Mpls City Council Committee votes to end 60-year flea market ban

Minneapolis Farmers' Market on Nicollet Mall by Jason Riedy
Coming to a parking lot near you--but with clothes and furniture, not food.
Anthony Shane, the owner of Flamingo's Divine Finds in Powderhorn, learned the hard way that flea markets are illegal in Minneapolis. Shane has a second-hand license for his shop, so he didn't think twice when, one summer day, he decided to gather his neighbors for a sale in the yard behind the store.

"We had a lot of neighborhood people that were involved in it and thought it was a fantastic idea," Shane says. But one neighbor called the city to complain about traffic, and Monday morning, a city inspector told Shane that his flea idea wasn't legal.

"I thought it was ridiculous in this day and age. I even joked with the inspectors, do I have to go buy a couple of dozen eggs and call it a farmers' market?" Shane says. "A flea market gives the little businesses like us a chance to actually do something."

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Vagabond Vintage in Uptown needs your help to open

Categories: Thrift/Vintage

Vagabond Vintage needs a jump start

It started with a Facebook post to her friends as a call for help to save her dream. In preparation to open her store, Vagabond, at 25th and Hennepin later this winter, Angela "Gadget" Kreitlow amassed a colorful assortment of vintage furnishings. But as of this weekend she must host a sale of her collection (and everything she owns) in hopes to resuscitate her retro haven.

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Mighty Swell has something for everyone this weekend

Photo by Dajana Bartulović
McAndrews and Danneman at their shop
As many an Etsy seller has discovered, hawking vintage wares online is not, as it turns out, the easiest thing to do. When local vintage lovers Meghan McAndrews and Rae Danneman found this to be the case, instead of abandoning the idea they decided to do things the old fashion way--by selling clothing in person. Thus, the Mighty Swell "semi-regular" shop was born. 

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Vintage shopping in the Northeast grows with new shops

Holly Hilgenberg
Outside of Northeast Vintage
While Rewind's northeast Minneapolis location has been a destination for retro lovers for five years, the area has otherwise been sparse in terms of vintage shopping. But the opening of not one, but two, vintage shops in the area--Fried Bologna (158 13th Ave. NE) and Northeast Vintage (1627 Washington St. NE)--aims to change that. 

On a particularly hot day earlier this week, we set out for these new stores to see what they had to offer. Happily, the results were promising--each has a distinctive feel, from the merchandise to the atmosphere.
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The Midwest Vintage Show beats Etsy on charm

Holly Hilgenberg
Sign greeting attendees of the Midwest Vintage Clothing, Jewelry, and Textile Show

We live in a vintage-saturated world, from the hundreds of vintage shops on Etsy to the explosion of retro stores in the Twin Cities. One may wonder if there is still a place for old-fashion vintage expos, a.k.a. the sexier, more sophisticated older sister of flea markets. As it turns out, having the unique collections of over 40 vendors under one roof at the Midwest Vintage Clothing, Jewelry, and Textile Show and Sale was an unmatched experience.

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Rewind turns five, expands to south Minneapolis

Holly Hilgenberg
Rewind's new south Minneapolis storefront
Vintage fashion lovers rejoice: Popular vintage resale store Rewind opened a second shop last weekend in south Minneapolis at 48th Street and Chicago Avenue. The new location carries merchandise similar to the original space on Johnson Street Northeast, including vintage women's and men's clothing, shoes, and accessories, all of which reflect the cute brand of retro kitsch that Rewind has come to embody.

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RetroRama celebrates intimates' past

Each year, RetroRama celebrates fashions of the past while giving event-goers an excuse to put on their best retro fashions. This Thursday, it returns to the Minnesota History Center with a fashion show, vintage boutiques, activities, music, and food. But this year, there's a twist.

Coinciding with the History Center exhibit "Underwear: A Brief History," which opened last Saturday, RetroRama 2011 will focus on the more intimate layers of our dressing past--underwear.

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Franz Diego of Illuminous 3 gives thrifting advice

Categories: Thrift/Vintage
Photo by Kevin O'Meara for City Pages
Franz at the Cryphy 3-Year Anniversary
Today is Franz Diego's birthday. The Minneapolis rapper was born smack-dab in the middle of the '80s and if you know Diego's obsession with kitsch thrift and vintage shopping, this seems quite appropriate. Every time we see Diego out at a show, whether he's hosting the local Hip-Hop Awards, rapping with his Illuminous 3 crew or playing hype man at Get Cryphy's 3-Year Anniversary, he's always dressed to get that double-take glance from anyone in his path. It was at the latter show that we knew Diego meant serious business with his finds:

"The dopest thing I wore recently was an old pod-racer helmet I found at Salvation Army on Nicollet Avenue," Diego tells Dressing Room. "I epoxied 20 LED lights on and then rocked my entire necklace collection with it."

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Pawn Stars: Spotting bootleg valuables [VIDEO]

Pawn Stars.jpg
Looking to make some cash the old fashioned way (selling your valuables to reality TV stars)? This Sunday the crew from Pawn Stars, the hit History Channel show, will be at Treasure Island Casino looking for people who want to sell their most worldly possessions.

Not only will Rick, Corey, and Chumlee be laying down cash money for your prized possessions, but anyone who sells an item will get $5 in slot play for every $50 cash they receive for their item. This is not a game, people.

With so much potential fortune (and slot play) on the line, you may be thinking to yourself, "I bet I could sell some fake valuables and be set for life!" Not so fast. The Pawn Stars boys aren't playing that game. So before you start trying to get your scam on, check out these three clips about how to spot bootleg shit thanks to the stars of the show. More »

10 Most expensive vintage concert T-shirts on eBay

Categories: Thrift/Vintage
Devil horns: instant badassedness
Hardcore music purists might say it's lame to wear a  concert tee from a show you didn't attend, but there's really no debate if you can get your grubby little mitts on one that's five decades old and a part of music history. There's really only one rule when it comes to such wearable art in all its musty splendor, which is that you should actually enjoy the band whose name is fanned across your chest. No one likes an asshole in an "ironic" Spice Girls world tour tee. (Motto to live by, really.)

So how do you find these geriatric gems? They're usually acquired three ways -- by a miracle thrift store find, hand-me-down, or eBay.  There, at the holy grail of Internet shopping, you'll find hundreds of incredible listings of old band t-shirts, and it's those in the never-worn vintage category and the worn-for-30-lifetimes category that will cost you a good portion of your paycheck (at least).  We'll show you 10 of those baffling finds now, so hold on to your wallets.

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