Cocktails at FIKA: Try This Festive Scandi Sipper

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Tammy Kimbler

When you think of cocktails, FIKA is probably not the first bar that comes to mind. In fact, the eatery at the American Swedish Institute doesn't even have a bar or a bartender.

General manager Emily Garber, an alum of Harriet Brasserie, took over creating cocktails for FIKA last year from former manager Brie Roland. You might be surprised to know that the New Nordic restaurant has more than 10 unique craft cocktails on the menu, plus house-made glögg and craft beer.

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The Best Deals on Restaurant Gift Cards This Season

401k 2012

Greetings, Hail Mary holiday shoppers. It's the week before Christmas (and the week of Hanukkah) and you're thumbing through Hot Dish thinking about what kind of gifts to get for that very special person you just remembered you had to grab a gift for.

Whoa, slow down. Don't run to that boutique-y shop and grab a pint glass that says TOKYO and NEW YORK on the side. Consider instead grabbing a gift card from an area restaurant because though it is certainly better to give than to receive, in a lot of cases you can do both with the holiday gift card deals at local restaurants.

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78: The Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich at Lake and Irving

Sean McPherson

Don't let the fancy chef clothes and the Uptown address fool you. Brothers Chris and Andrew Ikeda of Lake & Irving earned their stripes as line cooks at Perkins.

You'd think between the salmon quinoa and the crab-crusted snapper these boys churn out nowadays they must've lost their roots while working in elite kitchens in Napa Valley and Hawaii. But it seems they carved out some corners of the menu to remember their line-cook origins.

One of their first projects was to take the chicken sandwich to another level without losing its mass appeal. Mission accomplished, Ikeda brothers. This sandwich tastes so down-home delicious that it's amazing it shares menu space with some of the more hoity-toity offerings.

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A Look Inside Surly's Destination Brewery

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Loren Green
Bone marrow and other food offerings at the new Surly brewery.

Four and a half years and over $30 million dollars in the making, the Surly Destination Brewery finally opens at 11 a.m. today. This day has been courteously dubbed Surly Brewing Day by the city of Minneapolis, which is (understandably) proud to host the popular brewery that opened in Brooklyn Center in 2006 and has now moved into a larger, more ambitious space within the city limits.

The space is wide open, with community seating and a large bar containing three tap stations and space for 18 different beers, though they will open with 12. The seating is primarily community tables that allow strangers to engage in conversation, but there are four- and six-seat tables that give personal space as well. In addition to the beer lineup, Surly will serve sodas, coffee, and local tea, with plans for house-made sodas in the future.

There is also a pretty killer menu.

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Your Weekend Drinking Planned: Surly Beer Hall, Christmas Vacation, and more

Thumbnail image for SurlyExteriorLorenGreen.jpg
Loren Green

Surly's Beer Hall opens today. Perhaps you heard about it? Of course you did. But there are other beer and brewery events about town, too, from movie screenings and dark beer celebrations to anniversaries and new brews.

Here are some of this weekend's top beer-related events.

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10 Best Places to Eat, Drink, and Escape Your Family on Christmas

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Denis Plaster
If Norman Rockwellesque your family ain't, party like a rock star with your friends instead this holiday season.

If yours is the sort of family that celebrates the holidays with your warm, fuzzy-sweatered grandma icing cookies with the children, just after they've taken a bath and been swaddled in their candy-cane onesies, then congratulations.

Others of us may wind up spending at least part of our holidays with our chosen families, our "logical" families, those people who want to be with us not in spite of, but because of our flaws, foibles, and special quirks.

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79: Cheddar Biscuits and Gravy at the Third Bird

E. Katie Holm
Wake up, eat, and then go back to bed after consuming the biscuits and gravy at the Third Bird

Kim Bartmann has so many brunch-serving restaurants under her belt, you would think any version of biscuits and gravy at any one of her eateries would be one and the same, but you would be wrong.

Red Stag, Tiny Diner, and Gigi's all put their own twist on the classic Southern comfort breakfast dish, but it's the spicy, uncompromising, ultra-rich plate at the Third Bird in Loring Park that lingers in our memory and probably in our arteries, too.

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HauteWok Takeover at HauteDish Will Heat Up January Dining

Categories: Events, News

Haute Dish
General Tso's Sweetbreads will be available during HauteWok week.

Little known fact: Chef Landon Schoenefeld used to be a delivery driver for Ping's, the long-standing, very pink, Nicollet Avenue Chinese spot where fried rice and cream cheese wontons reign supreme.

Seems those long hours trapped in the Pinto with the waft of grease driving him wild had a lasting effect.

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Devotees Rejoice! King and I Thai to Re-Open in New Location [Update]

Categories: Coming Soon, News

WIll the new King and I live up to the old?

Driving by the shuttered King and I space was like walking past the graveyard where an old friend had gone to rest. So, so sad.

The friend who gave you so many good memories, cooked fabulous towers of Pad Thai to nurse your hangover, while you simultaneously cultivated another on Tiki drinks, with house music throbbing in the background.

You've never met anyone quite like it since -- the ultimate friend with benefits -- the one who would receive you into the dark, mysterious comfort of her underground lair, play just the record you needed to hear and ply you with vodka, naam pla, and pure unadulterated lovin'.

Reliable to the end, always tasty, sending you back into the cold world satiated and happily spent.

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80: Cornmeal Galette with Ham and Sweet Corn from Black Walnut Bakery

Hannah Sayle

If you're anything like us, the mere mention of pastries will make your blood sugar dance in anticipation. Chocolate, fruits, custard: We turn into sweets fiends when we gaze upon the butter-glazed crusts and wonder what's within those flaky folds.

But what of the savory pies, croissants, and galettes? Are they not buttery and flaky? If we eat them, are they not delicious?

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