Blending Mushrooms + Meat to Build a Better Burger: The Better Burger Project

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Photo courtesy of Better Burger Project

It's a wonder nobody has thought of it before now. Replace 25 percent of the meat in a burger with finely chopped mushrooms, and bang: a more healthy, sustainable, and delicious burger.

Where to get one:

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Minneapolis Taste of the Nation Hotlist: Win Tickets!

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Photo courtesy of Minneapolis Taste of The Nation

No Kid Hungry is a pretty simple organization that operates on a pretty simple premise: No kid should go hungry, ever. To that end, they're raising funds via the 11th annual Taste of the Nation Hotlist, to be held this year at Nicollet Island Pavillion, where over 30 top chefs and mixologists will feed, serve, and dazzle you.

We've got free tickets. Here's how to get them.

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Eat, Drink, and Be French: Barbette's Bastille Day Returns

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Photo courtesy of Barbette

Don't know Bastille Day from Arbor Day? No matter. It's a block party, one of the best, outside of Barbette, which means frites with aioli, which means beer, which means music, music, music. Berets optional.

The lineup:

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Town Hall's Cider Week Returns Next Week with Discounts, Samples, and a Bike Crawl

Categories: Drink , Events


Town Hall has been making award-winning beers for going on 18 years now, but if you think they're all hops and barley, you're sadly mistaken. Next week, Town Hall's fifth annual Cider Week offers a chance to learn otherwise.

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Disco Biscuits and Gravy: A Brunch Dance Party at Heyday

Categories: Brunch

Nick Kozel
Brunch without beats is a thing of the past.

Bacon, Benedicts, and bloodies? Boring!

Brunch without beats is for babies and old people. All the cool kids (that means you) are brunching with vinyl, DJs, and dance floors nowadays, because why does cutting a rug have to be relegated to the night? Heyday got the memo, as well as the biscuits, the gravy, and all the jam(s).

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Lake Street Taco Tour: Nine Restaurants, 1,500+ Eaters, Countless Tacos

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Tony Nelson
Mmmmmmm, tacos

Fussing about where the best tacos in town are is one of our state pastimes. But it can get boring to fume around your living room hollering the merits of Sonora vs. Taco Taxi while your roommate sits there with his earbuds in, quietly perusing the "roommates" section of Craigslist.

Instead, jump on a bus, on a bike, or into your trainers and share that passion with others who care, and care a lot, at the second annual Taco Tour on Lake Street. Here's how it works:

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Emmett's Public House: An Irish Minnesotan's Paradise

Categories: First Look

Mecca Bos
Irish ancestry? Welcome to paradise.

One can feel simultaneously envious and sorry for the Irish-born who make their living pouring drinks behind the bar of an Irish pub in America.

Second- or third-generation Irish Americans are so desperate to relate, so smitten by the brogue, so deep inside wishing we were in fact straight from the motherland; well, these barmen and women can take on a celebrity-like status. They're deeply revered, yet unrelentingly harassed. Irish Americans love their native kinsmen, and all that they embody. And if a taste -- but just a wee taste -- of the Emerald Isle is what you're after, Emmett's Public House is for you.

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National Negroni Week at Red Cow: You Drink, Kids Eat

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Photo courtesy of Red Cow
You drink, kids eat

The classic Negroni is enjoying its 15 minutes of fame just now. Equal parts Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin, it's an elegant workhorse of a drink that hasn't any time for monkey business. This is your uncle Jack's drink -- the guy with the monogrammed shirts, pewter cuff links, and wingtip shoes.

You know what else is classy? Helping kids. From June 1 to 7, channel Jack and all his class with a Negroni and a donation, by drinking at Red Cow.

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The 11 Best Happy Hours in the Twin Cities

Tony Nelson

Otherwise known as church to much of the barbarian public, happy hour is indeed the golden hour, the flush of relaxation to the bloodstream at the end of the workday. Whether yours ends at the actual golden hour of sunset or at 8 a.m., or you are an idle mogul with no clock to punch, everyone deserves an hour of happiness. We've assembled 11 of the best.

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Food Insecure? Hunger Hotline Connects Hungry People With Food, Fast

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Statistics indicate that about 10 percent of Minnesota households are in a financial position to not be able to afford food all of the time.

An organization called the USDA National Hunger Clearinghouse has instituted a toll-free hotline allowing individuals (including children) to call and be connected with food resources, fast. The number, and how it works:

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