Chocolat Celeste Pop-Up Brings Artisan Sweets to Grand and Victoria

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Chocolat Celeste
Got something important to say? Say it sweetly. Chocolat Celeste will customize your message on a chocolate.

It really is a shame that you don't know more about Chocolat Celeste. Mary Leonard is one of the most dedicated, and one of the first, local chocolatiers focused on all the stuff: single origin, free-trade, high cocoa percentages, fresh artisanal cream and butter, all of it.

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10 Reasons Minneapolis Should Have a Dog Cafe

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Nanette Castro

Last week, downtown Los Angeles hosted the city's very first dog cafe. The cafe opened as a pop-up from January 22-25, serving a simple menu of coffee, tea, and the overwhelming inner peace one can only achieve while holding a puppy in a tiny sweatshirt. Organizers hope to turn it into a full-time dog cafe once they reach their funding goals.

So should the Twin Cities follow suit? Is that even a question?

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You Want Real Wagyu Beef and Japanese Whiskey? Head to Wayzata

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Photo courtesy Sushi Fix
A slab of certified Wagyu beef sits proudly upon the fish case at Sushi Fix. Chef Billy Williams has the certification papers to go with it if you'd like to have a look.

What's happening at Sushi Fix these days?

"Oh, just shaking up a lot of cocktails. It's pretty crazy," says Billy Tserenbat, chef/owner/cocktail shaker of Wayzata's finest sushi bar.

And he means whiskey cocktails, since the restaurant possesses the state's biggest Japanese whiskey collection. To go with them, some certified Japanese Wagyu beef.

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55: Shrimp and Grits at Smack Shack

Courtesy of Smack Shack
Spicy, creamy, Southern-inspired proof that there's more to Smack Shack than just lobster

Throughout its evolution from food truck to late-night dive bar hibernation spot to full-fledged fancy brick-and-mortar operation, Smack Shack has staked its reputation on a single item: the lobster roll.

While that east coast favorite is still sandwich perfection (the warm, butter-slathered Connecticut-style version is worth a try, too), this year we discovered that Smack Shack does more than one thing well. What convinced us? The spicy, satisfying dish of shrimp and grits.

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IKEA Adds Vegan Swedish Meatballs to the Menu in April

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Creative Commons
Take the "meat" out of the "ball" and what do you get? Vegan meatballs! From IKEA.

Minnesotans like to think of IKEA as our store, thanks to all that Swedish blue and Scandahoovian chow.

But if the overpowering aroma of cafeteria cuisine disconcerts you as it does us when you're shopping for your GR├ľNKULLA, you might be able to breathe a little easier in coming months.

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56: Pistachio Cheesecake from Eli's East

Grant Tillery

If you're like us, pistachio cake was the pinnacle of dessert growing up. Though most grandmas making this classic recipe whipped it up using a box of Betty Crocker cake mix, the pistachio pudding and coconut frosting was ambrosial, saltiness and sweetness melding into one formidable package. With a knockout formula, there seemed to be no way to improve on a favorite, cake mix aside.

That is, until Eli's East pistachio cheesecake came along.

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Love Meat? Dine at Fogo de Chao for Valentine's Day and Get a Free Meal

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Aine D/Flickr
Fogo de Chao wants you to dine for Valentine's Day, and then dine again, for free.

What could be sexier than the meat sweats?

Whether you've got a lover to wine and dine on Valentine's Day or not, Fogo de Chao wants to show how much it loves you with a big incentive for dining there on Valentine's weekend: complimentary lunch or dinner.

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Chef Gavin Kaysen and Team USA Take Silver in Culinary Olympics, Bocuse d'Or

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Diane Yang
The Staff of Spoon and Stable gathered to cheer on Gavin Kaysen and team USA who competed in the 2015 Bocuse d'Or.

Remember when Mary Lou Retton took gold in the Olympics and she was all over the Wheaties boxes and she just absolutely stole America's heart?

Well, this may not be quite as exciting as that, but it's pretty dang exciting. If you like food, and you must or you wouldn't be reading this, its sort of like we've got our own Olympian doing culinary gymnastics all over town.

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Beloved Legacy Chocolates Makes a Quiet Comeback in New St. Paul Location

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Photo courtesy Legacy Chocolates website
Are you a flop with chicks? Legacy Chocolates Potion #9 will have you kissing everything in sight.

Remember Legacy Chocolate, from the artisanal chocolatier/farmer who had a little storefront on Marshall Avenue where they sold the city's finest handmade chocolate truffles along with their locally grown Highland cattle grass-fed beef? (Only in Minnesota, right?)

They hand-rolled their truffles using only the finest single-origin Mexican and South American dark chocolates before that was a thing, before anyone knew the difference between 85 percent cacao and a Hershey's kiss, or why it mattered.

It's safe to say they were ahead of their time, and they went away quietly after four years (though they still had a shop in Menomonie, Wisconsin).

Well now, just as quietly, they're back and better than ever!

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57: Black Sheep's Meatball, Ricotta, and Garlic Pizza

Colleen Doran

Do you remember when pizza was pizza? This was before you could choose between a BBQ Chicken with Banana Peppers and a Mock Duck Ginger Hoisin. And way before anyone dreamed up the Doritos Crunchy Crust (yes, that is a thing). While our crazy free market economy of pizza is entertaining, what happens when you want to kick it old school?

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