Quizno's ad: "Put it in me, Scott"

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Sub chain Quizno's, in an effort to hawk what AdFreak calls their "foot-long meat tubes," has a new weird, overtly sexual TV ad in which an oven, in a total porn voice, tries to coax a Quizno's employee to "put it in me."

"I want you to do something," the oven (in a male voice) starts out. When "Scott" haltingly refuses, referencing an earlier encounter, the oven continues, "We both enjoyed that." The acting is hilariously spot on. "Scott" actually seems a little turned on by the whole prospect.

See for yourself (and if you're so inclined, you can induce more hot oven talk via Quizno's site):

Gone are the innocent days of Quizno's equally weird, yet so preciously PG Sponge Monkey ads:

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