New St. Paul Brewery, Sidhe's Beer Hits the Market at El Señor Sol Tap Takeover

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Forget the taproom, Sidhe Brewing Company, set to open on St. Paul's East Side next month, knows it's about getting the beer into the marketplace. They aren't letting the hold-up of their final taproom inspections get in the way, either. Instead, they're taking their beers next door to El Señor Sol for a series of tap takeovers, which started last weekend and will take place again this weekend, April 24-25.

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Hungry? Single? Satiate Your Appetites on

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Call yourself what you will -- foodie, gastronome, gourmet, gastronaut, epicure -- the general public might just call you annoying. Why? Because when we get among our people, there's no getting us off of the subject of eating and drinking. Are you grating Himalaya sea salt with a microplane? Because I am. Did you see the way Spoon and Stable side-plated that canapé? Crazy! Mexican Coke is going to corn syrup! The horror! And now, your date, the plastic surgeon who never eats anything unless it's Paleo, is glazing over like a donut. This is never gonna work out.

Time to shut down that and head over to Luvafoodie.

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Recipes from the 5th Annual Minnesota Congressional Delegation Hotdish Off

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Julien Perry

What's the point of having a comic for a senator if you're not allowed to have a little fun? In his infinite wisdom, Sen. Al Franken knows there's only one thing to bring everyone together and put their petty gripes aside -- and if they can't do that, at least their mouths will be filled with tater tots: hot dish.

Wednesday marked the 5th Annual Minnesota Congressional Delegation Hotdish Off. The winner and the winning recipe:

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Travail Chef Tony Callies Updates Edina's Arezzo Kitchen

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Mecca Bos
Modernism meets Edina

Things I like about Minnesota: We have the most drastic weather extremes in the world, meaning you must keep both a snowsuit and an arsenal of flip-flops in your closet at all times. We have the Mall of America to our credit, but also the Replacements. You can go to the cabin, but also the Guthrie. What I'm saying is we are traditionalists, we're infused with Nordic decorum, but we're also rock 'n' roll as they come; we're fishermen and artists, we're farmers and guitarists, we're Caribbean hot and we're Arctic cold. We're Minnesotans!

And it is this fascinating, remarkable juxtaposition of culture that brings one Tony Callies, bad-ass Travalian, to posh yet conventional 50th and France, for a culture clash that's sure to amuse and perhaps even delight. We got a sneak peek of his work; in celebration of the season he was tinkering with lamb when we visited.*

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Brown Liquor Is for Ladies: A Women's Whiskey Event in Wayzata

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Benjamin Carter Grimes

Put down that glass of white wine, girl! You know what they say -- anything boys can do girls can do better. Developing a healthy relationship with a sturdy, heavy-bottomed lowball of the good stuff can soothe away the rough edges of even the shittiest of work days.

Do just this, while learning about the untold stories of women before, during, and after Prohibition at this upcoming event.

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Loosen Those Belts: The TC Burger Battle Returns

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They say Minnesota's waistlines aren't growing, but TC Burger Battle is sure to cast some doubts on that. This year, Burger Battle Champion B-52 Burgers & Brews and People's Choice winner Golden Nugget Tavern will defend their titles against 18 competitors, with samples available for everyone in attendance.

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The Spam Food Truck Brutally Spurns the Twin Cities

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Photo courtesy of Hormel Foods
Hankering for some Spam sushi? Well too bad, because the Spam food truck is passing us by. 

Did you know there is a such thing as a Spam food truck? Sadly, yes, there is, and it's further evidence that food truck culture has gone beyond jumping the shark. And you won't even be able to satisfy your morbid curiosity, because the truck is trucking on by its home state and taking its dubious sushi, enchiladas, and katsu sandwiches with it as it moves through a tour of America.

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Chef Shack Bay City Opens This Weekend

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Chef Shack Bay City is like your uncle's cabin, but with a way better bar. And French cooking.

A city only in name, the blink-and-you'll-miss-it postage-stamp town of Bay City emerges like the opening of a Garrison Keillor novel. The ice cream shop, the antiques store where some dude whose last name is probably Bunson sits among withering Adirondak chairs and weather vanes, and what is he doing? Whittling? There's a convenience store and a post office, and a little bank of cabins whose doorsteps practically lick the edge of the riverbank. And that's it! That's all that's there!

Wait, nope. The other thing that's there: Chef Shack Bay City, on the other side of the train tracks, where two New York City-trained chefs post up for the summer. In between food trucking, in between slinging BBQ at their other Minneapolis restaurant, in between stumping for the plight of women chefs everywhere; here they offer small-town hospitality and respite for weary travelers.

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Northeast Brew District Is Growing (and Malting) with Able Seedhouse and Brewery

Loren Green
Able Seedhouse + Brewery

The Northeast Brew District keeps growing, and Able Seedhouse + Brewery is the latest outfit to join the trend. Slated to open this fall or winter, the new brewery will be located in the Highlight Center at Quincy and Broadway, just two blocks south of Indeed.

MPR recently reported that Minnesota will see roughly 110 breweries in the next year -- that's a 60 percent increase from 2014 totals in the rapidly growing industry. Even with that remarkable growth, Able will stand out in a crowded field.

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Ten Things You Need to Know About the Minneapolis Organic Recycling Program

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Alma Guzman
Minneapolis is phasing in a citywide composting program.

Have you ever considered a composting pile but were afraid it would be stinky? What about one of those worm composting systems? I'm not sure about you, but I don't want a ball of worms slinking around underneath my kitchen sink, and I don't care what good cause it's for. The city of Minneapolis is phasing in an organic recycling program, and it might make these questions a little less fraught.

Here's how its going to work:

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