15: Butterscotch Budino at 112 Eatery

Suzy Piper
Butterscotch Budino

Downtown Minneapolis's 112 Eatery is a small, classy restaurant and a great date spot to impress a beau. Owned by Isaac Becker, winner of the James Beard award for Best Chef Midwest, 112 has a menu chock full of incredible cuisine.

Most of the time, when we eat at the 112 Eatery, we are so stuffed full of gnocchi and decadent cheeseburgers that the thought of dessert seems... gluttonous. We're already prepared to roll home (like Violet in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), and wouldn't dessert gild the lily?

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Hey, Joe! Want Free Breakfast? But Only If That IS Your Real Name...

Categories: Free Stuff!

Photo courtesy of Longfellow Grill Facebook page
Hey, Joe...

We don't have to explain the magical effect free food has on the human mind. Promise sandwiches, no matter how mediocre, and the accounting meeting is going to be that much more well attended.

Otherwise clear-thinking people will wait in line for an hour for a free burrito or a free cone or any other thing that costs less than 10 dollars. When time literally is money, it's a difficult equation to figure out, but hey, humans are a complicated sort. So, is your name Joe? Then today is your lucky day.

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Gogi Bros. Korean Fusion Food Truck Opening Brick and Mortar in Eden Prairie

Categories: Coming Soon

Photo courtesy of Gogi Bros. Facebook Page
Will the Gogi Donut Burger grace the new restaurant menu?

Downtown recently got its much-anticipated Korean brick and mortar in the skyway. Vellee Deli had lines twisting down the hallway on opening day with those who had long been waiting for another taste of the famous Korean BBQ burritos.

Well look out, 'burbs -- you're about to get your own Korean Fusion in Gogi Bros. House, at 6407 City W. Parkway in the Shady Oak Retail Center.

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Like Bulldog N.E.? Try Woodbury's Tamarack Tap Room April 7

Categories: Coming Soon

Photo of Tamarack Tap Room Facebook Page
Bourbon, beer, and burgers are coming to Woodbury. Good ones!

The relative food desert of Woodbury will get more flush in a couple of weeks with the opening of Tamarack Tap Room. All that stuff you used to have to drive for? Great burgers, beer, and bourbon? They've got it. Not only that, but Bulldog N.E. chef Kevin Kraus has been quietly consulting on the menu, with 15 specialty burgers and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Some more menu sneak peeks:

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Look Out, Bite Squad -- Litespeed Bike Delivery Brings Food Fast and Hot

Categories: Now Open

Photo courtesy of Litespeed Delivery Faebook Page
Anything cars can do bikes can do better

Cars are so 2008. Jean Paul Beaulieu knew it when the recession hit and his 15-year tenure at Chiang Mai Thai suddenly became far less lucrative than it once was.

As an avid cyclist will usually do in times of strife, he turned to his bike. It seemed to offer answers. He knew he needed to get out of the food industry, but not entirely, because he loved it. So, what if he could combine the two?
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Bloody Mary Bill: No More Waiting for Booze at Sunday Brunch

Categories: Brunch, News

Susan Lucas Hoffman

Waking up early on Sunday morning is hideous enough. But when you need some hair of the dog urgently and no brunch place serves that particular brand of pick-me-up before 10 a.m.? There is weeping. There is gnashing of teeth. Won't anybody help?

The Minnesota legislature hears your cries.

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16: Coffee and French Toast at Tongue in Cheek

Ryan Huesby
A brunch stack that makes all your decisions for you

Making the call (or let's be real, group text) to get people together and go to weekend brunch is the easy part. The hard decisions present themselves once you arrive at the restaurant and start perusing the menu. Should you go for all out carbs and sweetness with a pile of pancakes? Or choose the protein-rich route of something eggy with a side of bacon? The beauty of brunch at Tongue in Cheek in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood of St. Paul (dubbed the East Side Eat Street) is that you can truly have it both ways, that is if you order the misleadingly titled Coffee and French Toast.

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Super Soups: Warming Bowls for the Final Wintry Stretch

Categories: Eat This

Mecca Bos
Leek potato soup at Dan Kelly's: comforting and beautiful

The steely gray of late March commands some type of action. These drab days, sad days, nothing-much-to-do days can drive one to:

A: Drink
B: Cry
C: Drink and Cry
D: Climb into bed and consume soup

"D" being the most "centered" option, the one that will worry your family the least, our advice is to do just that. A list to get us all started on the road to sound mental health.

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Revival Fried Chicken and Southern Restaurant Opens Friday for Lunch

Categories: Coming Soon

Photo courtesy of Revival Facebook Page
Col. Sanders ain't got shit on this

Well, cock-a-doodle-doo! The sacred event has finally arrived. Friday at 11 a.m. marks the official opening date of the much-anticipated Thomas Boemer and Nick Rancone (of Corner Table) fried chicken restaurant, Revival, in the old Corner Table space at 4257 Nicollet Ave. S.

But probably, you'll be able to recognize it by the line we imagine will be twisting around the block. Here's a sneak peek of the menu:

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17: Pan Bagnat at Meritage

Sean McPherson

The pan bagnat is the stuff of picnic legend in France, a delight that, according to a New York Times recipe involves sitting on the tin foil-protected sandwich en route to your picnic destination. But don't worry if you don't have time to make a sandwich using your sit bones; at Meritage, a diner can take a seat at the bar and enjoy a pan bagnat so good that we'd sing the Marseillaise if our mouths weren't full of tuna.

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