Drink of the week: Local beer at SP Saints' games


Great Northern or Summit

Midway Stadium
St. Paul Saints
1771 Energy Park Dr., St. Paul
651.644.6659 for tickets

Yes it is true, fun is good--so says the motto of the St. Paul Saints. And, what goes hand-in-hand with baseball fun? Yup, beer does.

I especially love the part when the beer guy comes up the aisle during the game. The people in your row pass your money down, then your beer and change gets handed back. That's team work.

And then there is the wackiness that is the St. Paul Saints' game: nuns running the bases, "Brett Farve" riding a tricycle, folks dancing the chicken dance, and pigs wearing clothes. All of these things are somehow even funnier when you are drinking a plastic cup full of beer. At the Saints' games you have several good local choices from the Great Northern and Summit breweries.


Upcoming Saints' events:
Friday, July 10th: German Night
Friday, July 24th: Pocket Protector Give-a-Way
Friday, August 7th: Spandex! All Spandex!! (a tribute to spandex)

I will see you at the ballpark!

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