Burger King releases (spews?) blow job ad


Ew, barf, and vomitosis maximus, but we gotta give BK credit for keeping us on our toes (or, on our knees? Sorry --). If the burger chain's not busy offending Hmong people with its ignorance, it's releasing a meat-scented perfume, and lately, it's apparently had time to outdo itself once again, this time to the tune of fellatio. Huh!

The new print ads, hawking the restaurant's aggressively unsubtle "Super Seven Incher" sandwiches, feature a woman who startlingly resembles a blow up doll and, well, just go see for yourselves.

It might really just be all just part of some twisted competition with Carl's Jr., whose overtly sexual ads feature the likes of Top Chef starlet Padma Lakshmi and who-knows-why starlet Audrina Patridge. Or is it just a more overt, desperate version of what Quizno's has already been doing for a while now? Because they clearly can't talk about the quality of the food, and what better way to distract people from crappy food than sex! We leave it to you, dear readers.

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