Drink of the Week: Apple Strudel

When dining in a German restaurant, you eyes might first jump to the beers on tap, or perhaps the Riesling list. Ambitious drinks like the Krautini (a martini with sauerkraut juice) may also make you wary to gaze further down the cocktail list, but the Apple Strudel is well worth an order.

Apple Strudel
Black Forest Inn
1 E. 26th St., Minneapolis; 612.872.0812

The beverage, served in an aperitif glass, is very sippable. It's a perfect blend of the bittersweet things of fall: spices, crisp apples, and just the right amount of alcohol to warm your belly on a cool evening. The main ingredient in this shot is Berentzen Appelkorn, an apple brandy that tastes like it was just picked off a booze–fueled apple tree. Be sure to sip it on the patio if the weather’s not too harsh. The nights may be chilly, but soon the patios will be closed for the season.

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