Best of Twin Cities on Instagram: iPhone artists make the old favorites look fresh

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Dana Maltby | @thecityisbright
South Minneapolis-based Maltby, 29, describes his profession as "full time super hero space time traveler photographer magician." The poster he's holding here comes from a photo he took a few months ago, on "the famous walk bridge on I-35W South, just outside the city, near the MIA," he says.
If the best camera is the one that's with you, as the saying goes, then the smart phone is quickly out-pacing even the flashiest Nikons. One of the biggest apps driving phone photography is Instagram, the free picture sharing service that allows users to "filter" their snaps, and layer on effects from vintage to over-exposed. In action, the app looks like Facebook's artsier, more intimate cousin, and the social media giant knows it--in April, Facebook offered $1 billion to buy two-year-old, 13-employee-large Instagram.

Curious about our neighbors' photography skills, we rounded up 22 Instagram shots that showcase the Twin Cities' striking architecture, beautiful sunsets, neighborhood haunts--and resident iPhone artists.

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Envision Artopia: The looks + Photobooth

Cliche at Envision - Photo by Stacy Schwartz

Envision Artopia unofficially kicked off Fashion Week on Saturday at the Graves Hotel with a show that superseded last year by a noticeable margin and truly delivered the goods when it came to style, production, and overall charm. We'll post a more thorough recap once we've had a bit of rest but here are Stacy Schwartz's runway shots of both the participating boutiques and designers. Some of our favorites were Peloria's cute cut-out designs, Rose White's practical yet fresh take on Spring 2010, and Sarah M. Holm's dark (and slightly Batman-ish) edge.
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Too Much Love Photobooth: Cute, girly dresses

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Denis Jeong Plaster for City Pages
We thought it would never come. Spring, the time of year most Minnesotans know as the "wet and dirty" season, brings with it the shedding of winter's many layers and thus cute girls and cute dresses minus the parka. Here's a few we spotted at our weekly CP Photobooth at First Avenue's Too Much Love.

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