Best Restaurant (Minneapolis)

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With so many strong contenders, it's often difficult to chose just one "Best." For the next few weeks, I'll let you know who else was on our short list to pass on a few more kudos and give you a chance to add your picks.

For Best Restaurant (Minneapolis) we chose Heidi's, but here's a sampling of who else was on the short list (in no particular order, and there may have been a few others).

La Belle Vie--perennial fave for blowout tasting menus, wine, and service
112 Eatery (readers' pick)--the food-lover's top pick to impress out-of-towners
Restaurant Alma--elegant Midwestern cuisine with a sustainable ethic
Cosmos--locals forget this one, but the daring fare and futuristic space are cosmic
Corner Table--among the best with seasonal, Minnesota-grown ingredients
Craftsman--everything's house-made and handcrafted, a locavore's paradise
Dakota--a dark horse, sure, but Jack Riebel's cooking should be more highly rated

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