Hola Arepa Brunch Has Arrived: Rum-Spiked Horchata, Chilaquiles, and More

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Hannah Sayle
The breakfast arepa with yuca fries and aioli verde

From street eats to Eat Street, Hola Arepa has built up a loyal clientele that fiends for those signature hearty corn cakes stuffed with Latin-influenced pork, beef, chicken, cheeses, and salsas. For the first several months after opening their brick-and-mortar location, owners Birk Stefan Grudem and Christina Nguyen focused on their lunch and dinner menus, tacking on a happy hour to sate the after-work crowd, but keeping the promise of a weekend brunch menu tucked up their sleeves.

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Cheap Wine, Great Dessert, and an Offhand Comment: Date Night at the Red Stag

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Courtesy of the Red Stag
Cozy up with your honey at this equal parts rustic and romantic bar.

Week 4 of our official Date Night Research brings us to Facebook, loading and refreshing the Red Stag Supperclub's page throughout the day to see if Date Night details (and pictures) have been posted. As with the Bryant-Lake Bowl, options are limited, so we cross our fingers and hold our breath for a delightful (and bean-less) adventure.

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Dumplings 101: Learn the Craft at the Dumpling House at Nash Gallery

Courtesy of the Dumpling House

Dumplings know no borders. These soft, doughy balls of goodness pop up across almost all cuisines in various guises -- from pierogi in Poland to ravioli in Italy -- all colossally comforting no matter the form or the filling.

Maybe it's the rare thing we can agree upon: No matter how down and out we're feeling, there will always be dumplings. Eat one and everything will be okay.

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Slurp That Spaghetti! Where to Celebrate National Pasta Day in the Twin Cities

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Screenshot via Lady and the Tramp
Even these precious pups are down with pasta.
Sure, it's easy to boil some water, toss in some spaghetti, and open up a bottle of sauce at home... but there's something divine about the perfect plate of pasta while you're out on the town. The snap of al dente tendrils of bucatini, the melt-in-your-mouth creaminess of ravioli, meaty and rich B├ęchamel-drenched lasagna -- we love it all.

There are plenty of local standbys where you can get your favorite pasta dishes like Broders' Pasta Bar, Loring Pasta Bar, and Amore Victoria, among countless others -- but we wanted to highlight a few spots you might not have tried just yet. Here's our roundup of a few of our favorite newer places around town where you can get your noodle fix on National Pasta Day.

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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Chipotle News: A Lawsuit or a $3 Burrito?

Categories: Dining Deals, News

Is the problem... paying workers?

Step right up to this choose-your-own-adventure. Love Chipotle? Skip ahead to the part about $3 burritos. Hate Chipotle and want to stoke the flame of hatred in your heart? Read on.

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Critically Acclaimed Pizzeria Lola Heading to Northeast Minneapolis

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E. Utne
Wood-fired pizza to go with your Dangerous Man brew?

Could it be that another beloved pizza place is on the move? Indeed, just a week after finding out that Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza would expand to Eat Street, we're getting word that Pizzeria Lola, the wood-fired pizza shop from queen of the slices Ann Kim, has purchased a property in northeast Minneapolis -- on the very same block as Dangerous Man Brewing.

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Fill Your Weekend With Food Trucks, Nordeast Beer Festivals, and New Beers

Thumbnail image for rsz_1liftbridgebeers.jpg

It's never a dry weekend in the Twin Cities. This weekend's highlights include beer tastings, food trucks, fresh hops, and plenty of new beers out on the shelves.

Saturday is especially packed, with options for beer lovers of all types. The Fall Feast Food Truck Rally at Harriet Brewing will feature all of the brewery's beers plus 18 food trucks and live music. It's open to all ages.

Also on Saturday is the Fresh Hop Festival at Town Hall Lanes, with various brewers providing limited edition beers. August Schell's has made a special batch for the occasion. In Northeast, the Big River Brew Fest is on, bringing in over 200 breweries including Leinenkugel's, Odell, Dangerous Man, and many others.

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Introducing Cocktailian: An Evening of Craft Cocktails, Edibles, and Live Music

Categories: Cocktails, Events


Shoring up a year of food-centric events (get your Iron Fork tickets while you still can), City Pages is introducing a celebration dedicated to the art of craft cocktails and fine spirits. Cocktailian will take over the Varsity Theater on December 11, and presale tickets are available now.

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Goat Meat and Cheese Get Top Billing at Ian Gray's Curious Goat Food Truck

Hannah Sayle
Goat cheese curds, the signature dish at the Curious Goat

In a little orange trailer, Ian Gray has packed all of his goat-loving culinary whiz-dom into a simple, seasonal menu. The Curious Goat is, as the name would suggest, heavily geared toward goat products, practically a showcase for nearby Singing Hills Goat Dairy. But there are plenty of other enticements: beef sliders, pork ribs, and a number of clean-eating vegetarian options.

Gray's last venture, the Gray House, was known for changing up its menu to an almost irksome degree (no dish, not even the most beloved, was too precious for the chopping block), and he promises a similar seasonal shuffle with this new venture. But if you worry you'll be annoyed with the unpredictable menu offerings, we implore you to go anyway and let this trailer, ahem, get your goat.

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Paul Greenberg: How American Seafood Can Change the World and What You Can Do

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Photo courtesy of Paul Greenberg
Paul Greenberg on why eating locally sourced seafood is critically important
What Michael Pollan is to land-food, Paul Greenberg is to seafood. His books, which examine the way average consumers have feasted through what was once the ocean's bounty, have landed him on the New York Times bestsellers list. Greenberg's newest book, American Catch, paints a clear portrait of America's confounding import-export system for fish and seafood.

In his book, Greenberg details how America exports all of its fresh, wild-caught seafood, only to then import frozen, farmed varieties from around the globe to serve as our primary source of fish-based protein. The practice is so common that almost 90 percent of the seafood that we consume in the United States is imported and as the book states, often comes from "dubious sources."

We sat down to talk to Greenberg when he was in town last week about the current state of American seafood and what we can do to keep fish and seafood on our plates for the foreseeable future.

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