SpongeBob inspires world's largest cupcake at Mall of America

Photo by Lee Prohofsky
Oh so serious! A Guinness "adjudicator" deems a 150-pound Minnesota-made cupcake the world's biggest.

A 150+ pound cupcake presented at the Mall of America for SpongeBob SquarePants' 10th birthday won top honors from the Guinness Book of World Records this past weekend as the world's biggest. According to cakes.com, the cupcake's Anoka-based baker, the monstrosity included 15 pounds of fudge filling (like two newborn babies) and 60 pounds of yellow icing (about like, oh, say, an adult Labrador).

And what deserving soup kitchen got to distribute the cake to its hungry customers? Why it wasn't a soup kitchen at all, but a pig farm! Out of concerns that too many people would only get plain cake in their serving, the company elected to let a bunch of hogs get in on the celebration. As a consolation, cakes.com gave away 4,000 individual cupcakes to mall patrons.

Um, Happy Birthday SpongeBob.

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