Tickets Now on Sale for Cochon 555, March 1 in Minneapolis

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Everyone knows that pro chefs worship at the altar of the hog. They cure the belly, crackle the skin, barbecue the flesh, pickle the feet, and even do things to those cute little ears.

Cochon 555 is a big-deal national event out of New York with the somewhat do-goodery mission of educating consumers on the importance and quality of heritage breed pigs -- plus, you get to eat shit tons of pork prepared by top chefs.

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96: Corn Chowder at Barrio

Courtesy of Barrio Restaurant Group

It's freezing outside, and the bone-chilling temperatures threaten to drop until we have no choice but to stay put, huddled inside our homes, snuggled under wool blankets watching Gilmore Girls, and eating microwave popcorn for dinner (again). But at some point, we're all just going to have to stiff-upper-lip the whole ordeal. That's right, we've gotta tell this horrid season who's boss. Slap on some massive boots, make sure the emergency blanket is in the trunk, and head out into the tundra.

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Insight Brewing Opens and Winter Beer Season Begins

Thumbnail image for InsightBeerPhotowithLogo.jpg

It's a season chock full of beertivities, starting Friday afternoon with the opening of Insight Brewing in Southeast Como. The new brewery has a large taproom and will be pouring five beers, including cask porter and bitter varieties, so get there early to try them out. O'Cheez (Friday) and El Taco Riendo (Saturday) will be there to serve food.

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Republic Owner Buys Dan Kelly's for Irish Pub Concept

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Dan Kelly's Bar & Grill will become Dan Kelly's Pub

In a way, his latest project is a coming full-circle moment, says local restaurateur Matty O'Reilly, known best for his beer-centric Republic bars.

Just before opening the 318, a beloved cafe and music venue in Excelsior, he was offered the general manager position of the Local, and while working on the concept, owner Kieran Folliard was even bandying around the name "O'Reilly's." At the time, he says, the salary would have been all the money in the world to him. His entrepreneurial spirit made him pass.

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GYST Fermentation Bar Set to Open Post-Thanksgiving [PHOTOS]

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Tammy Kimbler
Pickle, cheese, and meat selection at GYST

In a brick red storefront on the corner of 26th Street and First Avenue, just off Eat Street, is GYST Fermentation Bar, home to all things fermented, pickled, brewed, aged, and delicious.

On a recent snowy November night we got our first look at the soon-to-be-opened (maybe the day after Thanksgiving?) gathering place, during an event thanking their generous Kickstarter patrons. Partners Ky Guse, Mel Guse, and Jill Mott helmed the ship, warmly welcoming their guests with a glass of wine and a slice of cheese.

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Nikola Govich Has a Classic in His Glass at Saffron

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Marsha Trainer
A beautiful place to work...

Saffron's bar is romantically lit, filled with deep saturated hues and best of all a place to cozy up and get a fine cocktail. The person newly in charge of making sure that the mood and the drinks stay top-notch is Nikola Govich, an alum of Bradstreet Craftshouse, Meritage, and Eat Street Social (not to mention an Irish beer and shot joint in NYC).

He recently took over for friend and former colleague Robb Jones, who made the leap to Spoon and Stable. Govich has debuted a few new libations but has not shaken things up entirely. As he settles in, we thought it was a good time to pay a visit and find out what's in his Old Fashioned glass right now.

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Hell's Kitchen Introduces a Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar

Hell's Kitchen
231 hot sauces are just 231 of the many ways to garnish a Bloody Mary

How ridiculous must your bloody be?

It's a polarizing thing, as personal as underpants: How you choose to soothe your hangover (or cultivate one) is your business. You want a whole chicken hanging off the rim? One dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts tossed over the straw? A cheeseburger floating on top? Or do you want it neat -- just the good stuff, please?

Garnish your bloody how you like it at Hell's Kitchen's newly minted Jacked Up Bloody Mary Bar. The restaurant says it sold over 31,000 bloodies in the past year, and like any good enterprising soul, the owners must have thought: "Let's jack this thing up!"

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97: Kopplin's Breve

Sean McPherson
One of the few socially acceptable ways to consume a coffee mug filled with half and half

You are about to take your coffee snobbery to another level. You'll be ordering off the secret menu at one of the Twin Cities' most distinguished coffee shops.

Kopplin's, the Merriam Park coffee institution, has made its name with an amazing selection of beans and army of well-trained baristas. When it's time to expand our flavor palate, we visit and order a roast from a part of the world we've never tried before. And when the day is so cold that it calls for a liquid hug of farm-fresh cream and rich hearty espresso, we order the breve.

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Insight Brewing to Open in Southeast Como this Friday [PHOTOS]

Categories: Beer, First Look

Loren Green

Those brewery crawls are about to get another stop when Insight Brewing opens this Friday in the Southeast Como neighborhood. The new brewery will open its doors at 4 p.m. with five beers on tap, including a taproom exclusive Yuzu Pale Ale.

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How to Celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau in the Twin Cities

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Lindsey Turner

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

Today, fans around the world will be celebrating the arrival of this year's Beaujolais Nouveau 2014 -- a young and playful wine fresh off the vines from the southernmost tip of Burgundy.

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