Make it a date: Common Roots

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Common Roots' turf, near the Wedge/Whittier border, offers much to digest.

1. Glorious Gardens
At Garfield and the Greenway, the Soo Line Community Garden turns out a bumper crop of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental grasses. Stop by to see what this tranquil space lends to its urban environment.


2. Radical Reading

The Arise Collective is activist central, cataloging "works of resistance" by authors from Marx and Engels to bell hooks and Audre Lorde. Home of progressive political pamphlets, zany zines and more.


3. Saarinen Sailing
A comprehensive look at the master of modern design and architecture, Finnish-born Eero Saarinen, this exhibit was too big for one museum. The Walker Art Center features Saarinen's furnishings and residences while the Minneapolis Institute of Arts presents his designs for airports--the TWA terminal at JFK--and memorials--St. Louis's Gateway Arch.


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