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Can I eat pizza I left out overnight? tipped me off to a cool new website,, an easy-to-use guide to food-and-beverage shelf life. Here's what TT had to say about ST:

Created by a food-safety expert and her journalist daughter, this new website has when-to-toss guidelines for every imaginable food and beverage in its searchable database (yes, even beer goes bad). It also offers invaluable prep talk--should raw chicken be rinsed before cooking? (answer: no)--and ingenious tips for storing and repurposing leftovers, like freezing red wine in ice-cube trays to use, up to six months later, in sauces and braises.

I clicked through the site until I got tired of realizing I was probably in violation of every category I perused (if I keep adding bacon drippings to the same jar in the fridge, I'm sure the stuff on the bottom is more than 6 months old...). That said, they have a lot of good tips for how to save foods that are about to go bad. For example, take too-ripe avocados that you won't immediately use and puree them with 1/2 T lemon juice per avocado and freeze in an airtight container. For those who signed up for a CSA share, may be especially helpful.

And, by the way, StillTasty says the USDA doesn't recommend eating that pizza you left out overnight...

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