more. Come take a look and plan your weekend.

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Brave New Workshop Gets Back to Standup Roots

Categories: Comedy
For years, the Brave New Workshop has been responsible for churning out some of the greatest comedians and productions, thanks to their dedication to nurturing funny ideas, regardless of whether they fit within the group's "usual" offerings. 

That's why it should be no surprise that this week the theater will launch the Promiscuous Hostility Standup Showcase inside the Experimental Thinking Centre (ETC) Event Space in downtown Minneapolis. 

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Bedlam Lowertown Hosts Visual Art + Music

Categories: Art
Photo by Kevin Haebeom Vollmers
Wing Young Huie 
This Friday, Bedlam Lowertown will host the first in a four-part series that focuses on creative intersections. For Visual Art + Music, artists will collaborate with Shifting Perspectives founder Tyler Cessor and other musicians. There will be improvisation, audience participation, projected images, and live artwork, creating an evening promoting listening to music and seeing art in whole new ways. 

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Theatre Novi Most Gets Brechtian with Rehearsing Failure

Categories: Theater

Photo by Bill Prouty
The company of Rehearsing Failure
It's really no surprise that a play about Bertolt Brecht and his artistic collaborators came about through intense artistic collaboration.

Over the past six years, Theatre Novi Most's Lisa Channer has led the exploration. The latest fruits of the labor, Rehearsing Failure, open Saturday at the Southern Theater.

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