21 best ridiculous Minnesota memes

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Memes serve as shorthand on the internet. They can be used to convey frustration, joy, sarcasm, and even inside jokes. Some poke fun at hipsters or nerds, while others get political. There are even some that speak to the Minnesota experience, inciting camaraderie over the weather, riffing on the stadium, and taking jabs at our place in pop-culture.

We've compiled some of our favorite Minnesota-flavored memes, featuring Grumpy Cat at the State Fair, lots of snow-themed shenanigans, a few hipsters, and, yes, Prince. Which one is your favorite?  

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You could be the Walker's new "Internet Cat Video Festival Coordinator"

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10,000 people crammed into the Walker's backyard for the first #catvidfest.
Do you watch online cat videos all day? Do you want to get paid for it?

The Walker Art Center is hiring an "Internet Cat Video Festival Coordinator," or in other words, the internet's collective dream job.

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Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian on how artists can capitalize on the internet

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Photo by Mark Vancleave
Alexis Ohanian, who co-founded Reddit when he was just out of college, is stopping by the Walker Art Center this Thursday to talk about new opportunities for artists in the internet age. Conde Nast Publications acquired Reddit in 2006, and the site currently is independently run. Ohanian, who has been a vocal defender of net neutrality, published a book last fall, Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made Not Managed, exploring his own story and stressing the importance of keeping the internet free.

Before his visit, we chatted with Ohanian on how artists can get paid through the new technologies that the internet offers.

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TPT asks 'Are you MN enough?' in new web series

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What does it mean to be Minnesotan? That is the question that Twin Cities Public Television posits in it's new web series, Are you MN Enough? For the project, 10 different producers were invited to take a Minnesota cliche and examine the reality of it in a short film.

The first episode, created by Stockade Films, is an exploration of Minnesota Nice. The short features Minnesotans Sam Osterhaut, Bobby Drake (Hold Steady), and other folks as they demonstrate the subtle (and no so subtle) nuances of our niceness while hanging at a bar in Brooklyn.  

You can watch what happens in the video after the jump.

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When cats go Hollywood: Internet Cat Film Fest this Wednesday

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The biggest show to hit Minnesota all year is happening this week at the State Fair Grandstand. No, Macklemore; you can sit down. We're talkin' bout cats.

After drawing over 10,000 cat enthusiasts to last year's event at the Walker, the Internet Cat Video Festival is back for a second installment, with more cuteness than your brain can handle. Not only will this year's festival feature special guests , such as the guy who created Keyboard Cat and Maddie Kelly from Kittens Inspired by Kittens, but uber-hilarious host (and mega-cat enthusiast) Julie Klausner will also be on hand. 

But the real stars are still the cats.

Funny cats, cute cats, rowdy cats, and people dressed as cats will be on display this Wednesday night. While cats are a lot like kids (everyone thinks theirs is the cutest), we know that in the cutthroat world of cat videos, some felines are just superior to others.

To prep you for this week's big event, we're ranking the top types of cat videos, and what they say about the animals that star in them.

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Download our new, improved (and awesome) City Pages app!

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Love being out and about in the thriving Twin Cities arts community? Can't get enough of what's new in local theater? Need to find out how long an art exhibit will be open? We've got a shiny, new app just for you.

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Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler talks creative entrepreneurship at the Walker

Categories: Internet
Yancey Strickler Headshot.jpg
Yancey Strickler
Nowadays, you don't necessarily need an investment banker to get a major venture off the ground. Since 2009, Kickstarter has helped budding businesses, projects, and creative endeavors happen through "social funding." The website, which Time named one of the "Best Websites of 2011," has gone on to raise approximately $400 million towards movie projects, band tours, food trucks, iPod products, restaurants, and more.

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Dinosaur sex? Macalester expert weighs in on graphic depictions [PHOTOS]

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Jose Antonio Penas, Science Photo Library
Birds, bees, T-Rexes.
Dinosaur sex is going viral. Last week, online newspaper the Huffington Post and London's Daily Mail both ran articles on dino mating, complete with headline puns ("The joy of T-Rex") and illustrated slideshows so detailed that the HuffPo asked, "dinosaur science--or dinosaur porn?"

Along with the drawings was a quote from paleontologist and Macalester professor Kristi Curry Rogers, on how the specifics of the act played out.

"The most likely position to have intercourse is for the male behind the female, and on top of her, and from behind," she said. "Any other position is unfathomable."

The line is from the Discovery Channel's 2008 video, "Tyrannosaurus Sex," for which Rogers was an on-camera expert. But turns out, even scientific shows leave a lot of context on the cutting room floor. We called up Rogers and talked about the drawings in those slideshows, whether dinosaur sex is really a paleo specialty, and boycotting the Discovery Channel video.

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Levi Weinhagen explores 'The Pratfalls of Parenting'

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Image courtesy Comedy Suitcase
Levi Weinhagen, one half of the Comedy Suitcase team with Joshua English Scrimshaw, has entered the brave newish world of podcasting with the Pratfalls of Parenting. The weekly program looks at the intersection between art and parenting, and has featured the likes of Joe Bozic (the Brave New institute's co-director) and Shanan Custer. Comedy Suitcase itself returns to the Fringe this year with, fittingly enough, The Gentlemen's Pratfall Club.

City Pages: What inspired the podcast?

Levi Weinhagen: One of the main reasons Joshua Scrimshaw and I started Comedy Suitcase was because we both realized our kids had never seen us perform even though it was such a big part of our lives. This got me to wondering how other artists are impacted by becoming parents as well as how artists are impacted by their parents. I have conversations about this stuff with performers and writers I know all the time, and I always feel like I'm spoiled to get these conversations all to myself.

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Diablo Cody interviews John Krasinski for Red Band Trailer

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Diablo cody jonathan krazinsky or something.JPG
Diablo Cody's fun webisode series, Red Band Trailer, has recently uploaded a new video. In it, Cody chats with The Office star John Krasinski. The event was celebrated with a carafe of jelly beans, and Krasinski shares some unusual tidbits, including how he has played paddle ball in Venice with Joey from New Kids on the Block, how he adapted a book by David Foster Wallace, his interest in the history of Chateau Marmont, and how his The Office casting session was basically a roomful of Jims.


Watch the video after the jump. 

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