Brookside Tavern

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To many of us, autumn is also known as the very best time of the year: golden leaves float down from the skies like falling stars, and the smells--oh the smells!--crisp, clean bonfire air with a touch of moss. The apple orchards and pumpkin patches are in full harvest and have been lovingly decorated with dried corn stalks and bales of hay. Listen closely… can you will hear the highway calling?

Located just forty miles from the Twin Cities in the postcard-perfect town of Marine St. Croix, The Brookside Tavern is the perfect fall-drive destination. Especially on Fridays, when a drive down the bluffs of the beautiful St. Croix River, leads to one fantastic fish fry: fat pieces of cod, in a thick fluffy beer batter, served with a choice of fries, onion rings or waffle fries and a side of slaw.

The Brookside has a kitschy charm--a real babbling brook runs underneath the main building that's cute as a cuckoo-clock. The place has all the tavern essentials: a pretty patio, friendly staff, great beer selection, and a killer jukebox.

Brookside Bar & Grill
Friday Fish Fry
140 Judd St.
Marine-on-St. Croix, MN

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