Gavin Kaysen's Merchant Is Now Called... Spoon and Stable?

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Gavin Kaysen in the kitchen of Spoon and Stable

In a bold move for the team behind this year's most hotly anticipated restaurant, chef Gavin Kaysen and crew have renamed their North Loop venture -- just a month before opening.

Formerly Merchant, the new restaurant will be called Spoon and Stable, a reference to its building's history and Kaysen's propensity for stealing spoons. Yes, you read that last part right. Check out Kaysen's video announcement after the jump.

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The Blue Door Defends Blucy Trademark Against Blaine Restaurant

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Ed Neaton
The Blue Door's proprietary burgers are not to be trifled with.

The secret to the Blue Door's stuffed burger, the "Blucy"? Quality beef, molten cheese, a good attorney, and a touch of irony.

Defending the trademark Blucy name, which is itself a twist on the, ahem, borrowed concept of the Ju(i)cy Lucy, the Blue Door Pub successfully took action against Bluzy's Roadside Beer in Blaine, Minnesota for trademark infringement.

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Surly's Darkness Day and Plenty of New Beers to Try This Weekend

photo courtesy of Surly Brewing Co.
Surly owner Omar Ansari and head brewer Todd Haug

Happy Darkness Day Eve. May the black metal spirit be with those who wait in line and bask in some unseasonal warmth.

Tonight in Brooklyn Center marks the day before Darkness Day at Surly Brewing and also the final night this Brooklyn Center taproom will be open. At Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, Surly is sponsoring a Pentagram concert and will be pouring out samples a day in advance of the official release of Darkness 2014.

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Innovative Drinks from Rainbow Chinese? Yep, This Eat Street Darling Shakes It Up

Danielle McFarland
Jimmy (left) tasting with his best friend since fourth grade, Eu-k Hua, who is chef/owner Tammy Wong's son and also works at Rainbow

Jimmy Vongsouvanh works the shoe box-sized back bar of Rainbow Chinese, poised and dressed in a way that elevates the image of a young bartender. Vest-clad with a touch of hipster, he rocks a slicked-back '90s skater coiffure as he warmly greets patrons sidling up to the eight-seat bar. He wins them over with no forced laughter. His mild demeanor and perceptiveness speak to the attention he puts into mixing each drink.

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Get Some Uniquely Minnesotan Beers at Grumpy's Limited Action Beer Fest

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Beer festivals are all the rage, but they can be a bit too similar, with a lot of the same old beers being poured into those 4-ounce tasting cups. Grumpy's is sponsoring the Limited Action Beer Fest to challenge that notion.

The idea behind the festival is that participating breweries -- 612, Fulton, Indeed, Lift Bridge, Mankato, Rush River, and Summit at present -- will each brew a unique beer that includes the following ingredients: hops grown at Grumpy's Northeast, wild rice, and "something Minnesotan."

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Hot Dog! 16 Pups That Put Your Food-Themed Halloween Costume to Shame

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Don Hankins
Introducing... Puppy Longstocking!
Forget Dorothy and Toto. See ya, Charlie Brown and Snoopy. This Halloween, it's time to get creative with your love of food... and pets. From sushi to Sriracha, there's plenty of super easy foodie costume inspiration floating around... for humans that is. Finding the perfect costume for your dog can be ruff, but we've rounded up some of the most adorable getups for your furry friends. Even if you don't have a pooch to put in disguise, there's no resisting the squee-factor of a dog dressed as a taco. (A taco!)

Without further ado, here are the cutest costumes for the little foodie pups in your life.

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8 Best Bets for Local Candy This Halloween

Michael Ocampo/Jeff Vier
Don't let this happen to you.

Halloween isn't just for kids anymore, but that doesn't necessarily mean you want to gorge yourself on fun-sized Snickers, Pixy Stix, and Skittles (but, hey, no judgement if you do). Check out the offerings from these Minnesota candy makers that will take your holiday to the sublime, whether you're watching Texas Chainsaw 3D, hosting a costumed bash, or making a midnight trip to a haunted graveyard.

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Massachusetts-Based Clown Shoes Barrel Ages a Beer Especially for Minnesota

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Somebody's got a crush on Minnesota.

In the brewing world's version of making a mixtape for your boo, Clown Shoes Beer, based in Massachusetts, has made a special, limited edition beer for the Minnesota market: the Itasca Loonidragon Russian Imperial Stout. Released only in Minnesota, the beer is a bourbon barrel-aged version of their Russian Imperial Stout, the Blaecorn Unidragon.

Why us? We like to think it's because we're pretty and popular and have a quiet confidence that is endlessly attractive. Oh, and because we drink all the beers.

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The Creator of the Slayer Pizza Returns with a Bulldog N.E. Halloween Menu

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Hurkes's Blood Feast via Rice and Bread Magazine
Chef John "Blüd Hammer" Hurkes, creator of the Slayer Pizza, is back -- and this time, his blasphemous cuisine will be available for public consumption at the Bulldog Northeast in Minneapolis. From October 28 to October 31, the Satanic chef will cater to foodies and horror fanatics alike with his special Halloween menu.

Intrigued? We've got the deets.

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Merchant and Flat Earth: Chef & Brewer on Their New Beer and The Maury Povich Show

Mandy Lee/Courtesy of Flat Earth Brewing
Gavin Kaysen and Flat Earth are teaming up.

Like ships that pass in the night, Gavin Kaysen of the soon-to-be Merchant Restaurant in Minneapolis and Bob Roepke of Flat Earth Brewing Company in St. Paul were unlikely to meet from the very beginning. Gavin is not a beer drinker. Bob is a vegetarian who rarely dines out. Yet somehow, they've forged a delicious collaboration over the river, due in November.

We sat down with the both of them in Flat Earth's taproom on a Saturday afternoon to chat about Mercantile, the Flat Earth commissioned brew, as well as the role of a beer program, the perfect day off, and other fun tidbits. Spoiler alert: One of them was once on Maury Povich.

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