Road Trip: Greg's Meats

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Recently, I was driving south on Highway 52, just south of the split with Highway 56 at Hampton, when I came across this mundane looking building:


I looked at my watch. A stop might make me late to my final destination. But "champion sausage"? I pulled into the parking lot.

Inside, Greg's was a solid meatstravaganza: shelves and cases of bologna, bacon, beef sticks, ham, brats, steaks, ground beef, and a million kinds of sausage. I learned that the Greg behind Greg's, Greg Endres, has been processing local meats and wild game for 30 years, with help from several family members. A number of his products have won awards from the American Cured Meat Championships, including the national grand champion summer sausage and beef jerky that I picked out.


Both were classic renditions: good texture, just enough salty sweetness to make them addictive--I can see why Endres was inducted into the Cured Meats National Hall of Fame last year. All in all, a worthwhile stop. I just wish I'd brought a cooler.

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