Tabbouleh Song i.e., what you'll be singing now for weeks

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Thank you, Eat Me Daily, for bringing this sototallyawesome video to our attention (lyrics included with their post). In addition to its general "Green Eggs & Ham"-like greatness, what make it even greater is its also kinda sorta a how-to video. This just makes our day. The guy who made it also has music videos about two percent milk, eggs over-easy, hummus, and McDonalds. Dancing dudes = the best. Check out a couple more notable dude dances after the jump.

There's only a few moments of all-out dancing (and okfine I have a supercrush on Andy Samberg) but this is worth a re-watch anyway. "Space Luge, totally cancelled!"

Sure you've seen this a million times and the music that goes with it is lame, but admit it, it's completely precious.

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