Which Minneapolis Neighborhood Is One of the Coolest in the U.S.?

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Erik Hess
Coolest corn on the cob in the country.
Just about everyone and their mom has been writing love notes to our humble Land of 10,000 Lakes recently, from the Atlantic to Politico. It seems like every week, we're topping another list of what's great, what's cutting edge, and what's working. This week is no exception.

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The Top 10 of the Top 10 Lists That Declared Minnesota Fabulous This Year

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Salt Cave opens in southwest Minneapolis

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After gaining popularity in Europe and other parts of the world, the salt-therapy craze has been sweeping the nation. It hits Minneapolis this week with Salt Cave, the city's first halotherapy center. 

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Cooler than @CondeElevator: Five outrageous local tweeters

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On August 6, an anonymous Twitter account with the following inscription was born: "Things heard in Conde Nast elevators do not stay in Conde Nast elevators. Email what you hear to condeelevator@gmail.com."

In less than a week @CondeElevator gained more than 60,000 followers; more than many of Conde's official Twitter feeds including Details (20,000) and Allure (55,000). The renegade account is also on the brink of eclipsing Glamour's 86,000 followers.

So what makes the feed so captivating? It pretty much affirms the general public's suspicions of bitchery on the media giant that houses magazines like Vogue, Lucky, Details, and GQ. From unforgiving fashion advice to food-related judgment to social elitism--it's all on @CondeElevator. It even features appearances by Anna Wintour à la The Devil Wears Prada.

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Hair trends to try now

Hughes backstage at Betsey Johnson
Sure, we can look through fashion magazines to get a glimpse of the latest beauty trends, but why not go directly to the source? Having worked backstage at New York Fashion Week for years creating the hairstyles that inspire trends on main street America months later, Jen Hughes, master stylist at Juut Salon Spa in downtown Minneapolis, is a pro at making cool hair look easy. Always 10 steps ahead of what's next, Hughes gave us the inside scoop on styles to try today that will stay fresh well into spring 2011--when the rest of America catches up. More »

Man heels: A new trend on the rise?

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Surfing the interwebs today, we came upon an interesting UK Times article about high heels on men -- which our beloved Prince has been traipsing around  in for some time, thankyouverymuch -- and we couldn't help but repost it for our readers. 

Poll: Do you enjoy 'meels'? (Men in heels, of course).

We love Cuban heels on boots for men or women, but think dudes should just say no to anything over 2", no matter how big the Napoleonic complex.


Best and worst trends now: Twitter Poll!

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Last week, we did our first Dressing Room Twitter Poll wherein we ask you a question about art, fashion or theater and print your answers. This week, it was "What are the best and worst trends being worn right now?"

Here's our answer.

@cpdressingroom: Best: Understated colors that make up for it with texture, straight-leg pants, flowing fabrics, Converse. Worst: "Beiber" hair on teen guys (or anyone, really), Tees with sayings.

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