Uptown Theatre's Best Marquees of 2014

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Photo courtesy of Uptown Theatre
It's always exciting when Minnesotans get Oscar noms, but who needs Hollywood or Amy Adams anyway? We've got something that provides more entertainment than most of this year's films: the Uptown Theatre's marquee. Throughout the year, the folks at the south Minneapolis theater take full advantage of their customizable billboard and cinephile staff, composing irreverent ads for their otherwise serious lineup of independent films.

From puns to personal confessions, here are the top 10 marquees of 2014.

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No Pants Light Rail Riders Get to the Bottom of It All: "We Hate Pants" [Video]

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Shivering in Skivvies at the No Pants Light Rail Ride from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

For the third year in a row, folks filed onto the light rail and dropped trou in the middle of January.

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No Pants Ride Minneapolis Is This Sunday

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Lora Marie Hlavsa
Riders from last year's pants-free bus party
This Sunday, the weather is supposed to heat up to a balmy 17 degrees. The timing is ideal, as folks will be hopping on the light rail midday and taking off their pants.

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The Danger Committee: "If We Can Get In Front of an Audience, We Always Win"

Image courtesy the artist
No one goes to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in search of the next big thing. You're not about to see women in corsets or men in puffy shirts telling dick jokes on prime-time TV. However, as an act that started in those dusty Shakopee fields, the Danger Committee is looking to do what very few have done before: Go beyond the castle.

Some would say that the comedy knife-throwing and juggling trio has already accomplished that. Jason LeMay and Mick Lunzer won a gold medal in the 1996 International Jugglers' Association Teams Championship. After adding Caleb McEwen to the team, they made it to America's Got Talent in 2010, and received Howie Mandel's gleaming nod of approval. While similar acts have been known to stretch entire careers out of brief television glory, the Danger Committee is unfazed.

From the beginning, they set out to give their audience the unexpected. This includes turning a knife catch into a flaming knife catch with a bonus cucumber slice, going from juggling one stun-gun baton to juggling nine stun-gun batons, and turning Jack Dagger's measly cucumber slice into a cucumber slice on the Wheel of Death.

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Star Wars Holiday Special: A Drinking Game

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Oh yes, this is going to be awesome
How many beers do you need to turn a toad of a film into a prince? When using a beer-goggles movie scale, an Academy Award-winning work like The King's Speech is simply a one-beer film that is nicely complemented by an IPA. Meanwhile, Joel Schumacher's nearly unwatchable Batman & Robin can be redeemed when viewed through a boozy haze.

Tonight at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, The Star Wars Holiday Special will be screened. Audiences will have to decide for themselves how much liquor they need before they can cast eyes upon this 1978 televised disaster. We've created a drinking game to help you make it through a film so notorious that it has only screened once on network TV.

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Halloween Costumes That will Make You Go WTF? 2014 Edition

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Every year, in a rush to sell easy costumes, Halloween shops release a few doozies to the market. Once again, we've searched the internet for some of the weirdest getups out there. We've got some not-so-sexy looks, some things in bad taste, costumes that mostly make no sense, and really weird mashups. If you're looking for what not to wear this season, here's a list of suggestions.

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7 Things Minnesotans Need to Stop Doing

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Minnesotans are good people. Considerate and polite, they show a genuine concern for nature, and display a marked enthusiasm for beef and dairy products. Minnesotans invented Scotch tape and the Bundt cake pan. Our university performed both the first open-heart surgery and bone-marrow transplant in the entire country. Weird Al Yankovic wrote a song about our gigantic twine ball, and another about our famous canned meat product, Spam.

Yes, these are truly the markings of good folk.

But then there's a bunch of extremely annoying and strange things that people do here that the rest of the country looks at with a furrowed brow and a wince. Although the faithfully Minnesotan thing would be to smile awkwardly and ignore these troublesome traits, there comes a time when some problems need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the spotlight.

So for the advancement of our culture, here are seven things that Minnesotans need to stop doing.

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Five weird celebrities from the Twin Cities

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When it comes to homegrown celebrities, Minnesota isn't lacking in any department. There's Bob Dylan and Prince in the musical section, Kevin McHale and Joe Mauer in sports, and even Al Franken and Jesse Ventura in politics. But what people may not realize is that there's a whole other echelon of "celebrity," one that spawned from the Land of 10,000 Lakes like a lump of expired SPAM. These are the weird, fringe celebrities. The ones that we can claim, but aren't always sure if we should.  

Here are the five weird Minnesota celebrities who might not make it into the Minnesota Hall of Fame, but won't be forgotten anytime soon.

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The five saddest (and most awesome) celebrity softball fails

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The eyes of the sports world are about to be on Minneapolis, with the MLB All-Star festivities kicking off this weekend.

Between the Home Run Derby, the Futures Game, and the All-Star Game itself, this weekend is a dream for any baseball fan. There's one game, however, that overshadows all of these events: the annual Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game.

This Sunday, some of the greatest legends in baseball history like Jim Thome, Ozzie Smith, and Rickey Henderson will join celebrities like Nelly and Andrew Zimmern for what will likely be the most confusing afternoon of sports action we'll see all year.

To prepare you for the awesome invasion of mid-level famous folks, this week we've compiled five of the saddest -- and most amazing -- celebrity softball fails in history. And yes, it includes Tone-Loc.

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Photoshopped Target model flaunts her long arms on Ellen

Ellen wonders whose arms naturally fall like that...
A couple weeks ago, Target came under fire for photoshopping the heck out of a swimsuit model on its website. From the scariest-looking thigh gap ever to the pointy remains of her thinned out torso in her armpit, Target botched the job and tried to forget about it by taking the suit off their site.

Since then, Target has been mum about the situation, but this week, the model in question appeared on Ellen.

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