Slovenia a lesser-known foodie destination

Prsut, an air-dried prosciutto popular in the Karst region of Slovenia.

The NYT has a positively porntastic article about ... Slovenian food!

[V]isitors take away vivid memories of its food: Karst prsut (pronounced per-SHOOT), prosciutto that is air dried for 14 days in the sharp burja winds; chewy wheat bread smothered with fresh horseradish or zaseka (a spread of cold smoked ground bacon and lard); risotto with just-picked asparagus and nettles; homemade gnocchi with fried pancetta; fish caught off Slovenia's short but idyllic Adriatic coastline.

Not to mention the linden honey ice cream, Austrian swirl cake with walnut paste, raisins, and cottage cheese, handmade sausages, thick polenta, buckwheat dumplings, oh and the rows and rows of fruit trees and pastoral scenes. Where do we sign up? Can any of you Hot Dishers vouch for this incomprehensible wonderland?

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