Weekend Pick: Gastro Non Grata @ the Triple Rock

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What might it take to lure you out to the Triple Rock this Sunday, February 15, from 6 to 9 p.m.? Live music? Pot roast? Cupcakes? Beer? A meat raffle? Gastro Non Grata has all these things--and did I mention it's free?

Gastro Non Grata is a music/food partnership started a few years ago described on its blog as a "local chef-driven, alcohol fueled music machine happening four times a year at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis."

Let's recap
Live music: That's What you Get, Jim and the French Vanilla, and Skirt Gospel Gossip
Pot roast:Made on stage by Jim Grell of the Modern and Mike Phillips of the Craftsman
Cupcakes: The lovely Miel y Leche catering
Beer: Belgium's beloved Duvel
Meat raffle: Courtesy Clancy's butcher shop

Last time, Grell says, Phillips took the lead on the food segment and the two made sausage up on stage while the bands played. "It was a blast," he says. "We ground 50 pounds of pork and stuffed all the sausage. "Sausage was being tossed at the bands..."

Grell's planned a more sedate--yet equally delicious--pot roast for this Sunday, but he's worried about entertaining the crowd. "I'm not nearly as cute as Rachael Ray," he laments.

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