35: A to Z Pizza Farm Pizza

Mecca Bos

The charms of the first and best pizza farm in Stockholm, Wisconsin are many: idyllic rolling pastures, cud-chewing cows, plenty of open spaces for burning childhood energies, and an excellent excuse to crack open a picnic blanket and lounge in the singular golden dusk of the Wisconsin river valley. It's another reason to pine for the warm weather months. But the finest charm is the pie itself, one that stands up to all scrutiny.

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Tilted Kilt Breastaurant Chain Ogles Midwest, Wants to Open 6 Pubs in Minneapolis

Categories: Restaurants

Thumbnail image for TKGirls.jpg
Courtesy of Tilted Kilt
Waitresses proudly display the traditional Scottish tartans of their clans

Arizona-based "breastaurant" chain Tilted Kilt is developing its market share in the Midwest, banking on the economic viability of jiggly boobs and Celtic traditions.

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Tinto Cocina + Cantina Is Now Open and Serving Made-to-Order Tortillas

Mecca Bos

Uptown has been desperately wringing its hands in hopes of some good Mexican food. Recent transplant Salsa a la Salsa has largely disappointed, as have Lagos Tacos and Nico's for really good, craveable tacos with a dose of authenticity. Real-deal handmade corn masa tortillas, well seasoned roasted meats, nose-running chile, and lots of fresh cilantro with shaved radish and lime. Tinto Cocina + Cantina might just be poised to fit that bill. Jesus. We pray.

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Simpls in the Skyway: A Healthy Foods Convenience Store

Categories: Now Open

Simpls Facebook Page
Look at them all! Young pros on the go, grabbing and going at Simpls skyway convenience store for the heath food set.

There's a certain breed of animal. They are called Millennial Professionals, and hoo boy are they in a hurry! Look for them in their natural habitat, the skyway system. But please, move to the side, don't get in their way, and do not feed them. They've got this. And did we mention that they're in a hurry?

You see, these young professionals didn't get to be that way because they spent a lot of time sitting, contemplating, chewing cud like a slit-eyed cow. No! They've got work to do! Let's get this lunch thing done, and let's get a move on. And it had better be healthy. Strong abs are key to the fast life.

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New La Belle Vie Chef Shane Oporto: "I'm Not Used to Talking About Myself"

Categories: Chef Chat

Jacqueline Hanson
Shane Oporto is the new chef de cuisine at La Belle Vie.

Generally, it's easy to lump chefs into three categories: those who love the spotlight, those who are indifferent but have learned the game, and those who have exactly zero use for it.

Put Shane Oporto, who has just accepted the position of chef de cuisine at La Belle Vie, in the latter category.

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Summit Dives into Tall Boy Territory, Introduces First 16-Ounce Can

Categories: Beer

Loren Green

At nearly 29 years old, Summit is still up for new things. Debuting this weekend, the brewery's Hop Silo Double IPA will be its first DIPA and its first tallboy.

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36: 'Nduja Egg Raviolo at Bar La Grassa

Danielle McFarland

Chef Isaac Becker's take on a voluptuous Italian dish, raviolo al uovo (egg in ravioli), shows off simple ingredients while showcasing Bar La Grassa's ability to consistently execute an ambitious, artisanal, old-world-style dish in a new-world setting.

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Spoon Stealing: Want In on the Action? Now You (Kinda) Can at Spoon and Stable

Categories: News, charity

E. Katie Holm
Gavin Kaysen wants you to do as he says and not as he does: Buy a spoon, don't steal one, from Spoon & Stable

Chef Gavin Kaysen purportedly named his restaurant Spoon and Stable partly because of his penchant for stealing spoons, spoons being one of those tools that chefs covet in different sizes, shapes, and heft for executing various tasks.

But Kaysen's kleptomania is supposedly legendary in the industry, and he's aware that karmic retribution might well rear its head, resulting in far fewer spoons accounted for at the end of service than at the beginning.

So rather than stealing a spoon at S&S, Kaysen's got a better idea for sticky-finger diners. Buy one for ten bucks, and he'll put the proceeds toward a good cause.

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Tell Big Ag to Shove It at the 2nd Annual Seed Swap at Tiny Diner

Categories: Events

Photo courtesy of furtwangl

Thanks to big agriculture, genetic engineering, and the weird science of patenting nature, the previously innocuous phrase "seed swapping" has garnered an air of counterculture rebellion.

And it's not just The Man we've got to blame for the drastic dip in this time-honored practice that was once for everyone. It's also the nationwide dip in agricultural lifestyle and the consolidation of land ownership that's got us all in a state of seed amnesia.

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Vegan Drag Queen Mistress Ginger: "All My Many Lovers Have Been My Taste Testers"

Mistress Ginger

All of us, every one, would be wise to glean a little bit of the self-confidence the average drag queen has in her flamingo-painted fingernail. Why did Mistress Ginger, a.k.a. Justin Leaf, write a cookbook?

"To share with the world all the wonderful recipes that have made me the gorgeous showgirl that I am!"

But of course.

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