SlamMN! Erotica Poetry Tournament offers three days of rowdiness

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Dan Marlow
Sierra deMulder

What does the phrase "erotica slam" mean to you? No worries about offending folks with your word choice; those throwing the event can probably come up with something even filthier.

Now entering its 18th year, the Valentine's Day slam continues to evolve. This year it's morphing into a three-day tournament of dirty poetry, ribald audiences, and a few sweetheart moments. It began as a one-day event, grew to two days to accommodate crowds, and is now expanding again. Hosted by Word Sprout and Button Poetry, Thursday and Friday will showcase competitive poets while Saturday will pit the top four from previous nights against one another. Each day will be an entirely new event. No poems will be repeated, and there will be new judges each night.

Dressing Room spoke with Allison Broeren, director of Word Sprout and slam master of SlamMN!, about what attendees can expect this year.

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R.T. Rybak proclaims today Women of the World Poetry Slam Day

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SlamMN's Allison Broeren
Today, folks from all around the U.S., Canada, and even New Zealand will be traveling to Minneapolis for the four-day Women of the World Poetry Slam competition. The annual event will showcase the world's best performers, all of whom are vying for top slam poetry honors onstage.

This is the first year that Minneapolis has hosted the event.

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Birchbark Books hosts poets Bao Phi and Ed Bok Lee tonight

Photo by Simi Kang
Bao Phi with his daughter
This evening, two acclaimed local poets will be giving a reading sponsored by BIrchbark Books at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Performance poet Bao Phi, author of Sông I Sing, and Ed Bok Lee, winner of the poetry Minnesota Book Award 2012 for Whorled, have known each other for many years. For a brief time they even performed slam together. Recently, they released their poetry books together.

"We both work from an urgency," Phi says. "We both love language, and exploring these things about our identity, how we are perceived, and how that fits into the larger scheme of things."

Phi says he's planning to do a mix of new material and excerpts from his book.

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Macalester students take top honors with slam poetry team [VIDEO]

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Mac student dylan garity.jpg
Macalester senior Dylan Garity performs for City Pages
The Macalester College slam poetry team's 2010-2012 season was the most successful run in college slam history. They ranked third and first, and recently traveled to Los Angeles where they placed second. Team member Dylan Garity was also named Best Poet this year.

The team is made up of freshman Rachel Rostad; sophomores Anna Binkovitz, Kat Fleckenstein, and Abbie Shain; junior Niko Martell; and senior Garity. Together, they have spent an entire semester writing and workshopping six to 10 hours a week. They consider themselves to be a family, and respect each other's work. Their focus is on writing authentic poems taken from their own life experiences.

Check out a few examples:

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All City Slam to determine local slam poetry bragging rights

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ACS Sam Cook (Cole Sarar).jpg
Cole Sarar
Sam Cook of St. Paul's Soap-boxing team
"No team has ever won the National Poetry Slam three times in a row," slam master Sam Cook explains about the upcoming challenge for St. Paul's Soap Boxing team. "In fact, there is only one team that can even boast three wins." Soap Boxing has already won two years running, so the competition is heating up as they prepare for this month's nationals in Cambridge, MA.

But first they have to beat the local competition.

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Acclaimed poet Buddy Wakefield to perform at Kieran's

In 2001 Buddy Wakefield quit his executive assistant job and hit the road to pursue a dream. For over two years he toured the country in his Honda Civic, crafting his unique slam poetry that has earned him a reputation for passionate performances blending intense emotion, honesty, and humor.

In 2004 and 2005 Wakefield won the Individual World Poetry Slam Championship. He has also received accolades from NPR, HBO, BBC, and CBC, as well as from Norman Lear, Ani DiFranco, and Don Beck. He has toured with DiFranco, Sage Francis, Saul Williams, and numerous poets, both solo and in groups.

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National Poetry Slam 2010 competition kicks off tonight

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six is nine.jpg
Ward Rubrecht
St. Paul poet Six is Nine
If you notice a lot of folks wandering around downtown St. Paul this week with their noses buried in notebooks, repeating muttered phrases like exorcists casting out a possessing demon, don't worry: They're just poets, honing the latest weapons in their arsenal, sharpening their powers of verbosity for the combats of National Poetry Slam, an enormous tournament of spoken word made up of 84 teams from around the country.

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