Celebrity Dish: Marc Perlman's ensalada de la perla

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Former Jayhawk and current Janey and Marc bassist/guitarist Marc Perlman shares a lovely and healthy salad recipe with The Hot Dish. Viva la Perlman!

Ensalada de la perla

what you will need:
romaine lettuce
5 slices of cucumber (thinly sliced)
5 grape tomatoes
4 baby carrots
1 heart of palm spear sliced into fifths (do not use heart of palm pieces!)
1 tbsp. garbanzo beans (skin removed)
1 tbsp. diced black olives


What you do:
On flat salad plate (no bowl!!) make a bed of Romaine lettuce and spinach. Border the plate cucumber. Top with water chestnuts, tomatoes, baby carrots, and heart of palm. Sprinkle with garbanzo beans and diced black olives.

Recommended dressing (on side): Marie's Blue Cheese tainted with a honey dijon vinaigrette.

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