Drink of the week: The Brandy Alexander

The Brandy Alexander
Mancini's Char House
531 W. 7th St., St. Paul

I am a sucker for an old-school steakhouse. There is just something about the relish tray + the salad (dressed with ranch and crushed saltines) + a baked potato, wrapped in foil, accompanied with a single serving sour cream + the perfectly charbroiled steak-- burny on the outside, pink on the inside-- this = LOVE.

So important that charbroiled effect, this meal can never be duplicated at home. And, how do you top such perfection? With a strong-ass drink made with ice cream, my friends. At Mancini's you can choose from the pastel icey goodness of The Pink Squirrel or The Grasshoper, but my heart belongs to Ms. Brandy Alexander. Vanilla ice cream, brandy, dark crème de cacao, blended to perfect smoothness, and topped with hazelnuts + this perfect meal = heaven.

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