Food Network lists world's 15 most disgusting foods

No mention of seahorse on a stick. We'll take that to mean they're delicious.

Food Network Humor has listed what it deems to be the world's most disgusting foods: chicken ass, canned chrysalis (now that's one we hadn't heard of before), bamboo worms, duck blood soup ... If you watch Zimmern or Bourdain you've probably come across at least some of these. Most of them hail from Asian countries though. Just one, the chitterlings, are even remotely popular in the U.S. at all. Hot Dish thought it would be nice to bring the list a little closer to home. So, with that being said, can we add okra to the list? What else, people? Cottage cheese, maybe? Pimento loaf? While I've never tried it, I'm thinking lutefisk should figure prominently as well. What about fruit cocktail?

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