Fancy Fast Food makes chic out of schlock

This could be made entirely of P'zones and jamocha shakes for all you know.

We're sort of loving on all these audience-participation sites popping up: This Is Why You're Fat, Eat This and Die, and fellow newcomer Fancy Fast Food. It's like reality television for the foodie/food porn blogosphere. The kinda cool thing about Fancy Fast Food, which debuted a couple months ago, is that it adds some artistry to the gross-out element the others rely on.

With the possible exception of the McSteak and Potatoes (made out of a Big Mac Extra Value Meal) the others are kind of insanely delicious looking. I think my favorite might be the Dao Mi Noh Chow Mein made out of a Domino's Pizza with a hoisin sauce made out of Diet freaking Coke! That KFC chicken corn chowder looks pretty off the hook too.

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