Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd Filming in Minnesota

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Screenshot from YouTube
Christopher Lloyd is a little like Michael Caine in that he's a working actor who pretty much always has a slew of projects lined up. However, most people probably know him as Dr. Emmett Brown ("Doc") in the Back to the Future series, or from the late-'70s TV show Taxi.

Since late February Lloyd has been spotted in Virginia, Minnesota, posing with fans and patronizing various businesses. He's in town shooting an indie flick through mid-March. The crew is moving to Minneapolis sometime next week.

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Brendan Lauer Is Making 50 Videos Over 50 Weeks

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Week 42, Locus of Control
Since May 2014, Brendan Lauer has been making a new video every single week. No matter what is going on, he diligently posts one every Friday. Some are under a minute long. Others can be up to six minutes. Regardless of length, so far he's stuck to his goal of producing a new video every week for 50 weeks.

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Which Minneapolis Neighborhood Is One of the Coolest in the U.S.?

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Erik Hess
Coolest corn on the cob in the country.
Just about everyone and their mom has been writing love notes to our humble Land of 10,000 Lakes recently, from the Atlantic to Politico. It seems like every week, we're topping another list of what's great, what's cutting edge, and what's working. This week is no exception.

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20 Things To Do in the Twin Cities Before You Turn 30

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Forget about the teen years being an awkward time. For many, that awkward phase goes right on through the 20s. It's an age where you try (and fail at) new things, take risks, and make a fool of yourself. It's an age where it's still socially acceptable to binge drink, to dress in ridiculous outfits, and to bend the rules a little bit.

In honor of the Twin Cities being a great place for singles and young people, we've compiled a list of 20 things you should consider experiencing before you turn 30. Have fun, and bring bail money.

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50 Shades of Grey: A Drinking Game

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Pink Sherbet Photography; Incase; CurryStrumpet; promo photo
Stock up on Red Vines and popcorn, folks.
This weekend, people will be hitting the theaters in droves for Fifty Shades of Grey, the little Twilight fanfiction that could. And while some horny mega-fans will certainly be there to see their favorite sex scenes -- which would look tame on Game of Thrones or Girls -- brought to the big screen, we bet even more ladies and gents will be there to laugh at a potential train wreck. Though there's nothing here even approaching Showgirls levels of awesomeness, there's still fun to be had.

This game is for everyone who is planning on sneaking a flask or mini bottles of wine into the theater. Because drinking in the dark with friends (or lovers) while taking in a clich├ęd romantic drama is probably one of the more awesome things you can do on Valentine's Day weekend.

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Bedlam hosts Aquarius Cafe, a Celebration of Aquarians

Molly Van Avery
It's the age of Aquarius. Well, the month of Aquarius anyway. Here's a fun fact: There's a bunch of Bedlam staff members who happen to be Aquarians, a.k.a. people born between January 21 and February 19. So they're having a party to celebrate the fact that Saturn is easing up on them for the first time since 2012. But don't worry, it'll be fun even if you're not a true believer. 

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Super Bowl Sunday: A Drinking Game for Non-Sports Fanatics

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frankieleon, Michelle Tribe, oouinouin
This Sunday is the biggest day in football. Whether or not you you're into sports, chances are high you will be watching it on TV with friends and family. But even though you couldn't care less about the outcome doesn't mean you can't have a good time. We suggest you turn the event into a game of your own. A drinking game. Sports and binge drinking go together like football players and models. Get everyone, football fanatics or not, to play along.

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Uptown Theatre's Best Marquees of 2014

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Photo courtesy of Uptown Theatre
It's always exciting when Minnesotans get Oscar noms, but who needs Hollywood or Amy Adams anyway? We've got something that provides more entertainment than most of this year's films: the Uptown Theatre's marquee. Throughout the year, the folks at the south Minneapolis theater take full advantage of their customizable billboard and cinephile staff, composing irreverent ads for their otherwise serious lineup of independent films.

From puns to personal confessions, here are the top 10 marquees of 2014.

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No Pants Light Rail Riders Get to the Bottom of It All: "We Hate Pants" [Video]

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Shivering in Skivvies at the No Pants Light Rail Ride from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

For the third year in a row, folks filed onto the light rail and dropped trou in the middle of January.

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No Pants Ride Minneapolis Is This Sunday

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Lora Marie Hlavsa
Riders from last year's pants-free bus party
This Sunday, the weather is supposed to heat up to a balmy 17 degrees. The timing is ideal, as folks will be hopping on the light rail midday and taking off their pants.

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