Minnesota Beard-Off champion Corrie Zoll defends title

This Friday the second annual Minnesota Beard-Off comes to the Turf Club. Here, the great beardsmen of Minnesota will gather to show off their tresses and compete in the championship. Contestants can enter categories such as full beard, partial beard, moustache, and freestyle. The last category can be interpreted as anything that doesn't fit into the other others, including beards made from bacon, which one woman did last year. Ultimately, a Minnesota Beardsman Champion is chosen from the lot.

City Pages took a moment to talk with Corrie Zoll, last year's winner of the Full Beard category, and winner of the Minnesota Beardsman title. Zoll is competing again this year, and he does not intend to go down without a fight. 

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Kevin Kramp: Extended interview with the fashion designer

Categories: Fashion, Menswear
Featured as one of our Artists Of The Year 2010, Kevin Kramp's work-of-art knitwear first caught our eye months back at a local fashion show, where he was distinctly the star.  Here's the extended interview we had with Kramp about his time in London, his upbringing in Minnesota and where his designs have taken him.

SLIDESHOW: Kevin Kramp's bizarrely awesome knitwear

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Meet Jim Sherman and his luxurious mustache!

Jim Sherman had no idea the realm of possibility opened by his sister, Sarah, when she entered him into the City Pages Movember mustache contest last month. After seven days of voting last week, Jim, who is a piper with the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band (awesome), emerged victorious and is now prepared to bask in adoration and claim his prizes: gift certificates to Big Top Liquors, the Men's Dept salon, and two tickets to see the MN Wild.

(The other three mustachioed gentlemen contenders will receive gift certs to Wally's Beef in Bloomington.)

We were intrigued by Jim and wanted to know more about the furry little friend on his face, so we asked him a few questions...
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Movember Mustaches in MN: Vote for your favorite

Categories: Menswear
Dog Mustache.jpg
Photo by ginnerobot
This Wednesday marked the end of the month of Movember, a worldwide celebration dedicated to growing the mustache, celebrating the mustache, and using the mustache to raise money for men's health organizations. Some folks worked really hard on growing their facial hair, while others continued to rock their usual 'stached-out style.

For our 'Show Us Yer 'Stache' contest, we asked you to send in your best efforts, and the mustachioed citizens of the Twin Cities enthusiastically responded. The pics we received were all pretty awesome, but we've narrowed it down to four fabulous faces. Our criteria was simple: submissions were judged based on maintenance, originality, and overall fabulousness (and of course the photo counts, too). Now, it is up to you to decide. Choose your favorite mustache wisely, as the 'stache with the most votes wins the following:

BOOZE: $50 gift card to Big Top Liquors
MAN GROOMING: $100 gift card to Men's Dept salon
SPORTS: 2 tickets to MN Wild!
FAME: Blog post on Dressing Room featuring you and your fabulous 'stache

Runners up:
Second, third, and fourth place contestants will receive a $20 gift certificate to Wally's Roast Beef.     

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'Show Us Yer 'Stache' and win big this Movember

Categories: Menswear
We give away a lot of tickets to fancy-schmancy galleries and concerts, but today we're announcing a beastly prize pack for the dudes only. We told you yesterday we'd have a breaking moustache news today, what with it being Movember and all.

We're two weeks in, so some of you should have some pretty stupendous man hair growing from your mugs by now, and we here at CP want to reward you for those creative hygiene efforts (or non efforts, as it were).

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Local photographer Benjamin Fredrickson talks fashion

Categories: Fashion, Menswear
Self portrait by Benjamin Fredrickson wearing Pleasure Principle & Boy of London, Jeremy Scott, Dr. Martins and Grey Ant glasses
​Minneapolis style maven Benjamin Fredrickson is one of the city's most provocative photographers. Fredrickson's avant-garde look and serious love of fashion also make him  inspirational. Recently, the photographer's work has been getting quite a bit of local, national, and global attention. We especially love his new female portrait series.

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Bluepeg menswear boutique's grand opening

Categories: Fashion, Menswear
Sweater by Vince, a line carried at Bluepeg
Stylish men everywhere rejoice: Bluepeg is coming to 50th and France. The boutique is filled with cool, casual, laid-back fashion just for guys. The store was founded by Adam Tischler, who is the boyfriend of the super stylish Sacha Martin. Martin co-owns the Bluebird boutique, which is just around the corner and features great high-end options for ladies.
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First ever menswear trunk show at June

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Stylist, John Sand.

June, an upscale women's resale and consignment boutique, is hosting its first ever menswear trunk show on Friday, July 31 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday, August 1 from noon to 3 p.m. The trunk show features pieces from Minneapolis-based runway stylist and all around fashion plate, John Sand. He will be showcasing vintage pieces as well as modern ones, from Yves Saint Laurent to Comme des Garcon.

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Q & A with Corey Tenold of Trnds.com

Categories: Fashion, Menswear

Corey Tenold, founder of the local menswear blog, Trnds.com, chatted with City Pages about how Trnds was founded, his inspiration, and more.

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Jane Belfry: Why and when did you decide to start Trnds?

Corey Tenold: I've always had a niche for anything web related. I've tried to blog, personally, but couldn't keep it up. I sat down recently and thought to myself, "What subject matter do I like enough to continually write about?" I knew instantly that the answer was fashion. From there, I decided to start Trnds.

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