Spoon and Stable: A Sneak Peek and Opening Date for Gavin Kaysen's North Loop Restaurant

Hannah Sayle
Spoon and Stable's airy dining room and open kitchen

With construction complete and staff all settled, Spoon and Stable has officially announced its opening date of November 16. We stopped by last night for a sneak peek at the space, first tastes of some of the dishes from both the lounge and dining room menus, and sips of the just-delivered liquor collection mixed up by head bartender Robb Jones.

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Spooky Suds and Unchained Brews Top This Weekend Brew Round-Up

Thumbnail image for Beer tasting
It's the one weekend of the year where costumed drinking is not only allowed but encouraged, so you better believe this weekend brew round-up is full of tricks and treats -- alcohol treats, which are obviously the best kind of treats.

Here's where to spend your time and best outfits this weekend.

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A Strip Mall Happy Hour Worth Your Time at Lyn 65: Burgers, Boozy Punch, Beer-and-a-Shot

Marsha Trainer
The light at the end of this strip mall means great cocktails...

Crossing over from Minneapolis into Richfield used to mean that your eating and grocery choices dipped severely in quality in a matter of blocks. Not so anymore. The Lyndale corridor just south of the city is changing the first-ring suburb's food culture with the new co-op and our happy hour pick, Alma-alum Ben Rients's Lyn 65.

It might seem odd to find tasty fare at the edge of a strip mall, and even weirder to find a fine cocktail program, but it's here. And to sweeten the deal, they've got a decent happy hour and a few extra drink deals late at night.

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Spyhouse Coffee in Downtown Minneapolis? Depends on How Badly You Want It

Categories: Coffee, Pop-Ups

Photo courtesy of 2nd Truth Photography
Spyhouse launches 2,000 cup challenge to gauge local demand for damn good coffee
A few weeks back we wrote a little post about a three-week-long Spyhouse pop-up pouring free coffee just on the outskirts of downtown Minneapolis. With only a few days left for the pop-up, Spyhouse is trying its damnedest to give away 2,000 cups before it all comes to an end.

Why? Spyhouse owner Christian Johnson has decided that if they can make it to 2,000 cups by 11 a.m. on Saturday, they'll opt to make the pop-up location at 811 Glenwood Ave. permanent.

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Traveling Nigerian Chef's Goat Dinner Tour Makes a Stop in the Twin Cities

Categories: Events

Courtesy of Lagos
Tunde Wey, Nigerian chef, innovator of press releases

We'll admit, our spam filters have been a little leaky lately. So when the phrase "hot ass dish" appeared in our inbox yesterday, we had our cursor hovering above the trash can before pausing to take a second look.

Tunde Wey. We'd seen that name before.

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The EagleBolt Bar's 3-for-1s: Come for a Drink, Stay for Two More, Use a British Accent

Sean McPherson
The Start of a 3-for-1s at the EagleBolt Bar

You aren't really a Minneapolitan until you've done 3-for-1 Fridays at the EagleBolt Bar.

A Minneapolis institution, the EagleBolt is proudly "Gay Owned and Operated for 16 Years." The main floor bar, known as the Eagle, has always been hospitable and down to earth and doesn't carry the "it's always 4 a.m. at a badly attended but overstaffed rave" vibe that some gay bars in town seem to specialize in. Instead, the EagleBolt Bar feels like the kind of place that would have one of the most kick-ass happy hours in all of existence. And indeed it does.

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Pork & Pickle, a Meaty Pop-Up, Takes Over Travail Next Monday

Categories: Pop-Ups

courtesy of Pork & Pickle
A cheesy Cheeto brat from Pork & Pickle

UMAMI started it. Fried chicken and champagne refined it. And a brief brunch service sealed the deal: Travail is officially the cradle of pop-up culture in the Twin Cities. Up next? A meaty brat and beer fest by Pork & Pickle.

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Haunted Dining at Billy's in Anoka: The Tale of the Spooky Scrod

Categories: 'Tis the Season

Suzy Piper
Uhhh...anybody home?

It was Friday night and we were ready for some spooky thrills and ghoulish grub, so we did what anyone would do: We googled haunted restaurants in the vicinity. There are a few in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area (Forepaugh's and Cuzzy's to name a couple), but we wanted an adventure. So we chose Anoka, the self-proclaimed capital of Halloween and all things scarifying. The haunted establishment we set out for was Billy's, a popcorn-littered sports bar stuffed into an old Victorian hotel -- which was once a scarifyingly scandalous brothel.

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Oskar Blues' Ten Fidy: Rich, Heavy, and Definitely to Be Enjoyed in Moderation

Loren Green

Imperial stouts are known for being big, bold, and powerful beers. The alcohol by volume is higher than other beers and they often don't try to mask that, instead offering a complex depth of flavors for those who can sort through the booziness. Ten Fidy from Oskar Blues in Colorado definitely fits the criteria, but the beer itself is smooth and calm, replacing the black cherry tartness in many imperials with a milky, chocolate smoothness.

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Deep Fried Goodness Might Deep Fry Their Menus One Day

Sean McPherson
A deep fried Snickers bar from Deep Fried Goodness

Deep Fried Goodness is a new fast-food style store dedicated to the noble pursuit of frying every single thing. Appetizers? Fried. Entrees? Fried! Dessert? Yeah, fried. And though it isn't fried, the salad they keep in their display case looks like it's older than their three-month lease, so don't look there for intestinal relief.

If on your last trip to the State Fair you calculated how many hours it would be until you returned, this place will be a godsend. But there are some highlights even for those who aren't so sure about deep frying dessert.

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